• bsh

    this dude is fucking garbage haha

  • FuckSwag

    Dam I didn't think he would suck that bad. This makes me want to listen to Mac miller lol

  • jomoses

    This wasnt as bad as I was expecting... Ive been avoiding listening to this dude for a minute now lol. Also.. it does make u wanna listen to some Mac.. or hear him over this Sap beat instead of the Webby nigga.

  • Yo

    Rob stick to that ridiculousness hahaha this all the way wack

  • http://holynick.wordpress.com nick streva

    since when is webby a pill head?!

  • Your Dad

    Pills are bad kids and this shit sucks


    this fuckin trash so sad...only white rappers i can listen to are EM MAC G4SHI


    miss peas steady postin wack shit, meka n shake need to regulate smh. not even hating because he's white, oncue is dope, mac is so so. webby is just, blah

  • J-Mac

    at least he aint fuckin fake rappin bout coke n guns n shit, y'all r just bias

  • wtf

    absolute TRASH, i come to 2dopeboyz for actual hip-hop not this white boy college shit