• jackmane

    whats wrong with the video?!

  • chillyo

    My NEw favorite rapper

  • SkeyeXB

    goodlookin to 2DBZ. much appreciated. respect

  • http://rossteinclothingla.tumblr.com TB

    Mani cool'n x skeyeXB x Rosstein.


    Future -Charlie

  • James White

    No hating, but this kid needs alot of work. his voice is horrible, and anyone that thinks he has flow need to go view their itunes and listen to their favorite rappers. Just keeping it 100 tho.

  • chillyo

    But you are hating though, stick to your day job @JamesWhite this kid is nice

  • eddyp

    @rmurbeats on the beat! my homie

  • http://www.manicoolin.com CrookIT

    Nice shit, Keep grinding. I see you homie. @jameswhite i hear what your saying but your a dick sucking hater . But the hate only influences for thy to get better keep it up.

  • SwaggerKid

    Mani Coolin'! this guy got next.