ScienZe – Happiness Is f. Sene & Blu

blame it on Shake March 5, 2012

ScienZe and King I Divine nab a few 2dope favorites for the second single off their upcoming collab, Divine ScienZe, dropping right here on the 13th. Shouts to OKP.

DOWNLOAD: ScienZe – Happiness Is f. Sene, Blu & Britain Parker (prod. King I Divine)

  • gordy

    Cant wait, ScienZe is that dude

  • ScienZe is grindin’ he wants that notoriety he deserves!

  • crosby7

    Yoooo this is dope cant wait for the whole project

  • datdude

    Blu is unreal. Best rapper alive.

  • @datdude… Blu never really gets his due… I feel the same way, never really mind his unmastered albums, I think the lo-fi sound is his own style, that’s good for him. Although, he needs to get his shit straight at his concerts, I’ve seen a show of his, he was good and all, not spectacular but he didn’t pull any of that shit he usually does… but he is an elite rapper, mastered album or not, people gotta recognize!

  • DropEm

    my nigga blu

  • Chris

    I must be the only person who doesn’t like Blu…can some of you guys tell me some of his best work so I can check it out? All of the shit from him that I’ve heard seemed decent, but nothing special…especially considering the horrible sound quality on many of his projects.

  • Joseph.A

    Below the Heavens 1st; Her Favourite Color; Soul Amazing 1 & Give me My flower while I can still smell them.

    I empathasize with you that Blu is very daring and left field with most of his work, which could come across as ‘WAK’ if u aren’t used to his style.

    I feel Blu has a lot of independent creative control with his stuff and is trying everything and anything he is interested in. Keep in mind he also produces and released his OPEN…EP…LP album last year.

    Give those a listen, and if u ain’t a believer; then so be it then


    Love Blu, Love this track, but i feel like Asher wouldve done good on this too


    ^Asher Roth that is

  • Mistro

    can’t lie, I slept o Sene. Dude is a beast; on par w/ blu and scienze. This generation of hip hop is shaping up nicely. like they came from the untainted roots of hip hop history

  • Da_SOji1

    favorite rapper = Blu