Soundset 2012 Lineup Revealed

blame it on Shake March 5, 2012

My favorite festival of the year is just around the corner and our family over at Complex got the green light to reveal the lineup. If you can’t read the artists listed up top, here’s the list written out.

Atmosphere, Lupe Fiasco, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon, Kendrick Lamar, Aesop Rock, P.O.S, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Danny Brown, Big K.R.I.T, Evidence, Prof with DJ Fundo, Action Bronson, DJ Premier, I Self Devine, Astronautalis, Bambu, J-Zone (DJ set), Medusa, Chief Kamachi, Grynch, Chuuwee, Paten Locke and Willie Evans Jr. are DUMBTRON, Villa Rosa (Muja Messiah & Maria Isa), The Tribe & Big Cats, Audio Perm, Long Doe (Tony Bones, Big Wiz & Mike The Martyr), Auddio Draggon (Gene Poole & Xilam Balam), Tomorrow’s Genius, BdotCroc, DJ Stage One, DJ Kool AKIEM, LAST WORD, Kid Cut Up, Superbrush427, DIVINCI (of Solillaquists of Sound), and Los Boogie. Hosted by Brother Ali, MaLLy & J Pratt.

Hell yes! May 27th is the date, Caterbury Park in Shakopee, MN is the place. Tickets go on sale this Saturday with a $41 price tag.


    man I don’t fucks with Minnesota, but i might try to roadtrip there just for this concert

  • unclesam

    Crazy dope line-up.

  • bushytop

    best part? no doomtree!! (yes i know pos is on the billing)

  • dirtyurt

    this is THEEEEE hip hop event of 2012

  • dopeness

    so are both shake and meka gonna come to the festival? id be excited for a contest to win tickets since you guys always do shit for nyc. where is the love??

  • dopeness

    i still gotta say though since im originally from cali now im minnesota i would rather be at paid dues. but that is just me

  • @dopeness not sure about mek, but ill be there for sure. and the reason we give away so many things in NYC is because those venues offer tickets to us. its harder to get festival tickets to give away. who knows though… theres plenty of time until the end of may.

  • dopeness

    @shake well it would be nice but either way im planning on going. lets just hope they dont have conflicting acts.

  • Junior

    Can’t wait to finally see Kendrick and Krit. This is going to be nuts.

  • ABDiZA

    Oh wow i live in minnesota and have never been to soundset. Kendrick Lamar and Big KRIT though? yeah i’ll see you there shake

  • spencer

    @STINKMEANER you don’t fuck with MN, we don’t fuck with you..

  • you live in MN but have never been to soundest? do you even remotely enjoy hip-hop? i’ll see ya there.

  • Tyree

    Decent lineup. Fuck those wack ass local bitches, Long Doe? Bitch please.

    Wish they could have gotten all of TDE but some pretty good dudes.

  • siranomaly

    Will I ever see Big KRIT? So many missed opportunities…Good thing I live in Cali tho cause I’ve see everybody else including Lupe (pre-lasers). I’ll be at Paid Dues tho!

  • Love my city having this event every year, missed last year for the first time since it started but this maybe the best line up they’ve ever had… it’s not even a question if i’m going or not! Also, good to see MN get recognition lately in the dopehouse!

  • somethinlikthat

    dope ass line up! chuuwee on there too?? fuucckk too bad im in cali, gonna hav 2 miss this one

  • damus

    The year I’m out of the country, Kendrick, K.R.I.T., and Raekwon come. Da fuck

  • based


  • Macklemore is also crazy, going to put on a good show for sure. Also excited to see Premo and Danny Brown. As a Chicago boy in Minnesota, this compares favorably to pretty much every hip-hop festival that comes through the midwest- including Rock the Bells.

  • Justin

    wish this was the line up for paid dues… WTF Minnesota????

  • sash

    @STINKMEANER you don’t fuck with minnesota? get the fuck out. so ignorant. that’s right, we don’t fuck with you either.

  • damn this is hella tempting… how long before these tix get sold out?

  • woodland

    no toki wright? WACK.