• Seriou

    No production credits????? i KNOW theres gonna be 9 pissed off producers

  • ilikegirls

    Lamborghini Dreams by Topaz Jones is the hardest track on here. fuuuck

  • Shoegameking

    Dat boi Topaz Jones if fire, I fux wit you heavy bruh

  • percsandpiff

    that weight watchers track is hard, were can i find more shit by kardi?

  • TFH

    Charmingly Ghetto is a problem

  • Reuben

    Sir Michael Rocks, Topaz Jones, Asaad and Charmingly Ghetto are next up for sure

  • TruthDaily

    I swear to Bob y'all intergeeks kill me with the damn near division of church and state ethos concerning music. It's not them vs. us or bad music vs. good music; it's paid rappers vs. broke rappers dropping free projects on 2DBZ. Fuck art if I can't eat off it.


    suck something

  • mineisbigger

    @serious you moron there are 15 tracks

  • http://o Person

    Download the tape - Producers are in ID3's peeps

  • nonduality_IS_TRUTH

    this is fucking dope

  • cookinlikeyamama

    This shit rocks, yo. shouts to them for doing some new shiit

  • GuyWithThaGlock40

    @TruthDaily you obviously dont do music and if so you dont make good music , because no real ass artist would say some dumb ass shit like that. Art is the shit , FUCK YOU.