Wiki – Wikispeaks (Video)

blame it on Illy March 6, 2012

Manhattan youngster Wiki drops off the gritty street clip for “Wikispeaks” from his 1993 mixtape. The 7-track FreEP is available for free download and stream over at his official Bandcamp page. Dope.

  • Asada

    Hey Shake & Meka Post up That Xuice Hades & Rufio DrunkenMasters album

  • This is crazy ….I fuck with this …real hip hop…thank 2dbz!!!

  • asada’s right…that Xuice Hades (illecism) & rufio tape is dope.


    ^ co-sign. not even on no tip rider ish tho. that DRNKMSTRS tape deserves some instant rotation.

  • mk

    he reminds me of yak ballz.


    This dude had this in the VAULT for 19 years ?? (lol) *JOKING* this aint BAD though .. NEVER heard of dude so THANX *2DOPEBOYZ*

  • weednbrews

    creative control nigga

  • Dat Guy

    He sounds like an old Em… Needs a little more originality if you ask me.

  • carmelo bryant

    holy crap its a black/white eminem

  • justasyin

    theres already one eminem… wiki needs to be wiki

  • Druggid

    Damn…Very fucking dope.
    I don’t really see the Eminem comparisons…I mean, sure he has a few rhymes about some crazy shit, but just because he looks like he might be white and raps about some weird shit it doesn’t mean his an Em copy. If anything he sounds kinda like R.A, but really though the kid’s unique.

  • Mr_North


  • Purp

    Have you ever listened to Eminem before Marshall Mathers LP?….He sounds just like that.

  • geewhizz

    i’ve really never heard a guy flowing like this before, least of all eminem. can you really imagine eminem spitting like this? it’s way too weird and unique

    anyway yeah, real headnodding shit, i want a tidal wave of this shit coming out of NY