• boomboxbitch


  • http://joeyangerone.com Joey Angerone

    very VERY fucking sick

  • skeeeeeeeeee

    ... another wiz khalifa-type song about weed, YAWN


    ^^^Right cause Wiz is the only rapper who talks about weed....FAGGOT

  • hehehehehe

    hahahahahahahahahahaha this song SUXXXXXXXX

  • Waldo

    girls that smoke are disgusting. who wants to kiss ash? eghhh

  • LA

    I don't like her.

  • yup

    @Waldo ME!!!!

  • fuckyou

    Cosign waldo. thats disgusting, bitch better make me a sammie when i smoke.

  • Maga D

    nice track, Nitty stood out the most for me though. Yall sexist than mufucker though, lol. Yall think a woman wants to "kiss ash?" Nah B, as long as whoever smokes brush they teeth before doin that, then it's good by me. I'm gonna re-play her last tape right about.... now