tAz Arnold – why Am i so fly

blame it on Meka March 7, 2012

The Sa-Ra Cerative Partners member is gearing up to drop his solo debut,rAd AmericA, in the near future. Here is the project’s first single.

  • Randy

    this was a mess

  • it sounds like seven different songs playing at the same time wtf!?

  • Nate Dza

    lol what the fuck is this supposed to be

  • LO

    I waited 2 fuckin years to hear somethin from this nigga besides southside blood cuz’n and THIS is what I get?!

  • strap

    what in the motherfuck is this!?!??!?!

  • Swagdaddy

    This shit sucks. Stop wasting your time posting this weak shit. Wait..he’s Taz Arnold so I guess if the name is big it must be good. Like wtf..did yall even listen to this before you all posted it??! This is trash. A definite NOPE!

  • Did I just get rick roll’d?

  • Vito Corleone

    ahahaha lmfao @ the dope or nope thing, it’s worse than a nicki, wayne, gucci mane song oh damn, not even gonna bother listening to this trash just never seen that shit so negative

  • Derrick

    lmao i was check my other tabs because i thought multiple videos were playing at the same time. i think im done checking for new artists om 2db. lately its either straight wackness or some lame nigga biting another niggas shit

  • He looks like the simp version of Craig David.

  • veesky

    Yoooo, @grimyteddy was spot on with that comment, LMBO!

  • Your Father

    Huge as fan of Sa-Ra and their leftfield shit but this is just NOISE.
    Taz can do better.
    I agree with Derrick.
    Thought I had multiple tabs open or some shit.
    This dude wants to flop if this is his 1st single…

  • Cee

    If Madlib released this shit, all of you guys would be accepting and all for it. lol.

  • 206grindin

    You guys don’t get it, this isn’t supposed to be hip hop shit… it’s supposed to be progressive. I can vibe to this in a weird way… sounds like something I’d hear in Amoeba Records in Berkeley

  • Merc80

    He played some shit on type of Gz Up Hoes Down by Snoop…OK. *shrug* That’s cool I guess.