WZRD on Conan Live (Video)

blame it on Illy March 7, 2012

KiD CuDi and Dot Da Genius WZRD make their late night television debut performing the lead single “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie” from their newly released self-titled LP available in stores and online now. Courtesy of MWP.

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  • andrew

    Talk about tone deaf….


    I MEANT 2dboyz :D


  • nyc22

    This is fucking boring and awful; a perfect representation of the entire project. It’s no wonder Universal Republic thought it was a joke and under shipped it.

  • dre

    my nigga cudi killed shit. nobody fucking my nigga cudi.No major promo, no single on the radio, no music video. Just the music & he sells over 70’000 fuckin copies 50% more than the projections. No other artist that has come out in the last 5 years could do that shit not 1 motherfuckin person.told you niggas cudi got the most loyal fanbase in the game nigga gon support dude no matter what.Wzrd is b4 its time some real next level shit & will be on the same level with 808s & love beloe.jimi hendrix & kurt cobain would be proud.

  • cosign dre. Cudi doing Cudi. What other artist can say that?

  • Riktar

    ^ You, my dear sir, are FUCKING delusional. Come on cudi… wtf is this garbage?

  • matt

    Drake bought the album and played it from Oklahoma City to Kansas.Lupe & mac miller also support WZRD. KiD CuDi is GOD.

  • HoF

    Shake, put up the Kony2012 video to spread the word!

  • Elizabeth

    I agree with Andrew. My ears are bleeding. And no, Kurt Cobain would not be proud. Nirvana’s music is incredible. This WZRD performance has permanently traumatized me. WHY?!?!

  • BC

    I have great respect for Kid Cudi as an artist. I have not heard this album but am curious. However this performance was just horrible. Totally off key. As embarrassing a performance as Lana Del Rey on SNL. Sorry guys. Hope to check you again soon on something else.

  • Kfff

    @dre I co-signed everything you said until the thing about it being next level and Kurt Cobain/Jimi Hendrix being really need to listen to more music outside of hip hop if you really think Wzrd was “next level” musically..songs like “Cudi Zone” and “REVOFEV” and “Mr. Rager” are next level..I expect all Cudi music to blow me away, only song that did that on Wzrd was “Brake”…Wzrd doesnt suck but it definitely aint perfect either…btw @BC Cudi’s never been a great singer but he knows how to use his voice in songs, its always catchy and listenable

  • IKnowABitchNamedMarty

    WZRD is pure music.WZRD…The alternative to everything.If you listen to more than 1 GENRE you’ll understand the greatness of WZRD.If you only listen to RAP you’ll call it weak.WZRD isnt for the simple & weak minded children so i understand why someone like lupe would understand its greatness.

  • Fuck

    Kony 2012

  • BoppingBitch

    @Elizabeth shutup and go back to what your good at. Making sandwiches and cleaning u dirty hoe. I don’t even fuck with cudi like that but bitches be getting outta place these day. Real talk.

  • Cudi is an abortion

    I’m only on here because I just had to see if anybody else in the world thought this performance was insultingly bad. … I’ve never done this. Ever. That’s how bad this was. Never even heard of wzrd. The excuse that they’re Progressive/Next Gen type Music should never be used as a scape goat for tone deafness. It gets a 0 …

  • d’ondre

    I honestly can say I don’t listen to much other than hip hop, but this shit is dope af. This is real artistry, being versatile and having multiple parts to your music. People need to have open minds to something new and not be so close minded and judgemnetal. If you don’t like WZRD than just wait for MOTM3, but me Im crankin WZRD all spring and summer and gettin ready for WZRD2 and MOTM3

  • Cudi is an abortion

    I’ve also never done anal sex on me either but surprisingly wasn’t so bad.

  • Kfff

    WZRD is pure music.WZRD…The alternative to
    everything.If you listen to more than 1 GENRE
    you’ll understand the greatness of WZRD.If you
    only listen to RAP you’ll call it weak.WZRD isnt
    for the simple & weak minded children so i
    understand why someone like lupe would
    understand its greatness.
    IKnowABitchNamedMarty saiD this
    Shutup man, stop trying to be a “hipster” like you have superior knowledge than all hip hop fans..hip hop’s my favorite genre but I listen and study all genres of music and Cudi is my favorite hip hop artist but WZRD is definitely nothing special, there is nothing about it that goes over my head nor is there anything about it that only strong minds can there are some next level/”alternative to everything”/progressive/unique/completely original bands out there that are waaaay better musically than WZRD, but dont act like WZRD is the greatest thing musically to come out, its not even the best alternative album of this year so far..that being said, I think in time WZRD can be great, but they def have alot of room for improvement

  • lalala

    Wzrd sounds like Cudi just have fund out about nirvana and shit and thought that he could do it.

  • brandon

    Not gonna bother listening to Cudi’s album cause he’s not my type of music. He is talented though.

  • white.mike

    he sings really really bad…

  • Jr

    cudi aint been the same since he punch that fan in the crowd.

  • bingo

    this sucks. 2dopeboyz need to step up their taste in music.

  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    This is horrible. The album is an ear ache. Old boring rifts and tone def melodies.

    I listen to rock more than I listen to rap.

    Mars Volta mainly.

    Besides J-Lo. I have never seen a person get so far in music with less talent. At least J-Lo had a fat ass.

    Cudi. He brings nothing.

  • clyatonbigsby

    IKnowABitchNamedMarty : WZRD is for weak minded emo kids who wouldn’t know talent or good music if it slashed your throat.

    You emo kids might as well cut off your ear’s.

  • LangReginald

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  • Ha look at ma nigga cudi lookin’ just like David Ruffin! dope ass performance tho, f*ck the haters, Cleveland is proud

  • A Reader!

    Stick to “studio singing” KiD Cudi. I feel sorry for the audience there !!

  • Your mad cuz ya know it’s true

    This performance was absolutely terrible. Tone deaf!!!! Are your in ears workin man? Can you hear yourself? Are you even singing the same damn song. Geeez! That was bar none, the absolute worst performance I have ever witnessed on live tv. This ain’t hatin, this is bein real. Music was fine. The vocals and emotionless heartless attempt to sing was god awful. What a shame!! Absolutely no heart or musical accuracy shown by the man with the mic. embarassing.

  • Don’t Fucking Tell Me All I Listen To Is Hip Hop; That’s The Worst Cop-Out I’ve Ever Heard and it’s Patently Untrue

    Wzrd sounds like Cudi just have fund out about nirvana and shit and thought that he could do it.

    THIS x 1,000,000,000

  • C.J.

    Salute to Cudi for being original and doing what the fuck he feel like doing. Fuck the label and fuck the critics, nobody can tell you how to do YOUR ART.. in that case it wouldn’t be yours. Salute to a true artist!

  • $$$

    I don’t know. I don’t mind it. Better than Lil Wayne’s attempt. Cudi isn’t tone deaf, that’s just the way he sings in everything he’s ever done. *shrug*

  • Fuck your mom bitch

    I’d rather listen to WZRD than Wiz Khagina or Schoolboy Q attempt to sing.

  • Chris

    lmfao @ the people acting like anyone who doesn’t like WZRD must be some close-minded fool who only listens to hip-hop.

    For people who claim to be on such “next-level” shit, you’d think they could understand that not everyone shares the same taste in music. someone not enjoying the WZRD album does not mean that the person must only listen to hip-hop…just means they didn’t like the fucking album

  • Faggots

    Lol @ haters makeing excuses to hate. If you don’t enjoy the music why come on a post and hate? Nobody cares about your opinion bitch.

  • hahaha

    haha…says the guy who just posted his opinion. Idiot. Live performance tells all, as it did in this case. Guarantee you it wont be all over the place pitch wise on the album. How much of it is art done by the actual “artist” if said artist can’t reproduce it live in person with no engineer/producer and bag of tricks in the studio. Live performance tells all! It separates musicians from studio magic. And it always will! btw, you put your name on here as “faggots” so it reads as “faggots said this” you moron. haha

  • KONY 2012

  • hahaha

    If this song ends up being that tonally confused on the album, then I shall stand corrected, and all of you WZRD defenders will be 100% correct! I wouldn’t hold your breath for that moment though. haha

  • Faggots

    @hahaha your cool dawg. Congrats on posting a comment on a blog. You should feel really proud of yourself. Lol

  • hahaha

    @ faggots …… hahah good job on that btw! Congrats on posting absolutely nothing intellectual to contribute to said blog. Including an opinion that has any sort of substance to it other than trash talk. So there’s this thing called the internet, people have like public blogs and stuff, where you can just say what you want. Crazy bro…pffffft

  • Faggots

    @hahaha dang your so smart bro. Can’t wait to grow up and be just like you..arguing with people over music. We’ve came so far. Lmao oh and thank you lol this is fun we should meet at a Starbucks or something and talk about our feeling! Hahaha

  • C’mon, son.


    Do you at least understand that you do EVERYTHING that you try to make fun of people for? Good. Glad we got that over with, because you two might have gotten REALLY ridiculous there.

  • awesome

    whose arguing? Just stating my opinion about a musical performance. I am so smart dude, i figured out that the internet provides blogs that want peoples opinions on things. Pretty much makes me the smartest person ever. What else can this thing do?? I am so amazed right now, so many bright lights and buttons to click. oh wait, I forgot I’m like really smart and what not, I can totally figure this internet blog thing out. fingers crossed duuuuuuude. Love always, your friend….smarty pants mcgee

  • Faggots

    @c,mon son. Umm I think that was the fucking point dipshit.

  • DLZ

    @Faggots you literally have not said a single word about the performance, or even music for that matter. You just got on here and have done nothing but talk trash. Hater tryin to call out haters. At least you provide some amusement.

  • Iodine

    ^well… the performance (and the music) was pretty much indefensible. Best strategy is to just Troll like they hurt your feelings and kill any legit conversations or opinions that might be going on on that page.

  • This whole thing was a joke I’m actually meka in disguise.

  • hahaha

    @Iodine …..damn, now thats telling it like it is. So true.

  • @iodine exactly. You deserve a sticker. Lol

  • Now what did we learn today kids? Trolling is bad. It can leave a bunch of people with hurt feelings @hahaha is cutting his wrist right now as we speak. We were just at Starbucks discussing our feelings and he ran off crying I told him it’ll be okay but no he just ran off then we meet up with @iodine at dollar tree shopping for stickers. LOL

  • hahaha

    oh man, No hurt feelings at all. Just happen to be passionate about music. I wouldn’t expect you to understand. You must love starbucks….droppin that shit like WZRD dropped the performance last night. Pretty sure there is a starbucks blog out there. Get your troll on bro. Stickers, Starbucks & Trolling. At least you are in to something I guess. Peace