Jay Electronica Completes Act II, Announces Project w/ Lil B

blame it on Meka March 8, 2012

Jay Elect took to Twitter earlier to announce the completion of Act II.

Sounds very promising, indeed. Then, surprisingly, this (shown after the jump) flies across my timeline as well.


followed by


I’m actually very interested in seeing the latter project as well. It would certainly make for an interesting discussion.

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  • M0ns1er

    What means “will be turned in tomorrow”? I’m not a native english speaker. Do i get it right that he is going to release it tomorrow? This would be fucking dope!

  • assbanger


  • :P


  • bangasser

    ^ it means he turned it into the label

  • T

    Lil B ruins EVERYTHING.

  • Rufus

    I’ll believe it when I see that shit.

  • hhshhs

    I’ll believe it when I actually listen to it…

  • Jus Sayin’

    Aaaahhhh didn’t he twitter that this shit was finished like last July jay elect needs to quit bullshittin and drop that album already

  • Ben Piffy Jr

    BULL.SHIT. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • unclesam

    So it´s finished, but now Roc Nation has to RELEASE it as well. Dunno, it might take a while, just see how long it took for Cole World to drop. They probably want to build a bit of buzz first. I´ll download this when it drops and cop if it´s dope.

  • The Co_oL

    I’ll believe it when I see it [4]

    Lil B ruins everything [2]
    What happened to the supposed Nas/Lupe collab EPs that were rumored a while back?

  • OANO

    did i jus read thank you based good lmaooo FAIL !! any who lets get in JAY

  • DayO

    @ act 2 being done… ill beleive it when i recieve it
    @ Basedgod + Jay E …. OMG!!! jkaskdjnakjsna1!

  • Even if this is true I doubt if it’ll be released until next year at least…

  • Maniak

    WTF while u there might as well throw that wac* white kid in the mix.

  • Lil B should be completely irrelevant. Yet he is taking food off a lot of talented people and putting it on his own. SMH it makes zero sense.

  • thatrealshit

    yeah i assume he’s gonna have to drop some tracks or do a mixtape b4 this is released so i would guess like end of summer at the earliest. this didnt really get me that amped, the day it comes out i will be

  • Mike Tomlin

    Still dont see the hype around Jay Elec

  • SforMusic

    @Fat Boy Because Lil B love it or Hate it is a Fucking marketing genius, he aint waiting for anyone to feed him. Sometimes talented rappers need to market themselves and put in the ground work. The only reason why certain rappers names are everywhere because they are consistent. simple as !

  • Mike2210

    R.I.P to your fav. Rapper that’s not named Kendrick

    BASEDGOD just keeps giving :,(

  • alex

    turned in tomorrow = placed in a time capsule?

  • doodoobrown

    Fuck Joseph Kony, this is too good to be true. Does this mean Detox will be out in the next decade?

  • Jojoba

    Didn’t like Guru or Jus Blaze or one of those muthafuckas tweet a few months ago that this shit was done. Like everyone else wrote here. Believe it when I hear it.


    SHOW ME THE ALBUM!!! fuck you until then…..yours truly, everyone in brooklyn.

  • Chris_Zurcher

    Never really figured this out, is this a mixtape or his debut roc nation album?

  • StevieThunder

    Lil B is a fucking disgrace to Hip-Hop in general, the fuck is wrong with jay elec ? Nigga just tryna get people talking. There is a thousand other rappers out there who deserve to be getting the shine lil B has that are 10x better. SMFH

  • Otter

    Great news! Hope we see it on VINYL…

  • dah well

    whose the hell album is not done. ask a random ass nigga he’ll tellchu my album is done. lol

  • ShootLilB

    Co-sign StevieThunder I couldn’t say it any better.

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    Get the fuck outta here. I’ll believe that shit once I’ve illegally downloaded & listened to it.

  • MAU

    Jay is fucking annoying. Worse work ethic. Keeps heads waiting then does a project with LIL B. He is a clown. so many other artists that work hard and release constant good music but he gets shine for what another bs announcement

  • yugang

    Like everyone has said here. I’ll believe it when i see it.

  • Cameron


  • Damn Jay….You are a favorite of mine but if this is yet another attempt at gassing the fans up, I’M DONE. Hopefully you are keeping it 100 here. What the fuck is up with this Lil B bullshit? From Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) to Lil B? That’s like going in reverse. From 60 to 0. The kid’s a clown. Don’t do it and kill your music’s integrity.

  • Man before Jay Elects album drops & Detox does, Michael Jordan will return to the league, LeBron will find a hair treatment, Nelly will go back to wearing band aids,Jay-S will have made the Blueprint 12, Outkast will have made another album, well hold on it might not get thst good but anyways Diddy will change his name again, Lil Wayne will gain four more baby mothers, Lil Twist will have that same Mohawk, Ron Jeremy will fuck 1000 more bitches, and 2dopeboyz will change to their name to 2crackheads in a pickle. Dammit! Are you not ENTERTAINED, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!

  • marty mcfly

    If the album does come out soon its gonna be dope as fuck but I dont know what his artistic integrity is like because how he talking about doing a EP with Lil B but wont do one with Lupe after Lupe said three times in 09 that he would like to do a project with him. That shits crazy, thats like Nas coming out saying he wants to do a project with Waka Flocka.

  • You guys are hearing too many Lil B “based freestyles” and not enough Lil B ‘The Worlds Ending’ or Lil B ‘King Cotton.’ If you listened to THAT type of Lil B material like I do, you’d understand why Jay Electronica, Phonte, and Lupe Fiasco all cosign BasedGod.

  • silence




    Lil Bs good shit is really good. I still listen to illusions of grandeur

  • j

    a joint EP with Lil B? what the fuck jay elec??? i mean im excited for your album still, but lil b??? fuck that

  • engineering

    Don’t even care anymore. I don’t even want to hear about this guy until he drops music.

  • Your Average Jet

    Lil B trolling everybody. Based God wins again.

  • Damn it’s crazy how people throw stones at Jay like this
    When you put out tracks like “Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind,” “Voodoo Man,” and “Exhibit C”
    You build so much hype for yourself
    So it takes time to craft a project worthy enough to be called a follow-up
    Yea it’s been years…but it be like that sometimes lol
    That’s it that’s all




  • Fuck Jay, nobody listening for him anymore.



  • Upset Much?

    *Let’s bowl of cereal drop to the floor… Screams as if in agonizing pain… Walks up to wall and repeatedly bangs forehead while yelling; “WHY! WHY! WHY!!! 79785643284 RAPPERS IN THE WHOLE WORLD AND HE PICKS HIM!!!” Then Death.

  • jay is an amazing rapper
    but i’ll believe it when i see it [5]

  • Boom-Bap

    Jay Electronica is garbage, all hype. Keep dreaming stans, this album will never come out. I bet u believed your dad when he said he’d come back to visit too.

  • brainiac

    If you really think jay elec would do or let alone release a mixtape with lil B then you ppl really are DUMB,smh.


  • loop

    remember he said act 2 will be free, and act 3 is the one that will be in store?

  • Juiii

    @AyeTajiddin so you’re blaming people for hearing too much of the shit that lil b chooses to release? if an artist releases 90% crap then that’s what people are going to hear and that’s what they should be judged by.. i got nothing against lil b but sounds like youre just dickriding the shit out of jay elec trying to validate all his decisions. if he said lil b sucked you’d probably be saying lil b is garbage right now.

  • stuyvesant

    what you retards don’t realize is that a real artist doesn’t spend their whole life on their art, they also live life, so that they have things to draw from when making their art. If you want Jay Electronica to talk about how dope he is, and how much rapping he does for the whole fucking album, then yeah im sure he could record a tape in about a month. Listen to a random song on your itunes, and try to recognize whether the artist has a life or not, and it’s so damn obvious, Jay Elec is talent, he doesn’t spend his whole life in a studio, who the fuck would want to spend all their time working when there is so much stuff to do in life. ungrateful motherfuckers

  • Turtle

    Where’s that “open letter”? Why does he even bothering saying he’ll do things? I don’t really care, it’s just an interesting tactic…

    One day closer to the truth…

  • s

    everyone speaking bad on him doing a track with lil b are fools. His integrity is he won’t listen to haters.

  • nah mean

    i bet everyone whos hatin on electra is either J. Cole or K. Dot dick rider for sure. lol yeah truth to be told. second i dont think Lil B is as lame as u guys dreamin about. dudes lyrically a whore.

  • Geron Michael Fletcher