Benefit – Think Twice f. Jaz-O

blame it on Shake March 9, 2012

Off Benefit’s upcoming Timing Is Everything mixtape, dropping March 13th.

DOWNLOAD: Benefit – Think Twice f. Jaz-O (prod. Norman Cratez)

  • k0d3z

    This can’t be the same Benefit who released B.E.N.E.F.I.T. in 2000, cause if so what the fuck ever happened to this guy

  • richdollaz

    @Kod3z i was thinking the same thing…. naw its not that real benefit guy from 2000… man that guy was genius but i heard he quit rap to go to college man that benefit dude was dope as fuck….

  • richdollaz

    Will the Real BENEFIT Please stand up

  • wizdim

    i got so hyped that is was that actual benefit for a second…then i was sadly mistaken…that fucker needs to lurk from the darkness and make another album or something.

  • Shout out to my dude Benny dope track.

  • damn… i was hoping it was the real Benefit like everyone else…

  • Truehiphop

    This benefit is a real g he is a monster he don’t rap about midgets he raps real life

  • B-Line

    The World is much colder than the steel of a GAT/- THE REAL BENEFIT

  • Stefan 136

    Aww man, same rush of excitement here but then it’s not the real Benefit. Dude was an internet phenomenon but he earned that name, no one can come and replace it. This track is decent but the name’s got to go yo…

  • Musicmania

    BeneFit Ctn respect it

  • Mikemidi

    Yo this is a banger and the name thing is whack I never heard of another benefit before and this track is crazy so if there is a benefit other than this one I am riding w this dude keep the name!!!!! There is probly a million benefits

  • T.A.

    The original Benefit was 10 times more creative

  • Check 3D

    Ive heard the other Benefit, first of all its a joke, his rhyme scheme sucked and production was horrible. ALSO HE NEVER GOT THE RESPECT OF BUG NAMES AND SITES AND PRODUCERS AND ARTISTS AND ECT. bUT THIS BENEFIT, benefit ctn has. And this track is only the latest out there, GOOGLE HIS NAME RIGHT, BENEFIT CTN

  • 413Known


  • LB413 the street advocate

    Well I wouldnt go around clowning the origanil Benny, his shit was fire and still is fire, now benefit ctn is dope too but completely diffrent and confusing when your looking for his music.I mean no disrespect but this isnt seconde grade dunny. google your mc name before you pick one. and you wouldnt have a million people disapointed and righting coments like that. and should have perhapes thrown the ctn in front of Benefit just say’n there both dope in there own right tho. peace.

  • KellyBspringfieldmass

    I was thinking about calling myself Rakim, yes he was a lyrical genius and I hardly compare but he hasnt been around in a while. I think i’ll steal it, no one will notice! LMFAO!!!

  • I never heard of this other bennifit cat but fuck him my g the record Super official #Salute

  • TREX

    Im so nice that im nasty so bangin its bustin so sick that im dope so dope its disgusting! “SORRY NOT THE SAME BENEFIT” oh thats not him? then what the fuck im I here for? “JAZ-O” oh jaz-o’s on it? “YEA” whos that? “SOME OLD GUY FROM KINGS COUNTY” why is he using a name that has allready ben(pun intended)used? “NOBODY KNOWS” is he realy gunna keap it? “I WOULDNT CONSIDERING THE REAL BENEFIT WAS A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER” well thats not a good way to start your career “NO TREX IT IS NOT WELL THATS IT FOR NOW CHILDREN TOMARROW WE WILL TEACH YOU WHY YOU SHOULDNT JACK BEATS WITH nORMAN CRATES”

  • Loose Bazooka

    Yall are haters 413 STAND UP!!!!!!!!

  • Jillian860

    Will the real benefit please come out with a new album. thats a shame a mediocre “raper” (rapper as in not an MC) will steal his name. does he think becouse there both white people would just think there the same person? lol I hope hes not that dumb anyway last stop this white on white crime here folks!!!

  • ericT

    good track to bad about the name confusion he should have picked one nobody used before I think he might run into alot of these kidof problems

  • akbarr!

    I used the name evidence untill I heard of the dialated peoples they also have an mc named evidence and I droped it quick. I sugest you do the same my freind. those are Jewls being droped and not daggers being thrown trust me it will be for your BENEFIT! SALAAM!

  • fire joint keep grindin payback tha don $hustlegang$

  • stop bite’n

    Damn I got all exited thinking this was going to be the real Benefit! I should have read the responses before I lost those 3 minutes forever so disapointing! pay back has got to be his boy

  • hip hop head

    Wow Benny fell the fuck off!!!!!!! he used to be mad dope! wtf happend to him? so sick was my shit I used to pray hed make another album but now i wish he stayed retired! he pulled a goerge forman on us!

  • hip hop head

    my bad peeps I guess its not the same benny thank god!!! does anyone els think its fucked up he stole his name but not only that he made it an abbreviation just like THE ORIGINAL and he calls him self Benny just like THE ORIGINAL either weve been bamboozled and hoodwinked with this bafoonery boycott byterz!!!!!!!


    you say to google his name correct.WE DID FUCK FACE! it only sess B.E.N.E.F.I.T. on the cover and under the track list.and on all is old youtube shit ctn is his “label” compatable to none aka the finger print gang so it doesnt even make sense for that to be in his name. I would also throw in the fact that hes a rich white boy from the burbs but yall probably already no that im out *SLAIN HOLLA AT ME!*

  • freddy c

    im sure hes worked hard on his music thus far so lets try to look past his name folks. it might be in his best interest to change it if you ask me

  • the ill 1

    Good track but apperantely he needs a new name how about Benny the boss, Benjerman Shanklin, Bangfield Benny or benny Blanco oh wait that ones tookin too how bout bulldog benny, realy all he has to do is chand a letter change the secon e to an a or some shit just trying to help. pyce!!!!

  • ????????????????


  • special teamz

    dope track kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Benefitctn

    First off I’m from springfield Ma and any money I got came from the grind!!! I was never born w a silver spoon In my mouth!!! I did 4yrs in the massachusetts DOC behind that grind
    So all that tough guy talk on the Internet don’t mean shit to me cuz in person I can fight!! And I had the name befor google existed

  • Jaycekey

    leavin fire behind where you walk

  • dilla

    fuck the haterz do you thing homie!!!!!!!!!!!!