Debate: Why Didn’t J.Cole & Kendrick Lamar Make MTV’s Hottest MC List?

blame it on Meka March 9, 2012

My guess? The same reason French Montana is wearing Yogi Bear on his head for the XXL cover: it makes no damn sense.

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  • 1DopeBoy

    Probably paid NOT to b on the cover, it makes artists look so commercial

  • VI

    Kendrick Lamar I have no idea why he didn’t, but that list is kind of a joke anyway. J. Cole had a shit album… I bought a physical CD and I’ve listened to it once. I’ve also been a fan since the Come Up

  • yeah they would want to avoid it.

  • Master Lee

    Kendrick Lamar hasnt put out a major label album yet so I can understand why he didnt make the list. There is no reason why J. Cole didnt make the list though. There is no way Meek Mill should have made the list over J. Cole. Mtv doesnt care about real Hip Hop.

  • j

    why are freddie gibbs and big krit not included in this discussion?

  • Teeamo

    I wouldn’t wanna be on that list if I was a (professional) rapper. That list is the Annual Razzie Award of Hip Hop.

  • k dot

    lmao @VI claiming he was a fan since Coles “the come up”. Nigga stfu you know damn well you aint start listening to cole until FNL dropped. Regarding the post, Kendrick and Cole both deserved it but im glad they weren’t on it anyway because its a joke.

  • Opinionz

    I have no problem with the people on the list or the order of the choices because everyone knows its all MTV bullshit. My biggest problem is calling the list the hottest MC list. Nobody on the list is a true MC excluding maybe jay and ye so they should just change it to the hottest rapper list.

  • war22

    u exclude Eminem and Royce,Big Krit and J COle,Kendrick,u put Jay on 4 and u let that fat bastard Ross,Nicky and Wayne in…thats bullshit

  • Teeamo

    @Opinionz: Ye isn’t an MC either. He’s a genius producer/entertainer who can spit a little. And that’s coming from a supporter…

  • Who’s that?!? BROWN!

    Who fucking cares, really.

  • (l,k)

    because it’s mtv…

  • who cares

    Kendrick: Because Section.80 was an album with a message. And can’t have dude’s like that on that list.
    Cole: Because he’s straight ass

  • Brother Man

    Lowkey called it on the J.Cole thing. He lacks a lot on the entertainment front. It’s a list of the most pop culture relevant urban artists. Don’t know why y’all are freaking out.

  • jdz

    It’s easy as to why they didn’t make it, because MTV only want commercial shit because they’re fucking retards.

  • James R aka The Reall Truth

    J, kendrick,big k.r.i.t., & freddie gibbs did not release a major label album yet & did not have any radio /video mainstream hits like the rest on the list .you had to have a major label album & a least one mainstrwam hit on radio & video . if you faovrite artist did not have any of them then he did not deserve to be on the list

  • piper


  • Rick

    @Master Lee in a video they posted on here the editor of XXL said they don’t have to have a major label debut album out. So there was another reason why he wasn’t there.

  • Verse

    Because they new y’all would go to the website and make comments, increasing the number of hits. Mo’ money for them. MTV is a corporation, why would they do anything that makes sense to the people….

  • The real question is why do people care?

  • BongBong

    J Cole is not a hot MC. Stupid that Kendrick was left off though.

  • the realest

    @Opinionz: Ye isn’t an MC either. He’s a genius producer/entertainer who can spit a little. And that’s coming from a supporter…

    Teeamo said this on March 9th, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    ^ the fuck? niggaz dont even know what MCs are.

  • phuck2chainz

    Good job MTV you placed a fatass PO faking to be a coke runner at the top of your wackest MCs.

  • Braniak


  • Positive Vibe

    man i love these debates because its like each one of them just went in my brain and pulled out some of the things I’ve been thinkin’ for a while

  • Ari

    1. Kanye
    2. Drake
    3. Ross
    4. Jay-Z
    5. Weezy
    6. Eminem
    7. Kendrick
    8. Nicki
    9. Wale
    10. J. Cole

  • Master Lee

    @Rick Oh I havent seen the video yet. I just made a comment without watching it. lol Well I guess its cause Kendrick doesnt have any radio singles or commercial records. Of course we all know Kendrick should be on the list based off talent alone, but I dont think thats the criteria for making the list. I think you have to have hit records to make the list.

  • Jerry

    why put this shit to bed already jesus christ. old ass news these guys needs to move on they missed the discussion a month ago.

  • cmon son

    maybe it was because neither are as “hot” as you think they are.

  • i’mwithyourGFeatingchips

    not that i like these videos much, but i’d love to at least have them on the MTV panel vs. those dumbass dumbshits “panelist” at MTV


    y’all are clowns. Cole aint hot wha?? WHERE U READ THAT SHIT…

    Gold Album/Eventual Platinum album
    Platinum Single
    Gold Single
    Grammy Nomination
    Platinum Producer
    Classic Mixtape

    hes not top 10 in 2011?… what is the world coming to. y’all sippin too much of that lean and can’t see a hot mc if it smacked you in the face

  • Does it matter?

    Maybe it’s just me, but the fact that people debate this list every year is baffling. Why do you guys take Anything MTV says seriously when they don’t even play music? You need to get a whole different channel just to see videos in the first place. Their opinions stopped mattering when the M in MTV stopped being a priority. So who the fuck cares what they think? J.cole got a grammy nomination, and was given his own fucking holiday in his hometown. and with the recent deal signing, I don’t think Kendrick is losing sleep either. Not making a list created by a bunch of people who don’t know shit anyway doesn’t stop these 2 from being great talents. Every year this bullshit list does exactly what it’s meant to do, which is get niggas arguing about a subject that comes down to preference anyway. Support who you support and you won’t have to worry about what some clown at MTV has to say about rap music. You make their opinion valid simply by talking about them

  • blah

    blah blah blah

  • Bil4l

    Ross topped the list, which also included Drake, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa and Wale. Each MC was judged based on our Hottest criteria, which included impact, buzz, sales, lyrics, swag and the intangibles.

  • joe

    1. kanye
    2. drake
    3. Jay Z
    4. wayne
    5. j cole
    6. Wiz
    7. Wale
    *. Meek Mill
    9. Rick Ross
    10. Kendrick Lamar and if i had to add another it would be Big Sean

  • Thinker

    Stupid niggas saying cole aint hot? Fuck boys wouldn’t know hot if they stepped out the house and felt the sun scorch across their face. The homie got accolades and your only excuse is that he sold out. Reasons over excuses you faggots

  • Non big mouth ass nigga

    yo mek got a big ass mouth, ole big mouth ass nigga

  • Did It To Em

    First of all Drake and David Banner are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hotter then J. Cole. His debut album feels incomplete and unoriginal, its okay after the first few listens but you realize that its a weak piece of art. Honestly, some mixtapes are waaaaaaaay hotter then his album like Star Power, Section 80. and Lil B’s God’s Father. Honestly, J.Cole does not deilver and you’re frontin if you really say he is. You prob give him a handjob if you had to…

  • Did It To Em

    My list:

    1. Wiz Khalifa
    2. Kendrick L.
    3. Lil B (might seem like a joke but his music is awesome)
    4. David Banner
    5. Jay z
    6. Cam Ron (especially the old cam ron)
    7. Nas
    8. Drake
    9. Wale
    10. Big Sean or Kanye

  • IDK

    J. Cole isn’t on the list because he doesn’t have the fanbase the other artist do. J. Cole is nice, but he gets no play at clubs, and radio success has been a lil lacking, but he will def make list next year. K.DOT didnt make it because he is ONLY popular on the blogs. He is building a fanbase and doesn’t have the recogntion yet to be considered on the list. Stop being HIP HOP BACKPACK’N DOUCHEBAGS!!..Dude will get his, but he isn’t that popular outside of random hiphop critic blogs…JUS SAY’N

  • zachariah

    J cole has more twitter followers than Ross. Haha and with under 2k tweets. RR has over 12,000. Now, who has better fans?

  • Justin

    Getting paid to bullshit