Fozzie Bear – I Don’t Really Care f. Trey Songz

blame it on Shake March 9, 2012

Kermit’s homie follows up the Drake-assisted Round of Applause with his new single I Don’t Care. It might take a listen or three but I can see folks really rocking with Trey’s hook and all that. We’ll see though.

Bow! Bow! Bow!

  • dopeboyfan

    this song is just plane bad. “baller of the year” dude its barely march, secondly “50 for the earrings, thats a 100 for the pair” glad ur second grade math is up to par. i mean u know u bad when a r&b artist out raps u in your own song. the song title said it all.

  • Do Jones

    ^ Dude, it’s damn club banger, stop trying to dissect it and just look at it for what it is. This shit bangs, great party anthem. Waka is a party rapper, thought everybody knew that by now. This is what he does, Trey’s hook really set it off.

  • Do Jones

    Also, the title doesn’t explain it all. For you to sit there and type that whole paragraph, you obviously do care. If you didn’t, you would’ve just skipped over this. yet you listened, and gave an in depth review, you surely DO care.

  • k dot

    Fuck all the bullshit, this shit is gonna be the jam for this spring/early summer. The radio is gonna eat this up.

  • JHP

    Waka go another “No Hands” right here possibly. Should’ve got Wayne & Big Sean to rap verses on it though, then it’d really be a big hit

  • Megan

    FLEXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!! FLOCKA!!!!!!

  • who cares

    I specifically remember this clown saying he was done with “rapping”. I knew it was too good to be true.

  • dee

    ””’fozzie bear””’

  • Trey’s verse and hook saved this… but i dont understand how this got a lot of [dopes] and everyone giving people like Diggy a lot of [nopes]… and people wanna blame the artist when they say hiphop is dead when its yall slow ass fans that killed it

  • Broski

    Flocka bending over like rover! Pause.

  • bigdew

    lmao @ do jones, you say dude actually cares sayin he wrote a paragraph yet you wrote 2 tryin to defend flocka, GET OFF THAT MAN’S TIP!!!

  • D

    Trey clearly makes this song GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • real talk

    dope hook, lets be real. waka is what he is but i rock with this

  • Ughha… Waka makes me want to break my kitchen furniture. FLEX! FLAKA!

  • truth

    This shit bangs, I dont really fuck with Waka but his party/hype songs are on point. He should have got a verse or 2 from some other rappers but regardless this will get radio/club play all day