• JL

    No keyboard sounds? So basically loop/chop a sample over some drums and be done? Sounds...disappointing.

  • Fred

    ^nah, that sounds HIP-HOP.

  • http://twitter.com/decapitatah Decapitatah

    Shut up Fred. Keyboard sounds are just as Hip Hop as Samples...

  • Kingdrumz

    yes! more remix contests please.

  • JL

    Whether you strictly sample or not doesn't effect if something is hip hop. It's really pretty ignorant to think that.
    That's like saying, "Don't go actually playing any instruments, now! You don't want to scare off all of those real hip hop heads!"


    Best song on the album and the album is FIRE!

    "No keyboard sounds?" - hahaha

    Did someone's dad just ask that question? lol

  • Fred

    LOL at the bitching.
    There's a reason why they said "This is a serious song and we expect nothing but high caliber boom bap production in order to win." If it's boom bap, it almost automatically means that it must be sample-based.

  • http://www.grimzbeats.com grimz

    91bpm is the wrong tempo for these vocals. they are 90 bpm

  • kneterpumpeter

    is it me, or is the bpm wrong?!

  • bstyles

    Thanks for the contest
    Look out kiddles

  • friendly advice

    yup the bpm is wrong.. i believe it's 90 something but definitely NOT 91....

  • jacob

    I don't mean to be harsh but it would be nice to get a download link for the original song. That way people can match up the acapella and original song to their beat in their respective music programs, samplers, etc. The tempo of the song varies depending on what equipment you work with. Furthermore it's not comletely fair that people should pay to retrieve the original song. The bit rate of the acepella should be higher if it is to be used for a remix. Friendly words of advice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/illadrenalinerecords ILL ADRENALE RECORDS

    Much thanks to everybody out there joining the remix contest! We already received some dope remixes and we're looking forward to getting some more! It's crazy to see how many good beatmakers are out there who still rep that authentic and traditional boom bap sound.
    @jacob Free download link for original version added. Winner will get the acapella in 16-bit / 44.1 KHz sound quality.

  • jacob

    @ill adrenale: Yep, I saw the link. And do appreciate it. Tempo in my logic turns out to be 89.9822. So the original was helpful. Looking forward to hearing some of those remixes. I'm currently working on my own. The acapella is dope.

  • myself

    my remix is on work and it is sounding like crazy!

  • http://www.backgroundnoisecrew.com/ Egypto Knuckles

    Mine should be completed on Thursday. Can’t wait! Really geeked to be participating in this.

  • http://soundcloud.com/ntks-beats Ntk’s beats

    French people love real hip hop !

  • http://www.facebook.com/Cioxmusic Ciox

    Do they mean with keyboard sounds virtual Instruments you recorded with your midi keyboard, or in general no keyboard sounds, that means no real recorded piano, too?? I recorded already my real Piano...otherwise I am going to record my sax ;)
    Greetings from Germany

  • http://Facebook.com/DJMixxMassacre DJ mixx massacre

    Sample, sample, sample. Finally, someone's talking my language!

  • http://www.soundclick.com/drgenius GadManDubs

    I Love this track, & I have done a real banga for this record, hope you guys are up on your beat making game!! best of luck!!

  • Ricky Retardo

    not sure y'all looking at the full picture of sample... but i guess we shall see.