• Diego Inglewood

    this is up there with Bad Boy as one of the worst lineups in hip-hop

  • Lynx

    not everyone has it in them to be head of a label and t.i. don't just look at his history and all the artists his signed and lost and the ones that are still waiting his just like game

  • agony

    Why is it that ever since wiz blew up every rapper feel the need call themselves "__________ gang"???

    Have some fucking originality for once...

  • BarkerLorie

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  • EC

    Chipmunk and Trae are the only ones I can see holding their weight. Especially chip though. Other than that the "hustle gang" seems kinda average

  • James R aka The Real Truth

    Diego Inglewood , the worst lineups in hip-hop is young money/cash money not bad boy or grand hustle . grand hustle has good lineup haters.

  • yung

    Can't call it a bad lineup until I hear some music. That D.O.P.E. mixtape was some doo doo, so, I gues it' up to Iggy, Chip and Trae to save the hustle.

  • http://sleeplessspeakers.com dr. mantis tobogon

    where's dro?

  • Loop

    B.o.B is part of Grand Hustle, so I guess TI is somewhat winning. The group could be better, but Im hoping something nice comes of this. He should run with the name Grand Hustle though. Sounds s much better than Hustle Gang

  • Loop

    Chipmunk is part of Grand Hustle? SMH...can't stand dude.

  • krow132

    Am I the only one who watched this video thinking that T.I. and Iggy Azaela got some shit going on?

  • Sir Escobar

    Grand Hustle, G.O.O.D. Music, and MMG, have some of the best musical, and lyrical talent on their rosters.

  • chomp

    more artists that won't see the light of day

  • K.I.N.G.

    ^Oh you best believe that Iggy chick coming out. Tip tryna get his Akon/Usher/Dr. Dre thing poppin. D.O.P.E. I doubt it. He prolly just want a local street presence in da A with them niggas. Chip, maybe, idk. Trae, most def.

  • Underground Gorilla

    Few cats here talking about how Grand Hustle is a better line-up, or as good a line-up as YMCM, MMG, and G.O.O.D Music is crazy as hell. Either ya'll really ridin wit the boy tip that hard, or you just got some hate to throw at them other group's.

    - And on a sidenote, those two trifecta's of: Jay-Z, Kanye, and Rihanna, along with Wayne, Drake, and Nicki got these other cats goin crazy. Every group being formed got a 2nd rapper to compliment the head guy, along with a female rapper.

  • K.I.N.G.

    ^YMCMB & MMG ain't that good dude.