15 Things You Didn’t Know About Jay-Z

blame it on Meka March 12, 2012

Young Guru should know a lot about Jay-Z, what with him being his sometimes-tour DJ and engineer for most of his albums. So he divulged some of these things to Complex, such as his basketball prowess, how LA Reid rushed him into making Kingdome Come and more.

READ: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Jay-Z

  • PittmanBenjamin

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  • k dot

    Oh shit Hov is a grindtime/smack dvd fan, dats watsup ! Glad he doesnt use any of those corny punchlines in songs.

  • trill4real

    fuk what anybody say i like kingdom come, its grown man shit. fuk la reid for def jam completely suking that year

  • Your Father

    I see the Rubik’s cube theory now.
    American Gangster was class, BP3 was meh…guessing the next one will be classic!

  • Gawd



  • ddave

    Hoping we get the right color with this album nigga. I like Jay-Z cerebral thinking pattern of memorizing his rhymes; and using what he knows about the game of basketball to win when he’s probably not in shape.

  • nonduality_IS_TRUTH

    It’s always good to see a bit of the true nature of an inspiring genius like Jay, other than through the music. People like to formulate opinions and assumption about celebs especially in the age of the interwebs.. this was dope.

  • theBroKing

    “he purposely feel back on watch the throne”

    MARTY MCFLY, read that and shut the fuck up about jay not being out done by kanye!!!

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Collaboration albums are not competition between artists on the same songs.

  • theBroKing

    *starts slow clap*

    yeah you idiot that still doesnt negate the fact you wrote essays in other c sections defending jay z as to why he was on par with kanye on that album. just take an L sometimes man, it would do you some good

  • Hov’s next album is going to be so fucking feel it in my bones.

  • *hard ^ lol

  • marty mcfly

    BroQueen, I dont think it really matters but since you wanna make into something. Jay has more verses on the album then Kanye, he had the better verses on several songs and some songs were completely carried by Jay in terms of subject matter and themes because they made sense to his life more then Kanye’s like New Day, Welcome To The Jungle and Love You So. Jay also rhymed better then Ye on No Church, Who Gon Stop Me, Prime time, Murder To Excellence and Niggas In Paris. So I have no problem “taken an L” but its the fact that you dont know what your talking about that doesnt help your argument. Good day

  • loool

    marty mcfly just ethered BroQueen

  • theBroKing

    wait, im tryna figure out if you ARE saying your wrong or trying to prove you’re right? which is it?

    the latter, of course being impossible, as guru just said jay z stepped down and let kanye shine. so which is it marty? take your pick.

  • matt

    yeah that theory makeks since you can vibe with all the albums but some are just ehh. i vibe with kingdom come but it was mehh

  • First I Park My Car, The I Fuck Your Bitch

    -____- How about “15 Things about Jay-Z That I Don’t Give A Single Fuck About”?

    Oh yeah, I knew Marty McFly’s dickriding ass would be on this post.

  • Chicago


    I think the articles was more saying that he let Kanye’s camp handle the production and everything on the album so Kanye had more control over the sounds. That doesn’t mean that Jay just said fuck it and didn’t try in his verses. I think Jay-z outrapped Kanye on every track except “New Day”. Just my opinion.

  • whatever

    ^cosign this opinion, although I suspect “theBroKing” knows this and is just allowing his jealous hatred for Jay Z to filter through.


    WTT wasnt kanyes best but it was a step up for jay but if anything you already know MBDTF>BP3