• chrisL

    First this shit dope, already listen to the whole thing!

  • jg


  • Anyone

    Party Supplies are dope as fuck, shit, swag.

    I remember that Power remix beat they did for Theo. so sick.

  • Jazzmatazz

    Action Bronson was my fav. of 2011 ..His 2012 will be even better ..I'm about 5 tracks in. Fly Ish! & Party Supplies did his thing on the boards.

  • a

    this shit is fire

  • P!

    roc marc!

  • Rick O Shea

    I like it. I like it alot.

  • Master Lee


  • The_Villain

    Finally! Does anyone remember that shitty movie starring Shaq?

  • Yup

    Maaannn Bronson did it again!

  • boston

    is there a track missing????


    the white rick ross. LOL

  • Tone Riggz


  • casper wordsmith

    Fuck XXL for not putting him in this years freshmen class.

  • Mike

    Hopefully this is good I been dying for new stuff especially from this guy. Heard him on Honkey Kong he was killing shit

  • FOOLSGOLDordie

    co-sign with casper wordsmith. action deserves the shine. but wutever he dont need that list he'll make it off his own hustle.

  • spencer

    glad he isn't on XXL freshman list. He's better than any artist they picked... Bronson can rap for days

  • williamgrizzly

    bam bam is the future.

  • Goose

    This is the best tape I've heard in 2 years.. Fucking amazing

  • Hellsyea

    Love this shit already. The track with Roc Marciano is NASTY! big ups

  • geebo

    Bronson is a monster! his shit always sounds nice, and so much of that is down to beat selection - props to Blue Chips on this one! classic material

  • geebo

    ** my bad! ** props to Party Supplies... for the Blue Chips!!

  • Alishki

    Loved the mixtape, bout to wrap the second listen, skip proof shit!

  • Mr_North


  • NickVitale


  • JustOneNeek

    1st ever listen to dude and he's goin in ...dwnloadin right now!!!....

  • JustOneNeek

    I swear he sound like Stalley a lil bit hto


    first time actually listening to a whole project from this guy it was still not sold yet but ill put it on the ipod to see whats good

  • dee

    bronsonellio killed it. thank yo big chef


    BAM BAM!!!!

    Forget that new Wiz tape, this shit is FUCKIN DOPE!

    keep it up Bronson

  • http://austinwnewton.wordpress.com figgy

    Action Bronson's Raps + always awesome production = pure gold all day erry day!


    Dam im really impressed by this tape better than i was expecting