T.I., B.o.B., D.O.P.E. & Big Kuntry King Live In Atlanta (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas March 12, 2012

Friday night Grand Hustle was deep in The Mansion Elan night club for the celebration of D.O.P.E & Spot latest mixtapes. T.I. introduced the crowd to his newest group D.O.P.E and Spot then performed “Harry Potter” off that self titled D.O.P.E mixtape. BOB took the mic and performed his hit single “Strange Clouds” followed by Big Kuntry King taking the mic to promote his new mixtape 100% Kane.

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  • fffffffff

    was it an acronym theme show?

  • yung

    big kuntry lame af. i always felt like mac boney should’ve been the one to push outta P$C. he can outspit everyone in D.O.P.E.

  • Gawd

    idk what TIP doin wit Grand Hustle. if he tryin to make an MMG/GOOD Music type group/label he’s failin hard. DOPE or wtf they called are gahbage, that Iggy jawn is straight trash & Trae aint really doin much. Spot cool wit me. i aint really feelin BoB like that, but he got somethin goin on for himself so i aint mad at bul. what he need to do is let ma man Young Dro eat. Dro got songs that I thought should’ve been big but TIP aint really pushin Dro like that. It is what it is i guess.


  • K.I.N.G.

    @Gawd MMG album flopped, GOOD Music’s has yet to be released. grand hustle’s compilation, which was ages ago at least hit gold status. i don’t think he’s following their lead. but you right, Dro > Hustle Gang.

  • Grim

    Tip done this already, man.

    Grand Hustle Presents In Da Streetz Vol. 4 (2006/Gold certification)
    MMG Self Mad Vol. 1 (2011/Flop)
    Good Music Compilation (2012/TBA)

    Tip had like 4-5 years on these niggas. He obviously abandoned the whole idea after succeeding in that area. Now, it seems he’s just tryna fit in with the group thing. Either way, he has a plaque to show for his effort.

  • huh

    what’s all the talk bout MMG? i remember when them niggas first came out last year, niggas was bashing them, calling them a gimmick with their fancy suits and whatnot. now, everyone’s on their dick. so, don’t bash the hustle just yet. check back next year, niggas may have different opinions by then.

  • the rap bandit

    You got to love Iggy the “Runaway Slave Master”…

  • Trey_lb

    ^get over it

  • El rey

    co-signin @GAWD & @KING: dro >>> that hustle gang. TIP has to put him back on the scene