Danny Brown – Radio Song (Video)

blame it on Meka March 13, 2012

Directed by Alex/2tone

The brandUn DeShay-produced cut from Danny’s XXX gets the visual treatment.

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  • FuckSwag

    danny fucking brown.

  • Flip

    This is what the game has come 2…..Being black and emo…….

  • OriginalDon

    danny brown has a unique style of rap. his music is dope to me. people just hate based on looks. fuck yall!

  • AQ

    XXX is a masterpiece. Danny looks dope too. “Complain about my jeans cause I’m taking all they hoes”

  • Wonton Soup

    @OriginalDon, I have to agree with you because Polyester the Saint dude these guys just posted looks like a fucking absolute cornball and you couldnt even trick me into listening to his shit.

    Danny Brown is fire though.

  • chuck

    XXX was a masterpiece. Scrap or die was one of the most gangster songs ive heard recently. shit is so gritty.

    danny brown is nice

  • bluntafterblunt

    Flip was the only dude to hit the nope button lol

  • unclesam

    On of the best joints off of XXX imo, I didn´t really like the tape but this was most def dope. I actually think The Hybrid was better than XXX. Like the beats were smoother, it was more enjoyable to listen to overall.

  • k dot

    “Gettin dirt money, but i aint puffy”
    Really?! smdh this guy is average at best, half his shit is wack.

  • tha truth

    faggotry at its finest. being a gimmick is just as bad as copying whats hot

  • Gornish

    sounds like Sadat X

  • Melo15

    Holy shit what a weak ass beat… come on DeShay your better than that

  • flip illson

    if you say Danny Brown is average you obviously out of touch with today’s rap scene.
    “XXX” sounds like nothing that came out last year PERIOD.
    if you don’t like him just say that #sheesh

  • timboslice

    dope track…hasnt he made enough money to fix his damn tooth. shits an eye sore no homo

  • RealTruth

    What’s up with niggas putting there names as “the truth” yet they make a dumbass comment? Smh niggas need lifes. Anyways this song is dope XXX was a really dope tape. “The game so trendy, that’s why these labels fail, they don’t care about music just 1st week sales” sooooo true lol


    Hopefully he makes a video for pac’s blood i will or 30..i wish they still had the hybrid mixtape up

  • Cosign pac blood & i will vids ^

  • sicklife

    anyone talking shit is probably jerkin it to taylor allderdice right now. just sayin