Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdice (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka March 13, 2012

Just in time for the imminent destruction most of us will do to our bodies at SXSW comes Wiz’ first mixtape since last year’s Cabin Fever. Judging by the response he’s received from the previous leaks, people may seem to respond warmly to this one as well. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdice (Mixtape) | LiveMixtapes

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  • HillBrandie

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  • dah well

    wack Amber Wiz


    -Howpfully he’ll get back to his roots with this shit, hopefully Him and Spitta can go back to that trill how fly shit. Not this fucking pop ass bullshit he’s been fucking with, I expect to hear juicy j saying we trippy mane numerous times on here tho.

  • Swagmanchris

    Discussion nigga?
    What the fuck nigga?
    Why you acting like soup doe?
    Like stupid ass nigga, that’s stupid.
    No wonder Tyler smacked yo ass hoe.


  • Lone

    god dammit Wiz that’s 12:00am uk time, I got to be at work 03:00am but need that bump for the journey, decisions decisions lol

  • hardy

    I remember puttin weed in videos, niggas thought I was insane.
    Now every time, I turn on a video, I see the exact same thing.
    Cause niggas ain’t original, niggas ain’t cool. You niggas aint got it all, you niggas just ain’t you. That shit is a problem for a nigga who can’t lose. Lil homie I got a ball of something you can’t do. So suckers hate.


  • hardy

    ^ for all the childish OFWGKTA groupies.

  • drew

    Wiz got us man dont let Amber and Rollin paper fool you boy got classics Taylor Allrice and Action Bronson Blues Chip will be spinnin all summer TGOD

  • dre

    Looking foward to ONIFC more than this.I think drake set the bar high with “Take Care” showing people that you can make a great album without pop songs & radio records.Take Care is a classic in my eyes im more excited to see how alot of the former freshman will come back for their sophmore efforts.Maybe wiz can get back to his Kush N OJ/How Fly Ways on ONIFC.

  • NYdreams

    ^what ?? drakes take care had singin written all over it.. it seemed like he was singing more than he was rapping at times…

    anyways.. i hope wiz still got his mixtape shit in him..

  • k dot

    ^^^ Wtf are you talkin bout ? Drake did have pop/radio songs on Take care. That “take care” track with Rihanna is a pop ass record.

  • dre

    Take care is not a “pop record” Its actually a cover of a old school gil scott heron track. You can tell take care is the album that drake wanted to make & not want some label forced him to make.

  • Just Sayin

    Not expecting but 1 or 2 tracks to be dope from this mixtape seeing how this nigga is bitchmade now and turned pop

  • NYdreams

    singin songs
    take care
    shot 4 me
    marvins room
    crew love
    the real love

    sorry but that right there is a r&b album… and lets not forget the pop single im so pround of you

    wtf do niggas know what rap albums are these days ??

  • Allen

    Let’s just pretend like ‘Kush & Oj’ was Wiz’s first album and ‘Rolling Papers’ never existed

  • nate


    stfu singing doesnt mean a song is pop or not.niggas want wiz to sing but sing about shit they want him to sing about(smoking & drinking)something he didnt do on rolling papers which sounded like a disney album

  • K.B. Michaels tho…

  • NYdreams

    i know cause saying im so proud of you over and over isnt pop … all im saying is drake supposed to be a rapper but got more r&b songs on his album than rap songs ? fuck is that..

  • unclesam

    Stop lying to your fucking self.

    No one in their right mind would want Wiz Khalifa to sing. I barely want him to rap.

  • aa

    lmao this “discussion on the project” went off the rails quickly.

    i only listened to rolling papers once, but kush & oj still gets plays. this is another mixtape, so that right there says it should be good. on top of that, wiz has something to prove since rolling papers was pretty unanimously reviled. i think him having that hunger back in him should inspire him to drop dope shit.

    only wack part — juicy j. i fux with his music, but for the beats that wiz usually uses j sounsd mad out of place (like that fugees freestyle from a month or two ago). hopefully they can prove me wrong tho

  • marty mcfly

    Drake and Wiz have already gone to far to just make music for a few people. They make music for the masses so regardless of what they do they will be called pop at this point and it dont matter what they record cause people will always say they aint the same as they was a few years ago. You could call Take Care rap, pop or R&B cause Drake was never just a rapper, he came out singing since day one. He made something true to his style cause he could have made the album alot bigger then it was but instead he kept the vibe of the album on some humble shit. Wiz is the same way cause he always had songs that could’ve crossed over from day one.

  • dre


    I agree “Im So Proud” is a pop song but its the only one on that album.Drake axtually made that song for his city & its still a dope ass track that never gets skipped.Whe headlines dropped people didnt really believe it was a single because it wasnt “mainstream enough” not knowing that that was the route he was going with the entire album.Marvins room wasnt made for radio but radio took the song & ran with it that shit doesnt even sound right on radio because all the word are bleeped out.And as far as him singing more than rappin like he said in a interview nobody wants to hear a rapper that can only rap they wont last long.

  • marty mcfly

    my breath smells like pure dick

  • taylord

    If you idiots read the letter for taylors wiz put on his tumblr you’d know he isnt aiming for the big records like he did on rolling he admitted it was trash & he is going back to his kush n oj style.

  • Master Lee

    I’m excited for this.

  • xo

    “Im out here fucking ova the lives of these niggas that couldnt fuck with my freshman floater” -Drake(Shots at Wiz,Big sean,Wale) them niggas will never make a album that can touch “thank me later” drizzy run shit.xo

  • billy pilgrim

    i think drake wants to be r&b but his label wants him to rap and he has it in his head that he’s good at rap so he does it occassionally. and take care was shit.i will never be convinced otherwise.

  • 2dopeniggers

    HAHAHAHA look at these pussy ass niggas defending marshmallow ass drake! and you niggas gay! bunch of pussy niggers

  • Pauly D

    This is gonna be another classic mixtape by Wiz. Believe me, I got that feelin’


    @xo take drakes dick out of your mouth and I might take your opinion seriously

  • Bill Gates

    @KB Michaels tho… keep yo day job.

  • pete

    If this is ass me and wiz are done

  • k dot

    Lmao @xo wales ” Attention Deficit” shits on both drakes albums, lets keep it real lyrically drake aint touchin wale.

  • Thanks for listening.

    K.B. Michaels tho…

  • Jets Foo

    Wiz is industry puppet. Prime example of someone selling their soul for a check.Crackers dissecting the puppet.

  • stephen

    @k dot

    “Attention Deficit shits on both drakes albums”

    Wally would tell you to get the fuck outta here

  • Nard

    I forgot all of you gave record deals and made the decision what real music is and what real music is not. Oh.

  • dante

    How is Drakes album not pop?

  • realtalk

    Drake Topped “So Far Gone” With “Take Care”
    KiD CuDi Topped “A KiD Named CuDi With “End Of Day”
    Wiz May Never Top Kush N OJ & Will Always Be Rememered For Having A Great Mixtape But Never Being Albe To Make A Album That Was Better Smh.


    Why niggas hate Rolling Papers so much? Save for 4 or 5 tracks, all the songs produced by I.D. Labs are straight FIRE. It sounds exactly like the summer-y, airy shit that was on some of Kush&OJ.

    Niggas just mad their favorite blog rapper got a lil shine, is all. Allerdice gonna be nice, too.

  • In this cover why is he carrying a bag??

  • 2dope4nope

    Haha that’s wack I thought this was the actual tape I was like thought tonight damn meka u needa change that “mixtape” to a discussion forum!

  • dante

    Wiz not even concerned with making good music.his only concern is marring a bop & dressing like a 5 dollar jimi hendrix

  • VI

    I’m just hoping Mr. EZ Wider makes an appearance, if he doesn’t, it won’t feel right

  • Lord Lushous

    Why the fuck is everybody talkin about drakes album on a post for wiz’s mixtape

  • pdog

    hes carries a bag. because its FULL OF WEED

  • Damien


    No, we do something much more important. WE CONSUME THE FUCKING MUSIC, RETARD.

  • TheChillout

    From the listening party footage this shit sounds like its gonna be dope.Im not even a huge fan! theres only a handfull of wiz songs that i like.

  • Thinker

    So drake can’t make some singing records but Maino can go ahead and throw unknown singers on every single record in his album? Some of you NY cats are so biased in your opinions man. Stop with that hatin shit

  • rant

    ^where the fuck did Maino come from? NOBODY listens to Maino, that’s not the issue. The issue is Drake trying to be some kind of off-brand Chris Brown.


    i agree with marty mcfly take care was a good album people need to get off kush & oj’s dick though if he would of stayed the same you would of just complained dam this just sounds the same as kush and oj why doesnt change his style up

  • mike

    Wiz blew up off kush n oj & even got a major label deal after if the labels knew what the fans wanted to hear from him why would they try to change it? doesnt make since at all. i hope he does go back to that type of shit

  • Igotcha

    I’ll just cut the bullshit from the mixtape and throw the rest on the ipod. Nothing new.

  • zack


  • chomp

    not even close to a drake fan i just want to throw that out there

  • NYdreams

    @Thinker wtf ??? did you hear mainos album or are you just talking ?? even if maino had “all unknown singers on every record on his album (?)” is he the one claiming to be a rapper and singing ? and wtf album are you even talking about lmaooo
    yall niggas is random man i swear

  • Lameo

    I can’t believe Wiz is still gettin love from some of yall….I kinda got caught up in the hype when Kush and Oj came out but I can’t really take him seriously anymore.

    His songs are redundant as fukk.

  • red

    I’m really looking forward to this. I have a feeling its going to be noothing like I’ve ever heard from him..

    he went from a straight up rapper, to more of a street rapper, then he had the dabbling with auto-tune…his wiz/kanye/drake phase, then the spitta phase, then that lex luger bullshit, and now what

  • DaTruth

    Typical monkey-lipped NIGGERS complain about rap albums instead of feed their gangster-influenced children. Stupid apes.

  • ant

    I love when wiz sings about trees. my favorite wiz songs are “this plane” “up” “s.d.l” “still blazin” “pedal to the medal”

  • NYdreams

    real talk niggas need to realize everyone knows that drakes been singing since so far gone who da fuck said he didnt …but im pretty sure well idk i could b wrong that niggas that listen to drake like the nigga more cause of his rapping i dont know maybe niggas is more r&b fans nowadays … the problem is i expected take care to have some r&b on it but mostly rap songs which was the other way around … i dont gotta problem witt that r&b shit i fux witt his r&b shit but how can you call yourself a rapper when your album is mostly singing nigga what fuckin audience is he catering 2 ??

  • dave

    I hope its a track like “who i am” on here

  • For all the Wolf Gang vs. Taylor Gang Haters my nigga Wiz and Domo killed it.. by the way whats wrong with singing!!?? -___-
    Listen to “Ground Up” by both of them.. -__-

  • Mixtape drops here www. downloadmixtapes. org/WizKhalifa

  • NYdreams


    nothing is wrong with singin im just a insecure faggot & i get a hard on when drake sings.

  • fuck this shit

    the Taylor Posse and whatever Odd Future’s queer fans are called need to both die, you both enjoy taking backshots

  • NYdreams

    lol the nigga that cloned me is drake stan who got mad lol its sad when a nigga get so mad over another dude he clone em

  • TaylorGangFan

    cant wait wiz is the greatest rapper of all time..I don’t understand why ppl say its 2poc or biggie..Wiz has the best flow and beats Taylor gang! come on guys cheer with me ;)

  • Braniak

    just drop tha damn thing>

  • wiz is a fag

    @TaylorGangFan holy fuck, please die

  • damon

    this nigga got that hoe amber rose on a track this shit already trash not to mention his entire crew are all lames especially chevy

  • trufisbak

    discussion posts about hella famous rappers n they albums/mixtapes before they drop = unnecessary. 75 comments and it ain’t even dropped yet… smh

  • ShuckTheGreat

    I hope my nigga Wiz goes in on this shit cause Rolling papers was way too popish for me. I’m ready for him to get back to his old shit. And from the letter strictly for my taylors he is!

  • Diak

    It seems like a trend…Rappers sound better off a mixtape than a LP…

  • 2709orDie

    Yo datpiff says 32 more minutes, sounds like some fukery to mon.

  • JohnB

    They tryna break a record so it’ll create the buzz they needed….down the road they will negotiate ads and announcements for $$$$$$
    Good marketing plan!!!!

  • SmokinAces

    It’s not a trend. It’s just that an artist on a mixtape has more freedom to be a bit more raw and do their own thing. Where as an album is made to make money and sell to people. You know, people who actually BUY MUSIC not which pretty much rules out 97% of average “hip hop heads” wanting Wiz to do his “mixtape” shit again. Even though dude has always mixed pop sensibilities in his music.


    This is fuckin gay

    Wiz is a faggot dis nigga delayed dis shit twice already

    Skinny ass bitch

  • BobbyWhite

    hahaha you niggas hating calling wiz a bitch, but look at all you waiting for the tape to drop… smfh

  • smda

    Bruh that shit says 23 minutes left. It said 43 minutes an hour ago.


    @BobbyWhite just cause I wanna bump his music dont mean i dont think he a fuck boi

  • fucktyler


    well you see that plan aint work with rolling papers his tru fans are weedheads and will only go buy his shit if it moves them other than that he’s just wasting his time making music for this imaginary audience that could give 2 fucks about him or his music.

  • Diak

    You got a point in here…but how can you make money/longevity with half-ass albums????
    I mean I work, got money to spend but Rolling Papers or the last Carter were a 100% “No No” on my Visa statement….
    Wiz really convinced me with OJ…he doesn’t have to repeat himself but not stray away from harmonics/melodies, his strongest weapons

  • Diak


  • fucktyler

    tyler the creater is showing you how you stay true to you fanbase musically & still sell records & win awards in the process wiz should take notes.i am asian

  • Ronald Martinez

    @ElBaja_Panty follow guys #TaylorAllderdice !!!!!

  • Master Lee

    Damn Datpiff delayed this shit again.

  • skim

    Wtf. Another 30!

  • d


  • IKnowWiz

    Wiz aint been good since Prince of the City 2 and Flight School. All ya’ll that say Kush & Orange juice was good don’t know shit about Wiz. How about Show and Prove, ya’ll probably dont even know that’s his first album. Listen to Im Gonna Ride by Wiz they ya’ll see. Until then STFU!!

  • billy pilgrim

    yo datpiff sucks dick. i hate them so fucking much.

  • k dot

    Datpiff site crashing and shit,last time that site crashed is when j.cole dropped FNL. Lotta niggas wanna hear if wiz still got it.

  • d

    wiz lame as fuck

  • tanner


  • tiredofwaiting

    This shit more pushed back the Flo-ridas hairline was

  • tiredofwaiting


  • chefdeisel

    Was gonna soak this shit in at the gym. Fuck it, hopefully it will be out when I get back.

  • Piper

    @IKnowWiz stfu nigga u sound dumb

  • Bugss

    Damn i miss Hulkshare links.

  • a

    fuck that

    damn i miss zshare links
    damn i miss megaupload links

  • Braniak

    another site dropping the mixtape.

  • ugh

    They played it out too much. niggas gonna be salty now when they listen

  • Pissed

    yo this shit betta for sure be hot now after this fuckin wait.
    this waiting shit is definitely not Taylor’d


    dam no big sean feature and the track-list just kind of disappointed me

  • datpiff sucks this would never happen if Wiz gave it to LiveMixtapes

  • immature


  • PRalines

    lol it’s only been an hour, you guys need to smoke some weed and relax.

  • Master Lee

    Can we get another link? I cant even get the page to load.

  • Krook


  • xxxxxxxxxxxx

    niggas got this on mediafire yet?

  • 2dope4nope

    Damn so they treating TA as some retro J’s huh FOH yea for FNL I’ll wait but this nah wiz aight but I’ll wait for tmrw if I have to and datpiff on some lame shit and “They played it out too much. niggas gonna be salty now when they listen” word to that brah 4evaNaDay well do!


    would of been better with big sean feature cant even d/l it

  • Datpiff sucks

    Anyone else got on the page and no d/l link there? wtf is that?, i got my d/l from media fire from freeonsmash

  • quas

    can i please just get a download link? anyone?

  • SmokinAces

    @fucktyler Rolling Papers sold about 700,000, had about 4-5 singles that went gold/platinum. How did it not work?

  • One server is not down.
    Get Taylor Allderdice mixtape @ www. DownloadMixtapes. org/WizKhalifa

  • Andy

    Rapgodfathers has mediafire link.! This mixtape Is dope . Don’t want to see any hate. Defo best mixtape this year so far

  • NYdreams

    damnn icant find a good link anywhere… all these 1 hour dls wtf… am i cant even get to datpiff without waiting like an hour for each link i click on..

  • Taylor Chuck


    add the www in front of the link.

    And re-tag the songs when u unzip it


    gave it a quick listen…eh, it aint that great..couple coo tracks..

    Action Bronson-Blue Chips tape > Wiz Khalifa-Taylor Allderdice

  • Bake N’ Shit

    @Taylor Chuck

    Thanks for the link man

  • rozko


  • JohnnyBoy

    I aint listen to it yet but judging by the artwork its gon be overhyped and ASS ASS ASS ASS. I aint even Mad tho..

  • 412 BurgHH



  • 75% of these comments are way off topic

  • ELI


  • Rezo

    Wow, this tape is TRASH!

  • Arn

    Wow! This was unbelievable! Top to bottom!


    I remember puttin weed in videos, niggas thought I was insane.
    Now every time, I turn on a video, I see the exact same thing.
    Cause niggas ain’t original, niggas ain’t cool. You niggas aint got it all, you niggas just ain’t you. That shit is a problem for a nigga who can’t lose. Lil homie I got a ball of something you can’t do. So suckers hate.


    Hey Wiz dickeater. You must be like 12. There has been weed in videos going back to the 80’s. Ever heard of Dr. Dre the Chronic. You don’t even know what that album started the weed revolution we live in till this day.

    Just goes to show what an ignorant corny fucking lame he and his fans are. Posting weak ass bars that are lies.

    No one is less original than this idiot. He’s a walking follower. He even followed behind Kanye and got turned out by the same weak ass striper.

  • Igotcha

    This shit is dope minus a few tracks. I’m gonna edit amber out the song shes in.


    ^^^^ Foreal? thats sad man…

  • Jumpman23

    WTF is up with Juicy J all over the tape? Top 5 worst rappers in the game!

  • marty mcfly

    just blew a hard nut to this regardless of the quality…

  • freddy

    Damn He Said $pitta Was Gonna Be On Here A Few Weeks Ago.Guess He Was A Last Second Scratch

  • syd


  • DK

    “….Plus….” has a bar like that on every song. I think he honestly forgot how to rap.

  • syd


  • Johnny Blaze

    T.A.P is that shit

  • PRalines



  • ELI

    this tape is in iss own lane i love childish gambino and kendrick lamar theyre great but this one is juss crazy

  • rawB

    love that they used another Chrono Trigger sample for Never Been Pt. 2, literally just download and beat that game on my iphone. brings back memories haha

  • OG Nate

    Fuck a hater if u bring hate to this post GTFO……yall talking so big on Kush X OJ that aint the real wiz thats half ass mainstream nigga done dropped 2 albums by then…..Wiz Khalifas heart and soul was in StarPower/Flight School/B.A.R hands down the best wiz era kush and OJ followed Deal or No Deal after he got a lil bit of money in his corner…….far as all this hating goes fuck you and go worship the devil like all ur favorite mainstream rappers do and hate on ur life nd leave us Taylors high as fuck up in the clouds like we supposed to be…..No hate to any rapper in the game though they all out there grinding they got enuf hate in their life

  • This nigga wife hoes tho?

    Ehh, You niggas was bitchin about how he switched up on his album and now he rappin about weed and all that other bullshit again on this and u still say it sucks. What do u niggas want from dude? Lol

    Neva been a huge fan of him but this shit is jus ehh at best.

  • Curren$y

    im not listening to shit else from this simp after that rolling papers bullshit.real niggas listen to spitta.

  • yung

    nothing special. when’s the next big release?

  • Anybody know what sample that is on Amber Ice?

  • King G.

    I can’t believe this fool ass nigga. He need to get of those drugs. He sleep walking. This drowsy ass mixtape is horrible.

  • dan

    Nobody give a fuck about b.a.r,flight school or star power niggas want the kush & oj shit back because that shit was his best shit from top to bottom.nigga could just roll up like 7 j’s & press play and not have to worry about skipping a song on that hoe.

  • Ermac

    Beats are dope as fuck! But Wiz is straight trash I mean come on dude used to talk about weed and bitches now all he talks about is weed and how much money he got….fuck dis lame bitch

  • On WIZ (Keep Curren$y out of this one):

    as far as Wiz goes his best moments to me were “Ink My Whole Body” “B.A.R.” “Top Floor” “Hopes & Dreams” “Shame” “In the Cut” Wiz did go commercial and it totally threw off his sound but lets think about this shit… its Wiz man… dude dont really rap about controversial shit dawg… so for him to put out a tape like Prince I & II or anything before B.A.R. wouldn’t be hard I realized that Wiz is controlled by his qoute/unqoute SOUND… under the right production Wiz can spit a lazy ass bar and just work with some wordplay because thats what we’ve known him for so I’m a give this a listen wit my nigga and we gone check this shit out.

    On DRAKE (Since the C-Section can’t stay on topic):

    Take Care lacked substance… Drake does know how to rap about money friends and women “Well” examples “The Resistance” “The Calm” “November 18th” “You Know” You Know” “Club Paradise” but at this point I don’t think he feels his own music anymore so he doesn’t know what to do so whatever keeps him in the loop that’s what he does.


  • Mellow_bros

    Just curious, Did Wiz diss Curren$y’s Jets crew on Never Been pt. 2, around the 1:32 mark?

    “Nigga’s talk don’t even be on them Jets, Man they don’t be see’in them checks.”

    Wondering if anyone else thought that.

  • Chess

    ^I don’t think anybody pays attention to wiz’s redundant rhymes most peeps just enjoy the laid back vibes

  • strap

    why in the fuck would he diss Spitta?

  • chad

    spitta know this dude a simp wiz hear the shots spitta throw at him from time to time so of course of would try to throw one back spitta a real nigga tho wiz is a pop singer & he got the lamest fans in the history of music if you started smoking because of wiz i hope you and your family get murdered asap.niggas been smokin since 7th grade fuckin lames.

  • Sentry

    Wiz wouldn’t dare diss the Spitta…he owe his whole career to that man…the nigga completely stole his swag

  • scott

    wiz told a fan on twitter currensy was going to be on here and that was less than 2 weeks ago wtf

  • DeuceTrey

    Man i heard that bullshit ass line as well an thought he was talking shit about $pitta, but i doubt it, he dont want it with the jets and DZA’s on the project talking bout JLR X TGOD he also tweeted that shit..

  • GeeZuP

    @chad major co-sign


    J.O.B. > Amber Ice……….

  • sizzurp

    stop hating shits dope

  • wiz went retarded, shits hot.

  • AC

    My nigga Wiz still got it

  • Blah

    this nigga needs new topics to rap…lame pussy whipped nigga

  • Kim

    In this mixtape you can see he is a lil pussy whipped but its still a good mixtape

  • marty mcfly

    @King G. @Curren$y @Mellow_bros @Sentry @DeuceTrey and @Blah

    You guys need to realize that this is art, honestly = this could put up a good fight against section 80. I promise you if you can’t get hard and blow a nut off of this, then you’re done for life son….

  • marty mcfly

    And btw ,orange juice and kush sucked gorilla’s ass. All the beats sucked and even the content lacked substance. You guys have to really live hip hop in order to understand this game. I can’t express enough how this album is the new frontier of not only hip hop but music. Like I said previously about Drake, its about being fresh and creative, I know some of you guys might call me gay but I can’t lie when my body goes numb for another men.

  • Redbook Poet

    this tape isn’t that bad, I guess I’ll get used to it after a few more listens

    @marty mcfly i agree with 100% of what yur saying – this is a classic as we know it

  • marty mcfly

    The Homo trolling is ridiculous today but anybody pretending to be a faggot all day just for the attention of a c section is a lame. Smh since your a stan of mine, keep us entertained faggot lol.

  • Juan

    I find all these comments a bit shallow and pandantic.

  • Flight School sound was Wiz’ best sound. Boarding Pass is the best song by Wiz. Him and Johnny Juliano made a great team and he needs to get back to that a bit. I still roll with Wiz and the Taylor Gang though, especially with the acquisition of Juicy J.

  • damn homie in flight school you was the man homie

    Wiz career is over. Already sounds redundant(maryx3 explains it all) plus engaged can’t talk fuckin bitches anymore #itsbeenrealbruh

  • damn homie in flight school you was the man homie

    Amber Rose messed up Wiz’s career smh

  • chomp

    tape is dope, each song is repetitive as shit though. sgp beats be ill as fuk

  • EeeZee

    Going awayyyyyyyyy, ayyyyy, ayyyyyyy

  • tay

    this fool hustling backwards,nothing he does will ever be better than kush n oj just quit now while you’re @ it.

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    havent listened yet because im weedless right now. But from the comments im intrigued. Ill give it a listen tonight. btw i still bump K&oj , some B.A.R, and a few select tracks from other projects. I expect wiz to be wiz. Also how can you tell dude is pussy whipped is it permeating throughtout the tracks?? idk whatever

  • Devon

    I was feelin this mixtape until Juicy J fucked it up all 4 tracks that nigga was on was trash

  • you know you know

    this was decent no kush and oj by far but pretty dang good

  • wizwashere

    @tay agreed man, kush and oj was the best it should have been for retail! It should have been his album!

  • i’mwithyourGFeatingchips

    is he talking about Kanye at the end of “Nameless”?

  • swageezy

    Of course Drake was brought up in this post. And Kush & OJ isnt that good. Everyone acts like its a classic – it’s nowhere near. Just dope beats. Star Power, Flight School, Grow Season, even B.A.R. were better overall mixtapes. More variety and his lyrics were better. He talked about more than just weed and money. Anyways, this shit is nice. So far I actually like it better than Kush and OJ but I’ve only listened to it a couple times through so we’ll see. The interview segments on the end of each song are dope. Better than I expected…

  • The first song Wiz rips off Jet$ ova Bi*ches on Amber Ice..I’m guessing he’s getting back at Smoke DZA & Trademark for them using the “Timeless” beat. Spitta and Wiz have used the same beat more than once so I am not too concerned with a potential beef or anything. This mixtape is not touching Kush n OJ but still far better than Rollin Papers.

  • marty mcfly

    Hahaha like I said, the c section is full of homos – you guys are criticizing this tape like its bad, pure entertainment. I’m going to keep trolling on here like I’ve been doing for the past couple years since you guys don’t understand true hip hop.

    Classic albums:
    Reasonable Doubt by Jay Z,
    Kingdom Come by Jay Z,
    Star Power by Wiz Khalifa,
    Comeback Season by Drake (I’m kinda gay so I’mma throw this one in here.)
    Chris Brown’s Rapping mixtape,
    The Black Album by Jay Z

    You guys are joke whoever is making fun of me or disagrees. Let just enjoy good muisc together…

  • marty mcfly

    and Section 80 of course. Almost forgot.

  • shawn p.

    i hate nerdy ass debate team ass niggas, listen to the fuckin tape and move on.

  • O.o

    LMAAAAAO @marty mcfly

    yo you’re on a role today bruh but i see what yur saying – yur spitting that knowledge to these niggas correctly


  • cool

    ^U realize you’re praising a troll posing as “marty mcfly”? Just checking.

  • nonduality_IS_TRUTH

    Haha finally – Just to all the redundant motherfuckers complaining about wiz’s subject content. Give this a proper listen, learn to appreciate the art and absorb the wisdom he voices in between tracks.. nigga is the definition of a visionary.

  • Did It To Em

    The fake marty mcfly and the real marty mcfly can both kiss my ass – stop trolling period, this is weird!!!

  • rampage101

    @ the fake marty mcfly and nonduality_is_truth

    i agree with that one, this is pretty sick – wiz did it again

  • AI

    you pussy ass niggas cant tell motherfuckers whats the best shit to them. 95% of people know that kush n oj was wiz greatest shit & so does my personal opinion its the greatest mixtape evey made & he’ll never top it suck my dick if you disagree.

  • Ray

    he threw amber on a track..get the fuck out!

  • BasedGod

    Welcome to Pistolvania 2 >>>>>>>>>>

  • imma spit off the dome:

    eat dick, eat cum
    never run from the bum
    on a sunday
    you got that bank,
    i wanna bank
    with my fingers
    my mind is deeper then
    your average
    i savage any beat
    in the heat
    or do ya in the sheets
    or the kiss my ass
    and i moan
    till the morning,
    by your side
    i love you…

    God’s Father mixtape is out, support good music

  • si$co

    Lil B MY Nigga!!! i got your shit and just like he said Support good music cuz you kno niggas that make good music got Fonk with allot of niggas!!!!! SWAG!!! 775 RENO

  • dre253johnson

    @martymcfly you are a clown. How dare you put wiz’s starpower in the same category as section.80! WTF that is a fuckin quote. This mixtape is coo, no it does NOT compare to deal or no deal, prince in the city, flight school, B.A.R., and kush and orange juice and it doesn’t for multipe reasons. One, Wiz lost his hunger and fire and two Amber Rose has him on a leash. This nigga put her talkin, fuckin talkin not singin but talkin on a track. You didn’t hear one song on here rappin’ bout females, and that was this niggas fortay! besides chiefin’ and money. I’d give this a 4/5. BUT do NOT ever compare Wiz Khalifa to Kendrick Lamar, are you fucking joking lol. That’s like soulja boy compared to nas. The fuck are you talkin bout lol.

  • dre253johnson

    on another note.. Lil B the fuck is good my nigga!

  • Thanks for the support people, I appreciate the luv – Lil B

  • cb

    Those have to be the most annoying interviews after almost every song. Je Chri.

  • earl

    how could anybody hate on this

  • KING

    shits pussy garbage


    “how could anybody hate on this”

    UGH! its not hate! its an opinion! Im tired of this “hate” shit man. Someone says this tape aint all that and all the Wiz stans quickly pull the SMH, in my OPINION this tape aint close to classic or even that good and I like alot of Wiz Khalifa shit, but i cant ride with this..way to much of the same shit..WEED AND CASH! yea man we ALL KNOW you like to smoke and have money..switch it up chump!

    btw, Im still bumpin that new Bam Bam Bronson! Blue Chips is fire yo!

  • red

    Fuck this shit is as good as Star Power. If you’re not feeling it then you’re not in the zone to listen to this.

    Pro tip:
    Get Baked
    Drink a bit

  • BrOOkLyNZz FiNeST


  • Rolling Stone

    Lil B!!!!!! whats good my nigga, i appreciate what you doing for hip hop and music in general cuz. You pushing the boundaries and putting out progressive shit – i wanna tell you from the bottom of my heart that you’ll always be a legend in this game bruh, real talk

  • Nigga you already know what time it is, I appreciate the luv for real – thanks for supporting my music and be a loyal fan…I’m trying to pull some strings to get it featured on 2dopeboyz again…but I support the love regardless – follow me on twitter – Lil B

  • yes man

    @ lil b. doin some self advertisment on the c section…. your are so fuckin pathetic. this is crazy, ur a lame ass nigga fo real


    “Pro tip:
    Get Baked
    Drink a bit

    really? I guess thats all it takes to get into Wiz huh? Just get fuckin blown and the music sounds! thank you! thank you for schooling me on how to listen to Wiz! I woulda never known
    smoking and drinking to his shit would make it sound better!….

    MAN STFU! I smokea shit ton of weed erday! I blazed a couple doobies filled with Three Kings (Headband-Sour D-OG Kush) listened to this shit and only kepta couple tracks, rest got erased! YES YALL, NOT ALL HIP HOP STONERS DICKRIDE WIZ!!

  • Ap

    I can’t even front. This ish is WACK. Cabin Fever is the last good product he has dropped. He came a little harder on this mixtape than the album but its still lame overall. SMH guess he will have to earn his spot back as one of the cooles hippys out.

  • Ap

    And we know all rappers rap about the same thing. But I dong care who you are if you listen to 17 tracks about smoking, smashing the same bald head chick and being rich its gonna stand out WAY more. Just sad cause Wiz is still my dawg he just got that top hat syndrome instead of that snap back.

  • T.Dot

    @Ap if amber rose wanted to fuck u u would be on that shit plz stop the hate nigga this is a good tape and this man is doing his thing richer then err body in the c section so stop with the whacknis nigga smoke blunts errr day

  • car

    ^Dude I would NEVER fuck Amber Rose. Put it this way- fuck her in the ass doggystyle, and its the exact same thing as fucking a dude.

  • T.Dot

    @car ur gay im sorry to tell u this man just give up on girls in general boi might as well be fucking a dude if u wont fuck amber rose

  • OF or die

    wwho would fuck amber rose i kno i would

  • King G.

    Cabin Fever was all around good music. This is some strictly stoner shit. I can chill to this and chop it up while it plays in the background, but that’s all. The songs Phone Numbers, Taylor Gang, and Gangbang had a general appeal to them that anyone can appreciate. I’m glad that Wiz is doing good but if this is the direction he’s going in I will just stick to Spitta. Jets fool!

  • marty mcfly

    Are you guys serious? The music is phenomenal after the 10th listen. Am I the only person realizing that this guy has the potential to be the greatest music icon of all time? Once again, understand the brilliance of the art work down to the last credit and pants size – its pure genius. Wiz has the potential to be Drake and Jay in a couple years…this is something important we have to realize – This guy’s skin color alone is a work of art. For those who understand, you too can see the potential this guy has to be a great icon.

  • Mr. Andre

    Link please.

  • ThizzedOutMyNikes

    SGP got the hardest beat on here, Sledgren cool, and Cardo is a duck.

  • swageezy

    alright mufuckas. For everyone saying Kush & OJ is a classic, I’m gonna go song for song from Taylor Allderdice and…Kush & OJ.

    1. Waken Baken vs. Amber Ice
    -Amber Ice, no contest. Waken Baken, dope beat, Wiz singing…
    2. Mesmorized vs. California
    -Both dope songs, kind of a throw up. Personally I like California better, although I’m sure a some of you would rather listen to Mesmorized. I felt like California showed his growth better and I love the vibe of the song.
    3. We’re Done vs. Mia Wallace
    – Obvious. Mia Wallace
    4. The Statement vs. Guilty Conscience
    -Pretty big fan of the latter but The Statement is one of the highlights of Kush & OJ. Altogether a better song.
    5. Spotlight vs. Mary 3x
    -Killa Kyleon outshines Wiz on this song and I don’t care for the beat. Mary 3x
    6. The Kid Frankie vs. ONIFC
    -Kid Frankie, pretty obvious.
    7. Up vs. Nameless
    -Up’s not even a real “rap” song. Not a fan of Chevy but he does his thing on Nameless and the beat is old school dopeness
    8. Never Been v. Never Been Pt. 2
    -Kinda funny match up. Both songs have nice beats but Wiz sings too much on the original and Rozay does his thing on Pt. 2
    9. Never Been v. Cruise
    – Never Been hands down. Cruise isnt a “bad” song but too much singing once again. Some Rolling Papers type shit. Could have fit well on that album.
    10. Visions vs. Rowland
    – Can’t complain when DZA’s featured on a track but Visions is another highlight from K&O. Nice production, above average lyrics.
    11. Still Blazin vs. My Favorite Song
    – Two totally different vibes but im a fan of MFS. Plus Wiz doesn’t really say shit on the Bob Marley-esque beat.
    12. Pedal to the Medal vs. TAP
    – P2TM is definitely another Rolling Papers joint. Plus, spaceghostpurp always does his thing with the production. TAP has more of a Cabin Fever vibe to it, but more enjoyable then the R&B Johnny assisted song P2TM
    13. Good Dank v. The Grinder
    – Skipped The Code seeing as Allderdice has more songs and Wiz is only on the chorus. If you didn’t notice, Wiz spit one of his verses from The Grinder on the recent Funk Flex show w Chevy. Usually, Jake One doesn’t disappoint but there’s not too much to it production wise. Sounds like a beat Freeway neglected – not a bad choice. Plus, who are we kidding, Good Dank might just be the best beat on the mixtape.
    14. Glass House v. Brainstorm
    – I’m a fan of Brainstorm but when you have a beat like the one on Glass House AND THEN add KRIT & Currency – it’s a wrap. Wiz still does his thing too even though he’s outshined by the others. “Thinkin cus you get wireless you get high as us.”
    15. Supply v. Number 16
    – Number 16 is definitely a dope song. Supply, however, was my personal favorite from Kush & OJ. CRAZY beat and Nesby and Wiz kill it with their flows.

    IN CONCLUSION, when you compare these mixtapes song 4 song…it’s a pretty damn close quality match up. I had chose 8 songs from Taylor Allderdice and 7 from Kush & OJ. It could have gone either way but I don’t see this ever being lopsided if you’re a true fan of hip-hop and recognize quality music. Not saying either of these mixtapes are classic by ANY MEANS (4eva N a Day is lightyears ahead of any of Wiz’s mixtapes). I did this because I saw everyone commenting on how much better Kush & OJ was. Just because Wiz sold out on Rolling Papers doesnt mean dude cant make a quality mixtape. If you read this whole thing and felt like you just wasted 10 minutes of your day thennnn FUCK YA.

  • wow

    funny how people called me a troll for arguing that wiz should’ve been a top 5 hottest mc, then taylor allderdice shuts down the internet and shuts up all the haters…anyone whose been paying attention to wiz(interviews, DayToday) saw this coming. wake me when a 2chainz mixtape shuts down datpiff for 5 hours and still gets 500k downloads in 24 hours.

  • that truth

    this mixtape is hot fucking ass. we understand youre rich and like to smoke weed

  • settherecord straight

    Everyone hating but in three days, he has more than 700,000 downloads. The MIXTAPE IS HOT. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t as good at Kush & OJ. This is still a quality mixtape. Also, Wiz always raps about weed, why did yall expect something different on this tape? Niggaz just be trying to find a reason to hate lol. Wiz made 11 mill last yr, of course he’s gonna rap about money weed n champagne. At least he talks about shit that he actually does, rather than fakin on some hard shit. I mess with the tape cuz i smoke, get money, get bitches and love drinking. If this is unfamiliar to you than maybe your lame.


  • Allherapsabout is weed

    Niggas offended cuz he’s doin good financially and raps about it? If that aint hating idk what is. Go listen to some lame underground nigga that spit about how they’ll never get on lol. If you want real G shit, download the mixtape. btw, niggas acting like 2 Chainz, Big Sean and any of them niggaz be talking about diverse subjects? Every rapper talk about the same shit (DUH) but Wiz got a different flow/style to the weed shit. Get with it or get left

    Oh yeah and he raps about weed alot cuz all he does is smoke. I know a lot of niggaz in here can relate to that

  • swageezy

    yo if you havent noticed martymcfly just spews nonsense. He’s a piece of shit. Anyone that responds to him is just wasting their time.

  • wow

    marty mcfly’s one of the few people here that has a clue…this mixtape is art. rap isn’t just about the streets anymore people, its an art, and this mixtape is an absolute masterpiece of flow and production. you guys need to understand that every work can’t be judged the same way…you don’t have to like it but saying its trash/whack is just straight up ignorance.

  • ump

    ^masterpiece of flow and production? GTFOH I dont even think he switched his flow once.

  • krow132

    Wiz beeen rapping about weed, bitches , and singing on songs since fucking Prince of The City 2. shit, One of the best songs on the tape was all singing, “WHO I AM” Yall niggas will not stop bitching about these rappers.

    Its funny to me when people say B.A.R. is his best tape or whatever, when the nigga did the same rapping and singing on that mixtape as he does now. For God’s sake the nigga did a Beyonce cover on that album. lol. You niggas are dumb confused. Do yourself a favor and just let go of all this, “This rapper is known to the mass now so I have to find some stupid reason to hate him, even though he raps the same now as he used to when I allegedly liked him” Just stop it, you look like a fucking idiot.

    anyway, I like this tape so far even though i haven’t given it a serious listen yet. O.N.I.F.C is dope as fuck. That Kaskade sample is amazing. Never Been Pt. 2 is dope too.

  • lance geneva

    @Ump – you’re fucking retarded.. wiz has approximately five billion flows.. do you even know what flow is ?

  • wow

    try listening to the mixtape before you comment.

  • 2dopeboyz Troll


    I agree with ump, this mixtape is garbage. This guy pretty much sold us out and went pop on us. No lyrics, no bars, just weed talk and how he is rich now.

    Please school me on this someone, prove me wrong; this is compltly garbage and the beats got you guys hooked. Tell me a clever line he says or even a clever story or bar. Tell me sometime impactful hes saying besides the number of stem weeed hes buying. Ok ill make it easier on you, tell me something he said thats gunna at least leave an impression of some sort.

    wiz is a wack rapper, period.

  • marty mcfly

    This mixtape is NOT phenomenal or artistically brilliant or iconic ( that was obviously homotroll talking ) but if you looking at Wiz khalifa for your daily dose of substance rap its something wrong with you not him.

  • krow132

    ^^^^^^^ Exactly. Its like, you go to pizza hut but your asking for burgers. How the fuck does that make sense. The nigga always rapped about, weed, being rich, and females. why do you expect anything different now? The Tape is solid, definitely a thousand steps up from rolling papers

  • Sir Escobar

    co-sign @Krow132

  • REALniqqa F!ow

    Man for real with these hating ass niggas.
    shits real so fuck off wit all that soft drake shit cuz.
    no disrispect for drake but wiz got off on this shit.
    TGOD TAYLOR get some better catch frases. DAT BIIGIE <3
    ALLDERDICE is Wiz best Mixtape yet. K&O.J. Real af TOO

  • tdot

    cook dick shit face cunt fag bitch shit on ma dick nigger fuck 2ddope

  • TD2

    Are you fuckin serious? This mixtape was some of the best shit i’ve ever heard? like in Life nigga! And Respect to @martymcfly for throwing Kendrick Lamar out there. But seriously Chris Brown nigga? If yall niggas really hink Chris Brown is real music kill yourself! This mixtape is a fuckin Classic! Musical Genius!

  • eZ

    Good Job wiz…This mixtape is DOPE.!