David Banner – Believe f. Big K.R.I.T.

blame it on JES7 March 14, 2012

#2dopePremier time. New leak off David Banner’s upcoming Sex, Drugs and Video Games mixtape. For this release, David Banner enlists fellow Mississippi rhymesayer Big K.R.I.T., complete with a Jodeci sample. The tape is scheduled for a May 22nd release, and although it will be made for free, Banner is asking for support for “The Movement” from the fans, looking for two million downloads, and a donation of at least $1 each (although there is no limit). And what is The Movement you ask? Check the write up below and words from Banner up top. Donate here.

This movement is to start controlling our own music, movies and content…PERIOD! As David Banner states “We are not simply characters in a video game being controlled by the invisible hand. Once this donation goal is met, I’m going to shoot a movie that will drop 5-22-2013 and a portion of the donations are also going to charity. Big shout out to Louie C.K. for the motivation. Download this mixtape for FREE and make sure to support the movement. Hell, even if you don’t like me, at least support the movement, because that’s what this is all really about.”

DOWNLOAD: David Banner – Believe f. Big K.R.I.T. | Clean

  • Derrick Brownson

    Sounds like David Banner is trying to pocket 2 million dollars. SMH

  • theBroKing

    wait why would i support the “movement” even if i dont like him? haha that doesnt make a lick of sense. he didnt even say how much of the donations were going to charity.. he could give 1 $ theoretically and be truthful to his word. fuck this, id rather give money to red cross

  • Fiend

    Are those names on the cover all the artists that are gonna be featured on the mixtape?

  • PRalines

    stop being a bitch.


  • Jeff

    being from MS, especially from the Jack i gotta support my boy Banner and the homie Big K.R.I.T. keep doing yall thing man.

  • Jazo

    You can hate all you want but a bootlegg cost at least 2 bucks. He asking far $1 I mcd’s sandwhich I’m on board wit it #uhfoomuzikgroup

  • Whittney A

    It has that UGK feel to it. I looooooooooooove it. I made my donation a week ago and I can’t wait for the Mixtape to drop;)


    Red cross is a rip off why does it has a CEO vice president that has a yearly
    salary of almost 1million combine, Why David gotta pocket a million guess u missed
    What he was saying. Al ppl heard was money. Do research on da music bus
    & see who stealing & getting profiets Iam game 4 1$

  • David Banner I respect everything you doing bra. This new generation needs this movement in order to bring back some culture. You have all my support.

  • Fiend

    Oh I forgot, what song is that jodeci sample off of?

  • puffysnuffy

    Why are u complaining? Most of you spend more on blunt wraps and parking. 1$ for a cause that may benefit the music u love? Im down :)

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    Rubbaband man is still one of my favorite beats ever. this good too


  • AlstonRaquel

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  • Maga D

    This the same sample from Bun B’s “You’re everything” that Banner was featured on, but it sounds real different, good look BAnner mayne.

  • Hot! Big K.R.I.T. is dope

  • Dan V

    I’m not really a huge David Banner fan but I support this idea 100%. Corporations have been pimping artists in the music industry for decades. We’re well into the age of the internet and it’s crazy that they haven’t already made a concerted effort to take control of their intellectual property into their own hands where it rightfully belongs. It’s about time!

  • Dawg

    mississippi 4real. niggaz

  • Abu Saud

    How can someone talk about the music industry when he releases songs like Yao Ming? Really Banner? Talk shit about the industry and then make a clear attempt at radio play? Fuck kind of Mitt Romney flip flopping is that? Like his music, but this kind of back and forth is annoying.

  • This the same sample as “You’re Everything” by Bun B.

  • cg

    ^^^^^wrong this song samples “love you for life and “You’re Everything” samples “cry for you”

  • tompetty

    who made the beat?

  • leefx

    That’s dope how he mentioned Louis C.K. as an inspiration.

    Louis C.K. proved he didn’t need a studio, HBO, etc. to put out a comedy special on his own. And he made bank!

  • jerry hinze

    I wouldn’t give you one cent. Why don’t you grow up and stop asking four money.

  • TE

    I would of donated a dollar until he said Chris brown and little Wayne where on the project.

  • breakingdawnpt1

    I support what he’s saying but there’s not one doubt in my mind that his film is gonna suck, he dosen’t even tell us what the project is about so why should we fund it if we don’t even know if we feel passionately about the subject? because it’s only a dollar? get the fuck out of here… Theres struggling film makers out there with a vision who can’t get there films made, why the fuck should this clown who probably knows nothing about film get to make one

  • unclesam

    I support this, this is a great idea. This will push labels to give artists more creative freedom and more control of their music. The labels will be dependent on the artists, rather than the artists being dependent on the labels. If every artist dropped their album for 1-2 dollars, they´d see their sales go up tenfold. And with no label taking 90% of the cut, they still make more money doing it this way.