2 Chainz Brings Out Big Sean & Kanye West at SXSW (Video)

blame it on Shake March 15, 2012

Shot by Shake.

Alright y’all, when I say tonight’s SOBs 30 Anniversary showcase at SXSW was nuts. I mean.. tonight. was. nuts. MGK earned a new fan in me with his wild ass performance, Miguel had the dopegirlz going crazy, Slaughterhouse did what they do best and other stuff. But the highlight of the evening easily goes to 2 Chainz, as he brought out both Big Sean and Kanye West for an impromptu performance. Check up top as I grabbed some footage of the introduction, and hit the jump for some performance footage.

Shouts to Mikey on the footage. Oh, and then there’s this:

  • Thinker

    daaaang! yo travel is such a fucking BITCH! wish i could be there

  • VaughnBrandie

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  • Vision

    i was there…shit was epic lol

  • whats the name of that 2 chainz song with the art of noise sample?

  • Lynx

    5 dicks is so wack can’t understand the hype around him are all is fans teenagers

  • damn

    haha everyone standing still with a camera or smartphone. no one goes to concerts to feel the music anymore

  • Wonton Soup

    @Damn haha yeah i noticed that when i watched that Schoolboy Q video and that nerd was up front filming with his phone the whole time. Its cool you fought to the front just to film but I’d be like yo put the phone down and get buck, youre in the front row asshole

  • @Vision, do you have a pass or did you just go to the show?

  • ji_gantus

    anyone know the name of the song in the background of the first video?

  • wu

    People need to put their damn phones away! Fucking idiots

  • dope footage from Miss Info #PROPS

  • kohh

    does anyone know the name of the first song that kanye west aws performing?

  • These damn camera phones will be the death of concerts!!!!! How do you have so much energy going and your just standing there filming it when it’s going to come out in lackluster quality.

    If your there because your filming sure that’s cool, but if your not press or a blogger I don’t see the reason you need to stand there with your phone out while the show goes by…

  • sdj9

    @fuckphatboy Tity Boi- Up in Smoke

  • OhYup

    I swear when Ye first walked out then started smiling his facial expression looked like “Wtf am I doing here?!?”

  • ha

    …amongst the crowd ae shake…

  • Vision

    @TheBedStuyDandy my homies got me in without a pass