MMG – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Illy March 15, 2012

Here’s video footage of MMG’s in-studio freestyle during The Funkmaster Flex show a few days back on Hot 97. Meek Mill and Stalley take turns over Red Cafe’s “Let It Go” and Redman’s “Tonight’s The Night.”

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  • djtito

    ETo say that it was an ok rap ( no way it can be called a freestyle) would be an exaggeration. People lets get it to gether here. Worst rhyming since Future and the list continues to grow. Any co signs to these clowns , by the way while Flex grunts and grows as if Ross is sliding stacks of payola up his ass woud be an insult to any decent rappr trying to make a living of this here job ………..

  • djtito

    …yes job cuz the reason why hip hop is in the state that it is because to make poeple treat it like a “game”

  • dre253johnson

    meek was freestylin, look at his face he was thinkin the whole time. Im rollin that this nigga Wale took a pic at the end. If you hatin’ then you’s a bitch. Admire this shit if you cant do it cus we all know damn well you cant.

  • FakirWise

    damn man, i could have sworn i typed and not

    Diversity is slowing becoming a thing of the past this week.

  • Fizzy

    No Wale? Son didn’t even attempt to breath anywhere near the mic.

  • Thinker

    no diversity? you obviously only come here for the mainstream artists homie because 2dope STAY postin the new shit. just look at the favorites bar>>>>
    not everybody gunna be makin noise like MMG is doin it ryt now so its definitely the season to hate on seeing these niggas so much.

    and im pretty sure if you compare this freestyle with the MAJORITY of funk flex freestyles within the past 5 years that it would definitely be up there with the better ones. Meek just made me a believer with this one. Stalley got a weird style too but i can dig it. idk wtf djtito be comparing too. cant be anybody from this generation of rappers because i seen how they get down. minus Meek’s cross-eyed flow, not a lot of ppl gunna match up

  • Thinker

    the end. lol

  • VaughnBrandie

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  • djtito151

    Thinker..your really telling me that even if the rhymes were off the top of the head that they were really any good . Lets say they were off the head ,is he really getting any over a 6 out of 10 for skills ,

  • Bong

    @djtito i would love to hear you spit a freestyle on a radio station with rick ross sittin right next to you, you fuckin faggot why are you even hatin, the kid did his thing

  • FakirWise

    Assumptions get you nowhere fast. Compared to what i normally see (and come here for) on this site…this week backs up what i said. It’s MMG week no matter how you try to look at it.

  • That_Guy

    A freestyle can be something written that can FREELY be STYLED on any beat…fucking knobs

  • jwiii

    Stalley has a pre-written but I love that verse. Meek Mill about to blow. Kid is on fire. Just got to get that right song

  • Thinker

    “Assumptions get you nowhere fast” speak for yourself homie. I’m looking at the same website you are. Can’t tell me what I see on these pages.

    @djtito ur ass either needs to throw up a viral of you spittin a flow or stfu. Dude was keepin it a hundred through his whole delivery. Most of these cats be looking timid as fuck on the mic. Foh

  • FakirWise

    Why would I do that? Nowhere in any of my comments do you see me speaking on anybody’s skill or that I can do better. I stated only that we’re getting a lot of MMG posts over the past few days. Quit being sensitive, Mrs.

  • Money

    Ross ad libs = Priceless


    lmao looked like Wale wanted to come in at some point but Meek Mill was just feeling it