?uestlove On Jay Electronica’s Debut Album

blame it on Illy March 16, 2012

During The Champs’ latest podcast interview with ?uestlove, the Roots’ dummer gave details about Jay Electronica’s mythical debut album in which he stated that Jay-Z “listens to it constantly.” But will we ever get to listen to it?

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  • D

    Was this really worth a post? Album is never coming out.

  • Soft & Wet

    The album is coming up niggas, And it’s pretty nice. Def Jam execs have it atm. If anyone is up for a bet…shoot me an email

  • Soft & Wet

    lol I said Def Jam execs..Roc Nation*

    ANd does anybody know if they’re going to do a live stream of Steve Stoute’s interview on SXSW?

  • DBS

    So Jay will waste more time producing a few singles and the resulting album will be a lot worse for it, and we’ll have to wait even longer for it, great…

  • cam

    had ta click “nope'” … Him sayin “Jay-Z wants a single'” is just like sayin the album won’t be out for a while… It’s just gone be like Cole World… So much potential, but the end result will be subpar… R.I.P. Jay Elect’s career before the shit even started!!!


    bunch of negative nancies in this bitch. let this dude make his music and judge it after you listen, not before.


    Is Jay-Z expecting Jay Electronica to make a Work Out/In the Morning? Fuck that haha. Exhibit C blew up without being some corny shit.

  • M

    “the Roots’ dummer.”

    good one.

  • Boom-Bap

    “bunch of negative nancies in this bitch. let this dude make his music and judge it after you listen, not before.”

    That’s the point, he doesn’t make music! Just commercials, drunk tweets and interviews about the state of hip-hop. Compare that to rappers like Action Bronson and Juicy J who are constantly grinding and releasing project. Shit, fucking Riff Raff can put out music and this guy can’t even do a mixtape? Dude

  • ya know

    lol at jayz’s bein inspired, hope he doesnt mess wit him and the album. electra gotta rhyme then whole world disappears!

  • melo15

    LOL this kid just compared jay elect to juicy J… gtfo

  • blair

    Yo. @boom-bap it’s a marketing technique and it clearly works. there is so much build up for this album. and it appears that it actually is in the powers that be’s hands. i believe it’s coming. they music has life. it’s not just twitter conversations and empty blog posts. just my take. peace.

  • electrotherapy

    the faggots complaining are the same ones thats gonna dickride jay when act 2 drops.
    on another note, where the fuck is Dear Moleskine? Been a couple years since that snippet came out but it’s worth the wait.

  • LexiCon

    who? I already forgot about this dude.

  • marty mcfly

    @SPRxVLN, look at it like this, do you go see movies that you’ve never seen the preview for? No, and thats what the purpose of a single is, its a piece of the picture to influence people to look at the whole movie. Hollywood does it all the time but they just call them previews instead of singles.

  • marty mcfly

    Singles are just a lil taste of whats to come. Dang, go gargle some cum and stop expecting Jay to treat everyone the same.

  • blair

    @martymcfly, so pick a song from the album that is going to get people buzzing. don’t create a piece of the puzzle that doesn’t belong.

  • marty mcfly

    @blair, maybe that will be the plan but we just gonna have to see what happens. I see the homotroll is back to his usual bullshit so instead of giving anymore real subject matter on it, I see we gon just have to let this faggot get finished doing his dumbshit. Smh

  • MyFiddyCents

    Can’t they just re-release Exhibit A/C as an official release.

    Get a little campaign going saying we need to reach 500k downloads for an album release.

    Something similar to what Mac Miller did.

  • JXSH

    pick a song from the album that is going to get people buzzing. don’t create a piece of the puzzle that doesn’t belong.
    blair said this on March 16th, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    I agree 1oo%

  • marty mcfly

    You gotta remember to that he tried testing the waters with Call Of Duty a few months back and people had a problem with the beat saying it was too hard or cause it had prodigy it wasnt dope or whatever so both Jays are looking at that response and probably thinking of how to approach it again. Alot of hip hop heads say they want just 100% raw material for an album but sometimes when that happens its not appreciated as much as say singles like J Coles were. Later

  • chris

    better headline is jay-z interrupting the release…smh.

  • muk

    B U L L S H I T ! ! !

  • peteROC

    these interviewers are terrrribbbbllle. good new though

  • peteROC

    these interviewers are terrrribbbbllle. good news though

  • clyatonbigsby

    This album will be released 5 years after Detox.

  • maroon 7

    i like how they skipped the part of the interview where jay big-ups danny swain smh

  • loop

    fuck jayz

  • Scorsese

    The point, tho, is that a trailer PREVIEWS the movie. What we have here is a completed movie without enough action scenes, so the studio is telling the director to go back and shoot some bullshit that we’ll tack on at the end just to make sure there’s at least one flaming car in the previews. And even worse, this particular studio head has apparently come out already and said that artisticly he loves this movie as it stands, but he’s willing to fuck it up anyway for the theoretical hell of it.

    THAT’s what sucks. Not the lack of singles.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Of course Im gonna have to disagree cause if you take the singles off some classic albums it actually takes away from the overall project. I get your point but I think your assuming the single will suck instead of it being dope. A artist like Jay Elec deserves to be heard by the masses not just forgotten about and only heard by hardcore fans. I doubt well get a “Work Out” type of song from Jay Elec but no single at all just aint a good look imo

  • Scorsese

    I’m not assuming the single will suck. The only assumption that I’m making is that Act II is set up as a cohesive project, similar to Act I. Beginning, middle, end, storyline, progression and flow. You can’t just ram a single into the middle of that.

    Aside from that, I have a hundred concerns about Jay E trying to make a single (for example, I’ve never seen anything that indicates to me that he might actually be able to compose a radio hit), but that’s beside the point. Because in this situation it’s already cut and dry; the album is done, and if the single doesn’t fit, don’t force it.

    Alternatively, I think his best bet is a 2-pronged approach.

    First, I can’t see any scenario in which high-schoolers unanimously reject Lil Wayne and Big Sean and start rocking with Jay Electronica. So market him to the forgotten generation of music lovers. Sell him like John Legend, not Trey Songz, and give him a career instead of an album. The art-house, jazzy, wine and cheese hipster crowd (put it this way- anybody that listens to Radiohead) is perfectly tailored for Jay Electronica.

    And second, to get him that all important buzz, Jigga could reach into that rolodex and in a matter of minutes he could set Jay E up with 5 studio sessions for features on other people’s shit. Jay needs to not be a lazy nomad and actually show up, kill the features, and help himself out. Off the top of my head, Erykah Badu obviously makes sense, Janelle Monae fits the style and has a big overseas following, Nas has an album coming out, GOOD has the compilation album, J. Cole and Jay E still haven’t worked together, and honestly? An artist like Jay Electronica can get away with one WHAT THE FUCK?! collaboration with someone like a Lady Gaga or Madonna.

    Bottom line is, I’m not one of those simple hipsters that thinks we need to hide all the good artists and fuck them if they get popular. But I think Jay Electronica’s existing fans encompass too much of his potential, and risking turning them off so that you can stamp his name across Mtv a few times does not seem worth it to me. I don’t think he’ll get as much back as he will lose in that scenario.

    aaaaaand I just wrote a book.

  • gr00ve


    well said Scorsese

  • zig

    Hov has an awful track record as an executive. I remember Redman and the Roots getting ZERO push from Hov while he was running Def Jam and sinking millions into his own campaign for Kingdom Come (getting Nascar involved on “Show Me What You Got” and getting featured on a Budweiser commercial with the song).

    I really hope that he just releases the album as is and lets Jay Elec be Jay Elec. Set the dude up on a tour with a bigger name and get him a couple features, as Scorsese said above. If the album is good and cohesive, let it be.

    Alas, Hov finna fuck this up. Jay Elec should have gone with Puff and had the desperate Diddy hype machine behind his every move.

  • marty mcfly

    @Scorsese, like I said earlier I know exactly what you mean because I also want to hear a cohesive project but lets be honest, you and I both know that albums without any good singles do not do well in the market. They take a year plus just to come close to gold numbers and thats even with mainstream support. I dont even think the Cool album from Lupe is passed gold yet and that had a platinum single and was talked about on 106npark for a while because Superstar was number 1 everyday for a week. We havent heard the album but I think we can agree that Jayz has a good ear for commercial hip hop that is still at its core true to the art. You say Jay Elec cant make music that would work in the commercial world, I disagree cause I believe he’s that good as an MC but he just doesnt really think about the marketing aspect of the game that much. One of Jay Elec first songs to start getting buzz got some play on Radio a fews years back. I believe it was called Hard To Get prod. by Mr Porter and that was a better radio song then some commercial artist have even when they try to go mainstream. My point is Jay Elec has come to far to not reach a high level of artistry in the commercial world and I know he doesnt care about fame at all but I believe the messages in his music deserves to reach people that have never heard those perspectives and I believe that it will help balance the culture. Of course we have not heard the album but I bet Jay Elec went in the lab and made some super underground sounding shit which is ok but I believe Jayz heard the album and was like ok, its cool but I dont want this guy to be unappreciated by the masses when he deserves the same lights that Kanye West gets to stand in.

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