Wale – Albert Pujols f. Rick Ross & Fabolous [NoTags]

blame it on Illy March 16, 2012

You already know. No tags, courtesy of Splash.

DOWNLOAD: Wale – Albert Pujols f. Rick Ross & Fabolous (prod. Southside) [NoTags]

  • been waitin’ for this one…shouts to SPLASH!!

  • clyatonbigsby

    Waiting for what. It’s the same beat as every other song. Soon as I here that beat it will get an automatic nope.

  • toozle

    ^ FAGGOt

  • k dot

    Ok song at best, Same repetitive type beat but i cant lie this shit BUMPS.

  • Uncle Phil

    This song is trash. WHALE.

  • marty mcfly

    Southside is the most innovative producer out there, the way he lays down his chords is similar to the way Leonardo Da Vinci laid down his brush strokes on fine marble. I hope he lands something in The Blueprint 4, I hope Jay is reading this because what I’m about to say next is really important: The Blueprint 4 should represent our generation and what needs to be done in the future. I’ve been thinking about this for a while but bare with me on this. The first blueprint was something powerful, hip hop heads and commercial consumers alike both respect the potent messages left on that album. The fourth addition should be more in dept, like predicting the future, when the world is going to end, that type of level. Jay is the only rapper to understand that type of capacity, he should def consider bring that to the fourth table. Those were my thoughts, took me a while to spell check this. Okay enought of this, back to scat porn…

  • Mischief

    All I hear is “Tats on My Arm” It sounds very similar. Wale my nigga tho.

  • conratron

    wale goes, per usual. and fab, yay no tags!

  • factormax

    this beat would be better without those fucking luger hats.. these producers need to do something new.

  • Lynx

    All their songs sound the same but their fans are to stupid to notice and people say there the best in the game