Diggy – Unexpected Arrival (Album Stream)

blame it on Illy March 17, 2012

Diggy’s debut album Unexpected Arrival arrives Tuesday (March 20) and Atlantic Records is streaming the album in its entirety before you can buy it. The 12-track LP features Jadakiss, Tank, and Jeremih with production from Da Internz, Happy Perez, Pop & Oak, and D’Mile. Listen to the full LP after the jump.

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  • Diego Inglewood

    this nigga sucks and is corny

  • i’mwithyourGFeatingchips

    who give a fuck we out at sxsw not giving a fucbout this dumbass

  • conratron

    so much hate.

  • SteveO

    Stop Hating. When Atlantic Records signs you, then you can hate. Otherwise, STFU.

  • They got my lil niglet doing some Drake-inspired photo shoots? He looks fly though.

  • Thinker

    i swear half the album has Tank singing all over it. Diggy got lyrics but i think its a bit early in his life to be rappin about life in general. i think whoever was directing should’ve catered more to the direction of this whole project. Diggy got a long way to go

  • King_Sky

    lol why are niggas hating on Diggy. He’s actually dope. He can spit and i’m a few tracks in and this shit sounds dope as fuck.

  • k dot

    Diggy has lyrics, but i cant listen to a whole project of him. He is good i mean atleast he’s not talking about stupid shit. He isbeign real on all his tracks and that wat is up.

  • king

    I don’t dislike Diggy at all; I have no reason to. And he certainly has passable talent. But there’s just not a single thing that stands out about him enough to make me listen. Jaded flows + overplayed subjects + mainstream production + no personality = really hard to get interested.

    PS- His dad should have been a feature. Do I even need to say that? I thought it was obvious. Fire some marketing managers.

  • Diego Inglewood

    “Stop Hating. When Atlantic Records signs you, then you can hate. Otherwise, STFU.”

    i hate this fucking backwards ass mentality that a lot of people have. i’m not allowed to state my opinion just cause me and this dude don’t have the same job? if you make cornball ass rap with nothing new to say i’ll gladly call you on that bullshit.

    and you know he got a deal with Atlantic because of his last name right? get the fuck outta here

  • JAyP

    what I don’t understand is why are people so angry? hes corny he sucks rahhhh rahhhh WTF? & no valid reasons why he sucks you just want to find a legitimate reason out of the frustration of his background?

    dude is not anything special yet but this Album is actually Legit! I can actually replay some tracks and bob my head its not on no illmatic shit but its a great debut for a first album. Why cant niggas just give this little dude his props for making a nice album and not no 100% Pop direction?? CAN HE LIVE?!

  • LupeXperienc

    @King: U guys will just find anything to dislike lol If his Dad was a feature, yall wud say he’s using his Dad 2 get props lol

    Let’s not 4get that Yung Diggy is just that; young. He can only improve from here on out, it’s like watching a yung Kobe.

    Yall b hating on what u call soft/pop rap, but it’s needed. Stop hating on artists like Diggy & Drake, YMCMB bCoz they really carry this HipHop genre far. If not for them the Rap industry wud b dead like R&B. There’s enuf space for Kendrick Lamar/Big KRIT & Drake/Diggy.

    Give these yung artists a chance, Luv HipHop. Period!

  • marty mcfly


    Are you serious? This sounds like kiddy porn at its best. Nothing can top Lil Bow Wow’s first album nor Reasonable Doubt for that matter. This is a pure joke, Diggy needs to take the time off and go to the hood – live with real gangsters and drug dealers for 5 years and then come back to the spotlight and make a rap album. If everything goes as plan, he could be the next 50 Cent. This took me a while to understand but it came to me in a dream.

  • Positive Vibe

    @marty wow really bro, “live with some gangsters and drug dealers,” that has to be the most ignorant comment I’ve ever seen smh. Diggy is 16 (or 17 now) learning about life and what not so of course he’s not gonna be on some very lyrical, conscious type of rap

  • This joint is too nice! Hater’s cuz yall see him on TV and off his singles instead of actually listening to the amazing music freely given to you

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  • Isaiah W.

    @marty , “live with some gangsters and drug dealers,” ? Get the fuck out of here. why do people think in order to be a hip hop artist you have to struggle, be a gangbanger or drug dealer. That’s some dumb shit. Why is this album weak to most of the people? because its not on some boom bap reminiscing of the times type stuff, like the culture as grown wayyy past that just let new artist breath and create like Kendrick, K.R.I.T., Drake , etc. and Diggy is putting out music and being true to himself and good music at that

  • king


    I can’t speak for everybody else here, so I can’t vouch for “us guys”. But personally, I played about 10 seconds of the first track, realized I wasn’t even listening, turned the album off and will never EVER give it another chance. If his dad was on a track, even if people bitched about it, that would be one song I would clearly listen to all the way through, and it’s the one song that would have the potential to reach past the blogosphere and get actual play on everything from Funk Flex to MTV.

    And you know why that song would work? Because his DAD is interesting. And Diggy’s not.

  • #3

    u must not have listened. If “Unforgiveable Blackness” was made by Nas you guys would lick all over the nuts

  • Lars

    HIP POP..