• Fred

    nerdy guy with a suit? it was a basketball player. that's awkward that you dont even know the story.

  • peteROC

    my fav big song as well. it's like he was telling a badass story without even trying to rhyme

  • MrWill

    Yup, this is my fav BIG track too, but I was thinking the same thing as comment #1. He was a "player off the New York Knicks," not a nerdy guy in a suit. C'mon Cease-a-leo...BIG decribed damn-near everything in that story.

  • -.-

    A guy in a suit isn't really far off considering he is a basketball player and they do wear suits.

  • colmark12

    Take a look at basketball players who aren't playing, and a lot of guys postgame...what are they wearing? Suits and ridiculous hipster glasses.