Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Tracklist)

blame it on Illy March 17, 2012

Nicki Minaj unveils the tracklisting to her upcoming sophomore LP Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and it features special guest appearances from Drake, Nas, Young Jeezy, Cam’Ron, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Beenie Man, and more.

1. Roman Holiday
2. Come on a Cone
3. I Am Your Leader f. Cam’ron & Rick Ross
4. Beez in the Trap f. 2 Chainz
5. HOV Lane
6. Roman Reloaded f. Lil Wayne
7. Champion f. Nas, Drake, & Young Jeezy
8. Right By My Side f. Chris Brown
9. Sex in the Lounge f. Lil Wayne & Bobby V
10. Starships
11. Pound the Alarm
12. Whip It
13. Automatic
14. Beautiful Sinner
15. Marilyn Monroe
16. Young Forever
17. Fire Burns
18. Gun Shot f. Beenie Man
19. Stupid Hoe
20. Turn Me On (Bonus)
21. Va Va Voom (Bonus)
22. Masquerade (Bonus)

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  • kd

    track 7 looks like a problem. fuck the rest.


    Thumbs up only for a Killa Cam feature

  • Nell

    word, Killa, Nicki and Ross on a track is gonna be amazing

  • who cares

    Nas needs to get his head out of his ass. Works with Officer Ricky, Tyga, and now this bitch?!? Smh. I swear he better not have any of these bitch ass people on his new album.

  • rozko

    Wow I’m kinda excited for this shit now..

  • 50

    Wow, one of the people who ruined the rap world. won’t download

  • Fiend

    Only looking forward to tracks 3,4 and 7 until and unless I see some production credits.

  • lance geneva

    Yes nicki !! Always wanted her to do a track with camron cuz theyre both silly as fuck..

  • NYdreams

    track 7 looks promising …. but real talk who woulda thought nicki go back to her NY roots and add my nigga cam to that shit ?? this shit seem interesting …

  • the features ALONE is what is gonna CARRY this album… the singles she put out were garbage… she better be on these raps… to me I STILL THINK “BEAM ME UP SCOTTY” was her best music…

  • zzzzzzzzzzz

    the album ends with stupid ho?

    sounds like a classic in the making

  • chad

    Audio Spam

  • Kim

    Yall niggas some faggs 4real ! At first yall didnt fuck wit nicki but now yall see the features yall wanna give it a listen smh and i cant believe Nas working wit this talentless bitch

  • Lynx

    People actually still listen to this woman REALLY HOW OLD ARE SOME OF YOU
    And shame on Nas
    I know his broke but his just doing anything for a bit of money now and thats sad he used to be my favorite mc

  • Nasty Nas

    What the FUCK Nas? We still waiting on you to collab with Lupe, Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs, ect. and you’re wasting your time with this shit? Smh :(

  • dörk

    7. Champion f. Nas, Drake, & Young Jeezy whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    Track 3, 4, 7 keep he rest

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    …Wait.. No Birdman??? LOL

  • No I’m going to deliberately skip #7 BECAUSE Nasir should NOT be on this album. I’m skipping the entire lp AS USUAL. Last yr she said she’s not doing features… >_0

    How can yall select food out of the garbage can?

  • brock

    That Champion song is gonna be insane. but i still hate her

  • Detroit89

    i bet many rappers are wishing they had vaginas now because for some reason that can get you a feature with any rapper you want.

  • FakirWise

    gotta say i checked to see if there was a Nas feature and she came through.
    The Beanie Man feature is a plus.

  • FreshSup

    So embarrassing…. Thats really it

  • bladaoh


  • Mmmm no

    Can’t picture a nigga rolling with this cd in they ride. Album art is to gay

  • big fan of nas

    1. She doesn’t look Black-African in that pic. Looks like an Indian girl with a blonde wig.

    2. Nas, WTF man. What are you doing? Are you that desperate to be in the mainstream. Your HHID album is starting to loose its original message.

    3. I got 1 Lil wayne and Tyga song, 2 Rick Ross songs on my iPod cos Nas decided to work with them. Now when I scroll through the ‘artists’ I have to see Nicki Minaj. SMH.

  • chomp

    birdman buyin all the albums

  • ” Your HHID album is starting to loose its original message.”
    Agreed, but he won’t feature them on his album im sure so it doesn’t really bother me.

  • edit-

    *I meant Lose, not Loose. lol

  • Oprah Winfrey

    Art by Shake.

  • stop


  • Track 7 will be niceee (Fab voice)

  • kane

    how she get my man nas on the track tho

  • Dear Nas Why are you lending your creativity artistry to someone who HAS NONE. Rick Ross your a talented man who puts soul into his albums why work with someone who doesn’t. I already know drake is gonna outshine Nicki on her own album AGAIN (He did it on Moment For Life). And yes all you Nicki Haters now want to pay attention, Either you hate her or like her, s/o to some-of-the-time “Luke Warm” supporters LMAO.

  • JHP

    Get the fuck off Nas’ dick, why do you care if he wanna do a feature with Nicki? It ain’t cutting off your air supply. Tryna act like this nigga didn’t just drop that crazy “The Don” track this week. You blogger hip hop fans are whiny little bitches about everything.

  • Vito Corleone

    3 and 7, this is just like when Nas was announced to be on that Tyga album then when people heard it they got real quiet. Nas can do whatever the fuck he wants, if he wants to get on a track with fuckin Taylor Swift he can cause that doesn’t overshadow the fact that at the end of the day the guy is one of the greatest to ever do it. Oh and WTF is up with her album cover! That EYE is creepy as shit

  • el jefe

    Nice Tits!

  • slumerican

    20 somehtin trxs …holy crap!!!! remember quality over quantity

  • FakirWise

    It saddens me that nobody here seems to realize the most obvious fact…nobody has heard the track with Nas but the comments about it are all negative. For all we know, because of the fact that Nas even on this album – you’ve already been given the sign that that track is more than likely going to have you retracting your words once you hear it.

    Save that for high school.

    I’m not in any way, shape or form trying to say I will like the album. I’m talking about one track (For those who understand differently than what they’re reading).