Saturday Night Sexy: Sally Ferreira

blame it on Illy March 17, 2012

Appeared in music videos for Kanye West and Lloyd Banks.

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with Dominican chicks. More of flicks of sexy Sally hailing from Queens, New York after the jump.

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  • who cares

    The hell is this? Last week’s was way better.

  • johnny blaze

    god she would be sexy AF with long hair

  • Ambush

    Less is more. Trying way too hard on this one!

  • donut

    lookin like a grown ass demi lovato

  • AirMagicMamba

    Looks like Ari’s first assistant on Entourage

  • I’d fuck her raw and get her pregnant and not pay her child support! But on my son’s 18 birthday I’d take him to a strip club and let him bang some stripper bitch. Then I’d bang his mom again without a condom and get her preggo again cause she’s a stupid ass bitch. After that I’d probably just sit back and enjoy life.

    God damn, I’m gonna be a great dad.

  • the gallery

    ^ *golf clap*

  • dingaling

    Pic # 7 she look like she got that fat pussy. the type that bulge every time you stick your dick into it. mmmmmmm fuck

  • Tone Riggz

    That’s one of the most non-Dominican looking Dominican chicks I’ve ever seen…She’s ehhh…

  • TyBoog

    Ya [email protected]#$%& crazy!! She bad!! And if you don’t believe me, google her name, go to her website and look at all the other pics. If you still not feeling her, fine. But im telling you she BADD!!!

  • HYolanda

    saturday night thirsty

  • KING

    yo cosign Hyolanda
    wanna know what saturday night sexy is or whatever hthe fuck this itpussy ass bloger named this shit is? how about going out on a saturday night and getting some pussy instead of beating your little ass maet to some scrub ass pictures. that shit is embarrasing shake or meka. good looking out for all the losers out there……
    i just fucked a bitch and came on her to look for a new song while i smoke out this bong and i just had to mention how embarrasing this shit must be for you.

  • @King- And then you woke up with your lying ass

    Yeah she needs to grow that hair out and we couldnt get any ass shots? Where they do that at?

  • KING


    Funny but sad how fucking a girl is unbelievable to you haha. basicly your a fag.

  • Jerry

    why do niggas come here and type out their sexual fantasies to eachother. what part the game is that. that’s lame shit.

  • KING

    why do jerrys come on here and bitch to everyone?
    thats annoying shit

  • Jerry

    @king idiot I wasnt even talking about you I was talking about the thirsty niggas always telling everybody what they want to do to this bitch and that bitch. but hey like common said if the shoe fit you you can wear it too.

  • aight

    Dominican my ass

  • hmmop

    she has a fat ass pussy tho….

  • DirtyDickDan

    Toes=turn off. Eww.

  • nick

    shes nothing special her face looks manly and i like short hair on women but her hair cut doesnt help