Clear Soul Forces – Detroit #Revolution(s) (Album)

blame it on JES7 March 18, 2012

Little late on the post, but better late than never! And it’s definitely worth the peep / download. On my second listen already. Stream below, and if you dig it, cop it (you provide the price you want it for!)

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  • Juicy-G

    Been on it…

  • Juicy-G

    By the way they have awesome synergy. They better not break up anytime soon.

  • Rick Ross’s left tittie

    already been vibin to this…raping the replay button ever since

  • Dope ass album, already gave it 3 spins. Get No Better is blowing up on youtube too.

  • np

    they will be BIG
    this is really dope album!!

  • more jay, less war.

    Pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting to see this on 2DBZ. I bought a few physical copies at the album release last Friday night. We had a great time there supporting them. They tore down the Old Miami out here in Detroit. It was all love… until it wasn’t, LOL! Anyone that was there that night knows what I’m talking about.

  • Rather Unique

    I can’t lie, J Rocc really held his own on this album. I would also really strongly advice they find another producer, Kan Kick beats are great but the Illajide stuff was not so great. I bought the album to support so I’m wishing them all the best for the future.

  • jfwuefgwgfgfw

    Whoooa, saw that KanKick laced some tracks and was instantly sold. They sort of remind me off Maspyke (also a good group). Dope shit, finally something very good on 2DBZ!!

  • Jtron

    Good stuff

  • satan, satan, satan

    super fucking dope

  • one of the best joints this year so far

  • trufisbak

    wow, never hearda them… they dope as fuck tho! got a roots feel to it…hella fresh…

  • Dude holding the baseball bat = KONY

  • fuxwitme

    Never heard of these dudes before but gave it a listen and this shit is dope as fuck!

  • 103


  • sidfn2

    cosign @Rather_Unique

    The lyrics and delivery were definitely on point…but I wasn’t feeling a lot of these beats. KanKick came correct but the other dudes’ beats weren’t that great IMO. Still a dope project…look forward to seeing more from these guys

  • chronwell

    Gods gift manifest destiny with my vocal cords! The quartet setup and acrobatic spittin remind me of Souls but they got the basement/indie Detroit beats. Also Ilajide has few heaters on here,like Half As Long. The futuristic Nameless beat and the dusty basement shit from Kankick are their best looks tho.

  • Wow, don’t sleep on this guys.

  • 2dopeboyz Troll

    If these cats start getting airplays on Billboard or become superstars, I’m going to delete their music instantly. They should stay underground because I like the feeling of being the only person listening to their music and noone else is on it. The second they start becoming everyone’s favorite rapper is the second they lost there realest fan: Me.

  • leftout

    @Troll cosign. Hell yeah.

  • El Solo DOle

    Finally some real ish on

  • Ordinarycelo

    This shit is fuckin dope. Nice find Justice.

  • someguy

    this whole album is dope, but track 13 and 15 are something else.

  • Hip-Hop=Love/Pain

    Track 7 Stick Em is the best on the album!

  • iggy 2189

    Don’t know what you kooks are bitching about when it comes to the production…dope shit all the way through! – Iggy