The A$AP Mob Fight At SXSW (Video)

blame it on Meka March 18, 2012

So Shake, myself and our respective friends were all driving back to the hotel from last night’s edition of The Dopehouse where we see this scuffle going on outside of our car. Turned out that some drunk fan decided to throw beer at the Mob during their performance, causing them to bumrush the crowd “Malice At The Palace”-style. Yikes.

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  • They got warned…

  • Stephanie

    Idk, this ain’t a good look for ANYONE involved.

  • basedgod

    haha that kid fucking deserved whatever he got

  • a he was keepin it cool and warned them niggas

  • BeltCost4Hunned

    that shit was pretty funny though….
    don’t fuck with the ASAP’s

  • yep

    the dude who got his bandana stolen wasn’t part of ASAP. That was Squadda Bambino from Main Attrakionz

  • solking10

    If I had to watch ASAP Mob perform id probably start throwing things to…

  • willmofo

    Fuck it, I threw that shit, WHAT!!!!!

  • doc rovers

    @solking10 agreed

  • Master Lee

    @Solking10 LOL

  • squuaaad

    i woulda done tha same shit fuck that nigga in tha crowd

  • Wonton Soup

    lol fuckin awesome

  • dev

    blood or gtfo

  • 2dopeboyz Troll

    they preach anarchy with there own blood but they get surprised when someone throw a bottle at them??? At least Odd future expect riots when they perform SMDH!!!!

  • ben


  • thatrealshit

    i mean i guess he warned him…

  • marty mcfly

    Fagz he didnt deserve that. Why would you throw something at him? He’s like the sweetest guy on earth smh

  • Amygdala

    A$AP where it’s at! A$AP WHERE IT’S AT!!!

  • Charlie Murphy

    …ALWAYS one muhfucka who wants to squeeze a lemon…

  • lance geneva

    at least ASAP mob pop off like how they say in their songs.. they kept it trill..

  • Did It On Em

    @marty mcfly

    the sweetest guy on earth? really? these gay trolls

  • nerds

    whys that dude bitching about his green bandanna

  • KING

    :(( wheres my green bandana??? waaah waaaah :,(

    asap fags.

    id throw something on stage too if i had to watch them.

  • B0076

    Diva’s ..
    50 jumped stage alone @ Afrika when his chain got snatched, these niggas are pussy

  • Just Saying, This Is How It Actually Went

    ^Revisionist history? I remember Banks saving his ass, but ok. And @ 2dopeboyz troll, go back and read Syd’s open letter after they ran away from a show. Odd Future did NOT expect anything to be thrown at them, but instead of taking care of it themselves, they threw a hissy fit and ran.

  • I blame the school systems? More funding for pre-schools Obama

  • Trong

    Lucky this wasn’t a dancehal stage show. Copper shot woulda burn somebody bumbo hole.

  • k dot

    No respect from that gay as ASAP mob cause one of them spit in the crowd. The niggas who threw the beer was wrong too but SPITTING on niggas is on a whole another disrespectful level. Fuckin faggots.

  • Think Like Ya Enemy

    They deserve to get shit thrown at them. Posers!