Skyzoo Reveals Release Date For A Dream Deferred (Video)

blame it on Shake March 19, 2012

While out in Austin, TheWellVersed and yours truly sat down with Sky to talk about a variety of things. In the clip above, he lets us know that A Dream Deferred will be dropping on September 18th (regardless if a label is backing it or not) and lets us know what to expect with the sound and direction.

A Dream Deferred picks up where The Salvation left off… This album picks off right where (the song) ‘Maintaining’ left off and is pretty much what happens next. The Salvation was pretty much about temptation, indecision and which way I was going to go. This is where I made my decision and here are the pros and cons of that so get ready and suit up because it’s about to get real.

Look out for the full interview soon enough.


  • dev

    If this album doesn’t Skyzoo on everybody’s top 10 list, I will no longer have faith in humanity

  • 1

    need that skyzoo and black milk asap

  • Bob

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