2012 XXL Freshmen Cypher (Video)

blame it on Illy March 20, 2012

2012 XXL Freshmen‘s Hopsin, Roscoe Dash, Machine Gun Kelly, Future, and Danny Brown do a rap cypher for XXL.

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  • BeltCost4Hunnid

    whats good with the first niggas eyes tho

  • XXL Sophmore

    Danny Brown over these niggas

  • ITSDman

    Future is fuckin horrible

  • RedLion23


    THIS YEARS XXL LIST………..DEAD (In my Fab Voice)
    im really not amped up for this years not even subpar list

  • Megan


  • toozle

    danny brown is the only one worth in this shit!

  • np

    ain’t no future…

  • Vito Corleone

    Danny Brown and Hopsin >> everyone else.. Danny Brown had me rollin cause they put him right after Future’s wack ass.

  • Coroner

    Hopsin is the shit!

  • someguy

    “have my little homie do you on camera.” – future

  • Heisman

    Hopsin > the rest

  • kelso11508

    hopsin and DB>>>>> MGK definitely went over it for me…and future…………smdh

  • hybrid

    danny brown is infinitely better than anyone else on this list

  • Mcafee

    danny brown> wtf is rosco dash doing on here foreal?

  • doc rovers

    anyone else hear roscoe dash kill it? damn haha

  • solo

    all these niggas wack groove.straight up like dat.

  • milkmedia

    danny brown beasted out. fuck all those other dudes.

  • jrugged


  • danny brown ate anyone know the name of the beat future was horrriiiiiiiibbbbbblllleee is dat even rap just him mumbling with a his drank

  • breakingdawnpt1

    roscoe dash actually kilt dis

  • EricDean

    Why do all of them sound like Eminem knock-offs?

  • EricDean

    Where is the SUBSTANCE in the music? WTF are they TALKING ABOUT? Nothing. Oh.

  • Marty McFaggot

    im so glad dj whoo kid tried to mess up the beat when future was rapping…this is signs of progress in hip hop/when the dj can’t take u seriously

  • phrayzermusic

    hopsin deserves credit, hes dope.. him and DB.. even MGK can spit from time to time. there like the only 3 good rappers on the whole entire list though hahaha.. and macklemore

  • Jasper Dolphin

    Fuck these niggas Odd Future Tape Vol.2 IN STORES & ITUNES NOW!!!!!!!!!

    “Nigga ur a liar,Nigga don’t believe me, kiss your lady. and boy you gonna get them heebies jeebies. Nigga my dick stay way diseasey. I Make it look easy.5150 im am off the heezy.YOU AINT GOT NO FUCKIN YEEZY?”

  • j

    i fuck wit danny brown and hopsin but MGK went the hardest and i dont even fuck wit him

  • unclesam

    1. Danny Brown, 2. Hopsin, 3. MGK, 4. Roscoe Dash, 5. NoFuture.

    But seriously, none of them was super good. Roscoe Dash´s delivery was super boring, NoFuture´s whole freestyle was trash. MGK said nothing worth anything. Hopsin acts way too hard. Danny Brown´s freestyle was cool but nothing spectacular.

  • Danny Brown.

  • F A C T

    Danny Brown’s the only talent here.
    The rest are dead set garbage.

  • NYC

    Detroit Rappers are straight killing it!!! Danny Brown, Eminem, Royce da 59, Black Milk, J Dilla, Elzhi >>>>>>>>>>>

  • Hopsin >>>>>>>

  • Stukanen

    Hopsin and Danny Brown are probably the only ones worthy on that cover. But I’ve heard both of them coming way harder on the mic than this ..

  • Your Friendly Neigborhood Dopeman

    Never really listened to any of these dudes. Hopsin’s verse was cool. Dash wasn’t bad. MGK was cool. All I can think of when Future was rapping is “is this guy a retard?” I guess Danny Brown goes for the weird vibe but he was okay I guess. Definitely gonna check out Hopsin and DB.

  • I Believe These Children Ain’t The Future…

    I want y’all to think about this long and hard (Pause, if you play those kind of games), but which one of these individuals do you really see doing the “super-mogul” thing in 15 years? Which one of these guys, if any, can you envision replacing the likes of Jay-Z, Diddy, Russell Simmons, The RZA ect. ect.?

  • Preo

    Danny Brown’s was good, but really, I could go after Future and probably get a deal based on the fact that I’d be a million times better than him

  • Jonesy Stark

    Yup, Danny saved this…sadly these will only get worse from here. Seriously this’ the worst lineup ever for this. And I always have low expectations for this list.

  • k dot

    Danny brown aint save shit, hopsin KILLED this shit and i dont even fuck wit his music. Danny brown was good buit that shit was AVERAGE plain and simple, stop overhyping shit like he did some over the head shit.

  • 1dopeboy

    Hopsin was by far the best, mgk was pretty good, danny brown and roscoe dash were ok, and future had one off the worst verses I’ve ever heard


    how are any of you guys going to hate on hopsins verse? like seriously dude looked like the GOAT among those fucking horrible verses. and danny brown…. i just can’t take that dude seriously, that shit was horrid.

  • Maga D

    Hopsin, Danny Brown, Roscoe…. Mgk…. Future. That’s the order.

  • Jon

    Danny Brown had to go last because none of these clowns could rap after him. D BROWN MURDERED IT!!!!!

  • wsdm

    maan jon connor would have murdered all of these “rappers”

  • wsdm

    is it just me or are these verses on the same level as lil bs verse on last years cypher?

  • bladaoh

    cosign my man wsdm, connor would have made all these dudes look straight pathetic but they kinda already did that themselves here.

  • Juicy-G

    I like the way Danny delivered, and Hopsin could’ve switched up his flow a little bit more instead of not giving a fuck. Regardless I say it was Danny and Hopsin overall. I think they didn’t try as hard because there wasn’t any worthy competition. If Mackelmore was there I think they would’ve stepped their game up a tad bit more, but I don’t blame them for what they did. To many whack niggas…

  • Mike Tomlin

    Future sounds like Birdman.

    Hate to say it but Roscoe Dash had the best verse. If this is the future of hip hop I dont wanna grow up.

  • Anonymous

    MGK, Hopsin, Danny Brown, and Macklemore are the ONLY good rappers on this list. Just sayin’!

  • marty mcfly

    anyone know who is hopsin’s stylist? the way they light up my man’s eyebrows is fantastic!

  • red

    Ok obviously Danny and Hopsin had the best verses, but Roscoe really surprised me with his verse.

    Future…holy…fuck I don’t even know where to begin.
    Put him in a rap cypher with Birdman and 2 Chainz to find out who the worst rapper alive is.

  • egyle

    danny brown looks like shit just to embarrass everyone else even more when he kills it. dayum. style like no one.

  • U know the XXL has no credibility when WACK DJ WHO is on the turntables

  • marty mcfly

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  • Marty McFaggot


    I agree, why would anyone let Dj whoo kid dj there cypher….at least he got paid i guess

  • 2dopeboyz Troll

    ^ from one troll to another just give it up man.

  • Marty McFaggot

    @2dopeboyz troll


  • homotrolls

    how about you all just give it up, 2dopboyz troll, KING, marty mfcfly, marty mcfaggot, etc

    get out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i’d rather have someone shit on my ears then hear future ” rap ” again

  • ThaKing


  • Busta!

    How the fuck did Roscoe Dash outshine the rest of these niggas? The whole time I thought he was going to do a hook for a cipher. If Dash freestyle was better than the rest of you cats, yall seriously need to step your game up

  • notaheathen

    How the fuck is everyone cosigning Danny Brown? Am I the only one that sees nothing but gimmicks in this dude’s entire existence? I don’t find him lyrical, and his voice is extremely annoying.. I don’t mean to be a heathen and shit, but I watched it and expected a bunch of DB hating.. and it’s all love? THE HYBRID was horrible. Raps are subpar, voice is terrible, and his beat selecttion.. CANIBUS has a better beat selection yo.

    They all wack tho. Hopsin is the only one that I feel is really AN MC.. But all that gimmicks and shit are just a huge turn off

  • KarmaloopAtlanta

    Roscoe > Hopsin > Danny > MGK > Elephant Shit > Future

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  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    OJ the juicemans freestyle from the xxl list a couple years back>> Futures freestyle from this year.

  • Clos

    MGK might not be liked here but his flow was good and he was overall head and shoulders above these other rapper except for Danny Brown. And Danny Brown did what Danny Brown does

  • Danny Brown still makes better music than all these dudes weather his verse was the best or not…. Hopsin is a straight homo.. he sounds like an Eminem wannabe in that “psycho” joint by Tech N9ne… he also thinks he’s Rey Mysterio with his Contacts…

  • Ratchet

    Consider myself a big Hopsin fan but Danny Brown Shredded that Cypher

  • gigglecock

    hopsin is sick…roscoe dash shouldnt be on the list but he actually spit pretty hot

  • itsKaz

    What the fuck is a Hopsin?

  • WTF

    This nigga said Rey mysterio.

  • Hospin raps like hes on some old Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers type shit lyrically he’s the only one that killed the cypher, Danny Brown ran with Stat Quo’s (yall remember him?) old style.

  • Vito Corleone

    Hopsin and Danny Brown killed it, Roscoe was good too, I would of liked MGK if he were to stop at his name but he had to go a bit longer? Future was unprepared? lmfao cause that shit was hot garbage. These dudes seem like they don’t like each other, if you go and watch the cyphers from last years list, they all seemed to have mutual respect

  • who cares

    Hopsin is the only one worth watching in this.
    All ya’ll praising Danny Brown like he god. Dude raps like Nicki Minaj.

  • Druggid

    Can’t you guys put your bias away for a little and just judge their raps for what they were?
    Hopsin was a little bit shaky, but overall, dope.
    Roscoe started off dope and finished mediocre.
    MGK needed to stop at the break…was dope until then.
    Future was straight ass…If your bars suck don’t pretend it’s a freestyle, if you can’t freestyle, don’t try it on such a big cipher.
    DB was pretty good. Nothing overly dope, but it was pretty good.

  • j

    be objective here ppl. danny brown is good, but his verse on this was whack. hopsin was good but MGK had the best verse! im not even a fan…

  • NYdreams

    who da fuck is that faggot lookin katt williams nigga in the end lmaooooo and why is he rapping like that… only niggas that caught my attention was hopsin and roscoe dash (wait wtf roscoe dash killed that shit?)

  • The only schitty one was Future. erebody else did they thing. I guess yall just dont like who yall dont like regardless of show of skill.

  • lookatmenow


  • Hopsin is the only one worth watching in this.
    All ya’ll praising Danny Brown like he god. Dude raps like Nicki Minaj.
    who cares said this on March 22nd, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    ?????????????? you 8 years old?

  • Did It On Em

    The real Boi1da is in Miami and handling business….whoever this homotroll is, give it a rest dude.

  • slaughter

    wow, future just went eli porter on that cypher

  • @VersesLewis

    Future is beyond terrible smh
    Danny Brown and Hopsin were pretty good
    machine gun kelly wasnt bad in this cypher