• http://merc80.com Merc80

    Incredible lyrics and well done video. Hard to watch. and heartbreaking. Real Hip Hop.

  • Tto

    real talk here. whoever thumbs down to this is a fuckin clown.

  • Ozep

    George Zimmerman was hispanic not white but still dope

  • kaizer

    This is the shit that gets me. People comment all day about shit that doesn't matter. Anything that matters always gets a pass. I'm not surprised at the lack of comments on this video. All your favorite rappers rap about is drugs and killing each other. None of them will stand up against injustice. Rap has become nothing but a minstrel show.

  • halah


  • Elephant in the room…

    Publicity stunt. Too soon.

  • SaFan

    this aint no publicity stunt, i've seen Jasiri X's name coming up couple of years now and if you *read* or listen to any of his prior work, you would realize this.

    not that they give a F*ck but have any repubs running for president even mentioned Trayvons name? #twitter that $hit

  • sha_t99

    Heard the song on Michael Baisden's radio show and had to come check the video. Great job on the lyrics. This is such a tragedy. R.I.P. Trayvon. We're fighting hard for you and change in this messed up country.