Questlove On Jay-Z’s New Favorite, Danny!

blame it on Shake March 20, 2012

The archives speak for themselves but we’ve been supporting the homie Danny! since the jump. And while there are plenty of folks that still don’t know who he is, times are changing. Back in January, Questlove revealed that he’s Hov’s “fav cat”. And now, during The Champs’ latest podcast, we get some more insight on the situation. Hopefully nothing but positive things happen to dude from here on out. Any past fan already knows there have been some ups and downs with labels and such. Speaking of… while were still playing hide-and-seek with the release of Payback, Danny! decided to offer up Where Is Danny? for the free. Head to his Tumblr for the DL.

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  • that truth

    danny proly nuts himself everytime he sees his name on a blog. hes a talented artist but nobody wants to be famous as bad as that dude. calm your ass down and get payback out already

  • DJ Troublesome

    i have known this rapper for years. since 2007 or some like that.

  • eric

    yes and no. your right about payback but wrong about danny and being famous. he said it himself on his tumblr

  • that truth

    thats why he has a concept album where he dreams hes famous and always compares himself to kanye west and namedrops other rappers and constantly mentions his industry co signs? he might say he doesnt but dude apparently wants it

  • eric

    never know swain to namedrop rappers or mention his cosigns at all so wrong again. proof? and that album came out like like 8 years ago? your reachin bro

  • link to get Where Is Danny? The one on his Tumblr dosen’t work. Much appreciated.

  • Ghetto Nerd Records

    Works fine for me! You clicked the link in the post?

  • Maga D

    “Payback,” the new “Detox” lol. Anyway, I bought this album about two months after it dropped, definitely recommend this to anybody that likes rap & beats.

  • @GhettoNerdRecords I clicked his Tumblr link, then I clicked the “NOW” link that tells you, you can download it for free. But it just downloaded an rar copy instead of a zip.

  • King Tyrone

    Got it off his Tumblr a few days ago. Enjoy it just as much as the 1.0 version. Pretty evident dude has a crazy digging game…looking forward to Payback and hoping he gets the much deserved fame. Repping Columbia, SC!

  • Mr. Andre

    Where the fcuk is Danny!?

  • emcee

    ends with the name Drake.. wtf.. Boooo fuck drake.

  • Muuhahahaha

    Jay Z must mean Danny Brown cause Danny! sucks the fucking cock

  • ^^^ a butthurt danny brown

  • hardy

    So you know him since 2007? You must be soooo cool…

  • unclesam

    Drake is the underground rapper of the moment? Was this recorded like three years ago? Drake is like THE mainstream rapper right now.

  • One of the illest from DefJux

  • Payback coming soon, muthafuckas!

  • jahranimo


  • #payback

  • Flip

    @that truth… I think you’re misunderstanding! Danny has the role of promoting his self. He’s signed to Interscope, but they aren’t out there getting him the exposure he needs. Charm was a concept album that served as a manifestation to his goals. Jay Z is the prime example of self manifestation! He always promoted homself as the best and eventually that goal was realized, but he had been saying it before it was technically true. I can tell you personally that Danny! Has no intentions of reaching the level of fame, just to say he is famous. Homie is incredibly talented and works his ass off on making brilliant music, and he’s been doing it for years. He is just at the point where he wants the exposure and all his craft to be loved and recognized by a much wider audience. And to be frank, I think that it is important for Hip Hop as an art form That as many people as possible are exposed to Danny’s music! His music is important to the progression of this art form and culture we all Love.

  • mookie

    *golf clap* @ Flip. Couldnt of said it better myself. I dont get how anyone could say or think otherwise about Danny’s intentions. Glad someone was able to articulate it better than I could lol

  • zomogustar

    @ that truth Danny doesn’t give a shit about being famous he just wants the love and all this talk about him being a upcoming rapper and shit is bull. D. Swain done been in the game for ten years already dropping shit like Payback on the regular its about damn time the big homie finally got some fucking love for his craft. I grew up with this nigga been their since day one. If you knew half the shit he’s been through to get were he is now you wouldn’t be saying that he wants fame. No he’s an artist who has been a genius in his craft for a while he just wants the appreciation that his work deserves. Since he’s been out he’s seen tons of artists come and go from the spotlight. he was in the game before the rise of Soulja Boy and the whole Cali Swag movement how would you feel as an artist if you saw bullshit like that get noticed before some game changing shit you made even got heard.

  • Kan Da Mobster

    who cares? dude is hella dope and finally is bout to make some serious moves. end of story