Reef the Lost Cauze – The Prey (For Trayvon & My Son)

blame it on Shake March 20, 2012

After reading the news of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin being fatally shot by a neighborhood watchman, Reef hit the studio to express his thoughts on the issue.

DOWNLOAD: Reef the Lost Cauze – The Prey (For Trayvon & My Son)
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  • well done, Reef. its hard to think that this story is in anyway true. it just sounds so ludicrous especially after hearing the 911 call he made. I feel like race was a small part and the watchmen being mentally challenged had more to do with it. I guess race plays a major part after the fact, where we have a guilty man killing an unarmed minor and the justice system doing nothing about it.

  • FatShady

    I was only reading about this story yesterday. Im all the way down here in Australia and the news is only making its way down here now.. Crazy stuff. Really sad when i heard about this.

    Have not heard the song yet as im a big fan of Reef. But just heartbreaking news that this can happen at all. Glad I live in a country where the law does not allow for this and that guns are much harder to aquire and held by a lot less people.

  • DK

    Don’t know what pisses me off more the fact that an innocent kid is dead or the fact his parents are living with the fact that this bastard was not arrested after admitting he killed him. Had it been a cute blonde girl who was shot dead I’m sure this guy would’ve been in jail by now.

  • And Won

    i want justice for trayvon

  • ThisSucks

    So tragic and really a good song. Fucking ppl still basing things on looks. Like a kid just walking around in the rain gets shot cuz he’s black. Only thing wrong with this song is that the dude who killed him wasn’t white, he was hispanic..

  • Chancleta

    this happened in my area, ppl are fucking sick if you dont realize this shit.

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    Us Slender, baby faced niggas are under attack. Its ashame.

  • Much Respects Reef!!! I think Trayvon and his family would be proud that you have taken the time to do this. Even though this senseless crime was so violent, let us use a peaceful means to show our anger and to get our point across. Justice must prevail!!!

  • shut up

    @DK you’re an idiot

  • Alex

    The thing that disappoints me the most is that I’m having a hard time being surprised by things like this anymore. It’s just the normal state of affairs — black life is cheap.

  • elitevader

    Great song made my eyes a lil misty ive been following this story since i first read about it on CNN. I heard the tapes that were released to the public. This man sickens me half of the call to the police hes just rambling on about how the boy looks suspicious based on his skin color and what hes wearing. This was someones son someones baby a kid with a whole life ahead of him.

  • I only have 1 brother who is the bane of my existence. Like there is no one is rather hit with a rake in the back of knee caps other than him. If THIS happened to him I don’t know what I’d do.

  • JoshL

    How do i share this?

  • Damn REEF – Amazing song!
    Prayes for the Family R.I.P Trayvon.

  • *Prayers*

  • Mibs

    Amazing. When 9/11 happened and Alan Jackson wrote a song overnight it was oohed over (I thought it was taking advantage), but this tells the story. Thanks.

  • As Zero Kool mentioned I don’t think race should be made a major issue. Trayvon Martin was murdered and it is complete bs to believe that the act was committed in self defense. Personally I am sick of seeing this group mentality whether it is what cause the actual murder or the reaction to it present in Reef’s lyrics. There are no black rights, white right, straight rights, gay rights, etc. only human rights. The longer people try to divide and group and don’t recognize everyone as an individual the longer the problems perpetrates itself. Justice needs to be reached not because a white watchman murder a young black man but because another individual human being murdered another unarmed individual that posed no threat.