Slum Village – Turning Me Off f. De La Soul

blame it on Meka March 20, 2012

Let’s be real: without Baatin or J Dilla (SHAKE EDIT: I personally think eLZhi’s absence is the most missed), Slum Village will never be the same. However, T3 will try to keep the memory going with the upcoming mixtape with Mick Boogie, Dirty Slums, dropping March 27th.

DOWNLOAD: Slum Village – Turning Me Off f. De La Soul | Alt

  • or eLHzi. Not a bad joint though

  • Tsmooth

    Dilla, baatin, or Elzhi. SV isn’t the same.

  • Jus Sayin

    So T3 refers to himself as slum village now huh? Becuz nobody is in that bitch now! T3 needs to just give it up, it was a great run but it’s now time to put slum village to a rest

  • Fred

    I love how people tell T3 what to do with HIS group. Yall so lame… This record is ill and YOU KNOW IT! Slum’s BIGGEST hit (Selfish) was without DIlla and SLUM’s BIGGEST ALBUM (Fantastic Vol. 2) was without Elzhi BUT T3 was always there!!!! That man has been thru alot. Give the music a change…geeezz

  • wuddupdoe

    “Jus Sayin”: If you didn’t know, Slum Village is T3, Illa J and Young RJ now. Step your facts up.

  • Yessir!

    Word on wuddupdoe

    dope joint thought.

  • ando

    this is dope, hope they get elzhi back, slum will always be blastin on my shit anyway reguardless..

  • 1

    dilla flipped this sample so much better…wish they used villas version
    dilla – heroin joint

  • dalek

    I don’t understand when people say Slum Village is nothing without Jay Dee or Baatin. SV was fine without Dilla since 2002 and Baatin had been gone since 2004. And they were just as dope. I don’t think T3 can carry the group on his own though… So, really, SV is nothing without Elzhi.

  • its T3’s Fault that Elzhi isn’t part of Slum Village anymore… T3 fucked everything up…

  • yo

    This is banging

  • theword

    Baatin was the soul of Slum. Flat out. This was a good track tho

  • Jus Sayin

    @wuddupdoe dude right now it’s T3 featuring anybody else


  • Clark

    This track is alright but I will never buy another SV album with Elzhi gone. Not trying to hate, I love hip hop and Detroit but Slum Village was a movement that is no more, T3 move on man.

  • What are we talking about here, really?
    Tell the TEMPTATIONS to stop, Foolio’s! lol SV is a brand that is bigger than anyone man and it will go on until the lights turn out on this small planet. And frankly, T3 solo > 90% of the emcee’s in the industry, for real. SV For Ever.