360 – Everywhere And Back f. Mela Machinko

blame it on Meka March 21, 2012

The title track from 360, whose album is set to grace the stage on April 3rd.

DOWNLOAD: 360 – Everywhere And Back f. Mela Machinko (prod. Kuddie Fresh) | Alt
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  • slumerican

    fuck this new dude tryin to come up

  • yeahhh

    -_- ^^^

  • Hartman

    This shit is trash. I heard the record he did with Cole and that was wack too… which ever one of ya’ll industry cats is backing this dude need to chill out

  • .

    : )

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  • robert

    same shit. different lyrics.


  • that guy

    must not have listened to the lyrics. this shit fire!

  • Dana S.

    Did u even listen to the record? Stop hatin fool!!!! You probably like soulja boy and only are about stupid ass beats strippers can dance to. How about listening to music that makes sense and has REAL lyrical content. Fire song, fire artist, @slumerican u will be sittin on ur couch broke n suckin ur teeth while 360 is doing him and moving up the industry food chain. Haters like u turn into bitter old men who never accomplish shyt.

  • Damn dana , soundslike u really r feelin him