Asaad – Boss Status

blame it on Shake March 21, 2012

New street single off Asaad’s upcoming debut EP, 006. Scratching your head at the cover art? Check the explanation below:

I want to take this opportunity to explain, in my own words, the picture depicting two artists, whom I consider to be legends and arguably the greatest to ever bless the mic, engaging in homosexual activity. We are now in the day and age where this is no longer considered a taboo. But that is not the main reason why I choose this picture. Throughout the inception of the music business, artists have been continuously cheated out of their royalties and bound by erroneous contracts that essentially ‘screw’ artists over. For the record, I did not intend to release this cover to disrespect the memory or the families of Mr. Tupac Shakur and Mr. Christopher Wallace. They have become iconic, speaking for those like myself, giving the ghetto and less privileged a voice as they spoke about so many different things that affect our culture. Shakur & Wallace started out as comrades, then the industry turned them into human guinea pigs. They were embattled in a music war which ultimately led to their untimely death. In no way am I looking for publicity from this cover. My music speaks for itself. People have the option to look, or not to. Journalists and bloggers will have the option to post this on their website if they choose to do so. Again, we don’t ask that you do, but no longer shall the industry control our destiny and turn our people against one another. We have a BIGGER mission in life to speak for those who don’t have a voice and create outlets where we can all be heard.

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  • da_soji1

    Okay…so his explanation, wasn’t much of an explanation.

    “I did not intend to release this cover to disrespect the memory or the families of Mr. Tupac Shakur and Mr. Christopher Wallace.”

    Um…well you did anyway.


    At least this will promote some discussion. Yet this is the internet, so most of it will be regulated to name callings and ignorant ish. I don’t mind this but I understand why people would get offended. Regardless, hopefully an actual dialogue will form with opinions that are un-attacking. but probably not….

  • Riggs & Murtaaah

    *rollseyes at the explanation of the cover “art”*

    This dude made the cover art to be controversial, otherwise people wouldn’t pay any attention to him.

  • Outlawz Jr. Mafia

    fuck a “dialogue”…hopefully this bitch asaad will catch a slug in his fuckin dome for this bullshit

  • fastflipper

    take off this sh!t

  • lonestar281

    I think he chose that photo cause he really doesn’t want anyone to listen to his music…SUCCESS!! I absolute refuse to listen to ignorant assholes that disrespect hip hop!

  • This is such a cop out like this was definitely meant to be controversial with this cover art. It makes me want to never listen to this kids music. Whether u wanted to or not u have publicly disrespected the two biggest legends of Hip Hop. And if this was supposed to be about the “industry screwing the artists” and what not, Then where is the industry represented and why is tupac ….. NM THIS IS SOOO LAME WHAT A CORNY ASS THING TO DO

  • Marty McFaggot

    Some people are so delusional to the point that their explanation/reasoning didn’t explain anything at ALL.

    Just because rapper’s are not paid royalties and cheated out of contracts??? Really??? Thats the reason why there is two black icons having dangerous sex with each other?

    What I’m really getting from this shenanigan is that the rapper himself is faggot. Like some people on here…

  • Common sense

    Pathetic! He said how the industry fuks the artist…so why r two artists depicted having sex?! What a moron. This could be the best song ever made, but because of that insulting pic i’ll never know cos i refuse to listen to it. He’s blacklisted himself

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    “We are now in the day and age where this is no longer considered a taboo” FALSE.

  • NiggaPlease

    You wouldnt come out with this cover if Pac and BIG were alive you LAME!!! Tryin to get shock value, you made a bad move. Im sure you already realize that. Complete FAIL.

  • wtf

    man PAUSE!!!! This faggot ass nigga daydream about pac fucking biggie????? What kinda shit is this bruh? I hope this nigga mama die 4real this shit gay as fuck.

  • chronwell

    HAHAHA! THese young boys goin nuts with this “rap” stuff!This is wild disrespectful. Asaad, U need help!

  • stack.

    I could see if there was really some great, profound, thought provoking message in this, but it’s not. I guess his intentions were good from the explanation, but saying he didn’t do this to generate attention and publicity for himself is bullshit. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other more tactful ways of bringing light to pressing issues.

  • You wouldnt come out with this cover if Pac and BIG were alive you LAME!!! <—— SOO TRUE I really cant believe this exists especially on 2dbz

  • marty mcfly

    I Think You All Are Overreacting This Cover Is HOT. Its Actually A TurnOn & A Big Fantasy Of Mine.

  • CA

    Who cares if homosexuality is no longer considered taboo? What do Pac and BIG have to do with that? And why is it that Pac is giving and BIG receiving, as opposed to the other way around? Even if these 2 men were happily out and homosexual, what does that have to do with YOU and YOUR album cover. This is a bitch move, straight up and down.

    If youre trying to shine a light on artists getting “fucked”, hey why disrespect Big and Pac, two men who died VERY young. Why not show these old ass rappers who are still alive, over 35, but rappin about kid shit, ignorant shit, shit that a 15 year old with an underdeveloped view of the world would rap about. Why not depict Rick Ross and 50 Cent having homosexual sex, if its all the same? Or Nas and Jay-Z?

    Get this wannabe intellectual shit outta here. Educated people see right through your BS “explanation”.

    Pac woulda slapped you, on sight.


    This guy really wanted to stir up controversy doing this dumbass move, and his music sucks. #KILLYOURSELF

  • Mr i hate assaad!

    2DB u cant be promoting this kinda shit. Worst explanation ever!

  • Stupid ass moves to get play by wack ass new school artist. Now this fool can’t go to the west coast or NY with out any static. Get a day job if you live that long.

  • Colt Williams

    Asaad, if you wanted to make the point you CLAIM you are trying to make, why not depict YOURSELF getting butt fucked? Can you explain that?

  • /jb

    i’m surprised y’all posted this. & Asaad, you one wack ass nigga.

  • koodabang

    Before this i thought asaad had some good rhymes, but after this he is now a true fuck boi to me. Dude is a blown.

  • Assadiswack

    I agree with / jb, this shit doesn’t deserve to be posted here. This is disrespectful to the families, but also to the fans of these two artists .. You should take this shit down.

  • deezy

    true fuck boi indeed lmaoooo

  • ugh


  • Fuck asaad fagot a** kid.
    Go Fuck your self

  • electrotherapy

    attention seeking faggot, remove this shit asap

  • Clos

    That’s weak. Come on son! If you expect us to listen to your music you gotta be able to come up with a more believable lie for that atrocity. That’s your FUCK YOU to the industry?!! disrespecting Tupac and Biggie??!

    It’s the hip-hop heads that take offense to that shit, not the industry. You suck at lying and Im gonna guess you suck at music

  • 25TR3y

    wat the fu*k is this!!! screw the mixtape. this dude is messing up the hip hop game. the art work is super gay.

  • Clos

    LOL to CA who actually cared who was in which position. WHo cares, the damage is done.

    And 2DB I would say keeps this one up so people know, but let it be the last time we see of him here. But whether we like it or not its hip-hop and I guess it’s news so post his shit although Im personally never paying that fool any mind

  • MayneMayne

    Take this down…It’s disrespectful to those who pioneered the way for us. You’d never see this in any other genre. This guy is out of line for this.

  • Wow

    I can’t even respect 2dope after they shitted on OF but post all of this guy’s stuff. Smh

  • Colt Williams

    That’s weak. Come on son! If you expect us to listen to your music you gotta be able to come up with a more believable lie for that atrocity. That’s your FUCK YOU to the industry?!! disrespecting Tupac and Biggie??!
    This, this, and this.

  • homs

    his name and the cover…. how low can u go?? hopefully this guy will be forgotten 2morrow!!!


    Is it wrong that the cover gave me a boner?

  • Song is awesome. His explanation to the cover art is spot on. Too many faggots in this discussion get offended too easily. Someone answer me this. How does this picture do anything to Big or Pac’s legacy? They’re still going to be coined “the greatest” to ever do it so stop bitching. If you don’t like it, then don’t look at it.

  • Unfuckwitable

    This the most gayest out right disrespectful shit I seen in a while.Fuck this nigga.

  • marty mcfly

    I’m putting this as my new phone, desktop, laptop, ipad wallpaper ASAP! Then I’m going to password protect it and just slap the keyboard (for my password) so no one will ever be able to change it! :) So cool!

  • uuughhh

    all the fuckboys mad!! They will all hop on sooner or later just watch!!

  • bstyles

    Its an intersting point.
    But even more interesting is how dramatic some of you so called fans are.
    The music industry may have propelled the war between east and west coast artists
    But the fans made sure it remained relevant long enough to lead to the demise of these two artists.

  • bstyles

    Not to mention nobody gives a shit enough to find the people who murdered these to legends,but shit give somebody a chance to post a hard ass message suggesting any defamation of these two musicians as sacreligious and the message boards light up like your all fuckin family

  • Yo

    Wat a shit point @bstyles. Regardless of all that, this pic has nothing to do with his point or any point. Its jus two rappers fucking which is irrelevant to any point other than saying they gay

  • orange

    Definitely a publicity stunt and a whack ass explanation. This punk bitch should slap his own damn self for ever thinking that he was nice at rapping. This shit is trash

  • JA

    honestly this is garbage. just like his music. i listened to his “new black history month” mixtape expecting possibly some interesting lyrics, situations, and maybe even his growth as an artist and got none of it. instead the whole tape sounded like a freestyle he did when he got home from school. i don’t even understand how he got the beats that he did from producers like bink! and tae beast who gave him some amazing music to destroy. this is the first post i’ve ever made here and i think it’s deserving. i hope no one thinks i’m hating. but if you do, go listen to the tape. you won’t need to move past the first song before you feel me…

  • bstyles

    Sorry u can’t understand my point @yo
    I’ll use smaller words next time

  • uncleDiss

    I’m certainly not an art critic, nor am I an artist for that matter, but I definitely would have skipped all that boring butt sex and just painted a close up of 2PAC titty-fucking BIGGIE…


  • wat

    I vote the respective families sue the fuck out of this nigga.

  • NYdreams

    that covers gay as fuck and there is no explanation for it at all .. i dont care who did what and what the music industry did.. that cover is str8 disrespectful and if he wanted to do something gay like that his faggot ass shoulda bent himself over and got fucked and not disrespect people who are dead.. this is what happens when people think too hard and of all things he picked 2 legends in the rap game fuckin each other in the bed…that nigga gotta b a real ass queer for this 1 …

  • the spook that sat by the door

    bad bad bad move.

    classic case of when keepin it trill goes wrong. this shit foul all the way across the board. we get it, you feel like your not gettin enough attention so you sit back and think what can i do to get people to talk about me? what is the most vile shit i can come up with? what will get people talking, not about industry fuckery in my poor, but well written expplanation, but really about ME?

    you cant place all the blame on this Assad kid though. he’s apparently young, and obviously doesn’t know the game as well as he thinks. he needs a better team around him, cuz i find it hard to believe everyone in his camp was 100% okay with it though, unless they all fans and yes men. Rookie Mistakes 101.

    as for the song or freestyle or whatever its supposed to be, its not as good as his some of his other joints. i give it 4/10.

  • who cares

    He only used this cover for attention. “My music speaks for itself” yea it does. You fuckin’ suck.

  • mazoomy

    To convey what he wants to convey it should have been a rapper getting fucked by a white exec. Could have been any rapper, namely you. 2 rappers fucking each other has nothing to do with your explanation, unless there was some white dude forcing them to do it in the background.

  • marty mcfly

    Asaad is a dumbass for disrespecting Pac and Big like this. First of all he talks about how they were fucked off by the industry? Fool Big was signed to his best friend which was Puff and both Big and Pac touched millions and sold millions early in their careers so unless this Asaad character has done it better then them he aint got no room to talk.

  • nah

    [email protected] this shit. This should be in the Random Act Of Fuckery Catagory.

    Anyhow, there should be a picture of marty mcfly fucking jay-z in the ass cause we all know he would like nothing more than to feel his dick in mr. carter’s rectum and then shoot his shit all over him lol

  • yugang

    who the fuck are the 11 people who think this is dope? LOL

  • marty mcfly

    Its funny though cause you trolls mothafuckas are the only people that ever go into vivid detail about faggot activity. If you hate me enough to even think about some gay shit just to talk shit, i’ve already won. LOL

  • Elder

    ASSad you dumb.

  • This dude will never get posted on my site or receive any support from me. Explanation was weak sauce.

  • Billy

    lol wow didnt think ppl wud b as angry as they are i do suspect like a good 50% of posts are the same person tho prob the marty mcfly copy

    either way i see the explanation im just wondering how come the song had nothing to do with what the explanation for the cover art???

  • Billy

    marty mcfly< co sign kinda sad and just weird that sum1 who dont know u dedicates their life to commenting about u…last time i even speak on this lol.

  • Damn

    Fuck the cover! The song is fucking horrible. If you gonna pull something like this cover with a weak ass explanation at least have some dope music to back it up, instead of some shitty ass, no substance freestyle with a beat that sounds like a blind 5yr old made it on fruity loops.

  • SLop KiLLa 718 187

    faggot motherfucka, cum thru bk, i swear u a dead man pussy, disrespecting biggie, it’s shoot on site, on my mama, when you see dat navy blue whip roll up on ya ass, lights out!

  • dame


    shut your bitch ass up

  • OMGMGMGMGMG This is SOOOOOOO AWESOMEEE, I’m gunna try to sign this dude

    Hey 2dopeboyz, how does it feel to have my advertisement (balls) on your website(foredhead)?

    and suck dick marty mcflydick, i dunno who u r really but realized u have the most gayest name evvvvverrrrrrrrrrrr

  • marty mcfly

    @billy, Thats cause they either homotrolls, internet goons and keyboard killers or just straight up weirdos.

  • DGR

    Man that’s not a good look for GOOD music……

  • port of Roosevelt

    Get a good look at our culture now. Some of the people that are in it are LITERALLY killing us and themselves. We are literally fucking ourselves and thats why the grammy’s cant take hip hop seriously anymore. There is no voice just gimmicks and fruity ones at that. That pic is confusing and disrespectful. You don’t take two legends…shit u don’t take two people u like and put them in a bed together fuckin. Some cats in a lot of ways have no honor and its getting worse. This dude doesnt need to even pick up a mic anymore. Go be a marketing rep o im sorry thats just what mc’s are today…no voices just gimmicks. i wanted to say fuck u to this dude but that would be just as confusing as his message so instead I’ll just say God Bless you homie. And really mean it.

  • marty mcfly


    You made me really wet the way you came to my defense.The way you just came to my rescue and you dont even know me.You could get this boipussy anyday of the week.You wild beast.

  • ikellz

    this kid is sooo wrong for this!!! u is he to even say sumtin. i mean he has no buzz no nothing hes a nobody! this cover only might have people anxious about who he is! but this is a sucker move at the end. isay that to say this, this dude career is over before he even started sumn….he simply f’d his life up wit this cover

  • illkila

    Looks like pac is fucking oprah lmao…

  • Ambush

    Posted for publicity via controversy. And this song doesn’t, in any way, back up his little bullshit explanation.

  • Ambush

    BTW: The ones “forcing” their hands were not white guys. Nobody forced them two to do anything. It’s called jealousy. Those who did encourage them…they were black. Quit being idiots, please.

  • ccc

    the song is horrible

  • … A picture is worth 1000 words… and that is why everyone that has left a comment on this post has an opinion about the image… But in the end… the shit was posted… respect the man’s explanation… I’m sure he knew what type of backlash he would receive for it… If not.. then shiittt he has to deal wit it him damn self lol

  • nah

    Its funny though cause you trolls mothafuckas are the only people that ever go into vivid detail about faggot activity. If you hate me enough to even think about some gay shit just to talk shit, i’ve already won. LOL

    ^^^lol i assume that my comment was the comment that got under your skin the most, enough to type in that response haha

    what makes u think i hate you? all i said was that there should be a picture of you and jay-z fucking based off of my observation of you, and quite frankly, with the overwhelming evidence of you stanning the fuck outta jigga (that is clearly documented all over 2db), my comment isnt that far off from the truth homie

    You’ve already won? who do you think you are charlie sheen?? lol with the reputation that you have on this site, and again i dont hate you just making an exaggerated observation of you, you didnt win, you’ve lost (and long time agao too) haha

  • Wow, fuck that shit.

  • D39

    ^ I’m with Tyler. Fuck that shit! Asaad is obviously craving attention!


    That EXPLANATION wasnt really an EXPLANATION (lol) I aint MAD but homey just released that as the COVER ART to gain some ATTENTION to his GARBAGE ASS MUSIC

  • grere

    exactly what part of this did he think would fly to the hip hop community? with ANY explanation? people are so out of touch its unreal

  • marty mcfly

    @nah ( or whatever homotroll you are under a new name ), stop it cause your obviously a faggot cause no straight male could ever type that gayass shit you did. Its impossible bitch, you popped up talking about rectums and shooting on some super fag shit. That is the gayest shit ever writtin in the history of trolldom. now I never meant to offend the gay community but since you taking your anger out on me cause your obviously mad. My opinion on Jayz came from DISCUSSIONS and DEBATES with several other people at once in c sections on multiple occasions, so conversating takes more then one person on any giving subject dumbass. What your exhibiting is an obsession with ME and person you have never met and you have not “observed”. So again, sit your faggot ass down and STFU cause you havent got under nobody skin, I find you to be funny and a fucking fruitcake with an obsession with a person that gives no fucks about you. So YES i’ve already won and you are a classic super loser hater homotrolling fag just like your troll friends. Thee END

  • Don’t worry about it


  • marty mcfly

    I would like to take the time out to apologize to Nah. I clearly have misbehaved and would like to take this moment to honor you for blessing us with your comment in the C – section. I would like to speak to you privately and do some things that might interest you (Such as sucking your penis upside down, creampies, that type of stuff) Once again, my name is Marty McFly and I am honored to be in contact with you. I hate Jay Z and I actually love Lil B, so lets all calm down and just continue to listen to great music on this site, ignore my ignorant comments if possible. Toodalo0o!

  • JD

    2DBZ SHOULD REMOVE THIS BS. I get the whole freedom of speach/expression rights, however, as website administrators you have the right to decide what contents is acceptable on your site. Posting and leaving this hypocritical “taboo” on your website Is a form of accepting or codoning the the content or in this case a desiccational image of two of the greatest…listen to the overwhelming voice of you followers and remove the art (at minimum).

  • Owned again LOL

    @Homotroll, Like on some real shit, you need to get your life together lame cause If just my comments alone inspire this much hate a fuckery outta you and make you feel some type of way in your simple lil mind for weeks at a time? I dont have the problem, YOU do. You got issues so stop embarrassing yourself cause you just making me seem cooler in the end. Smh

  • marty mcfly

    I mean – this much hate AND fuckery outta you… I fell sorry for your mutta.

  • #KanyeShrug

    this post would have 2 comments if that picture wasnt here. i bet if you post this exact same song in two days with a different picture there still would be 5 comments tops.

  • Marty McFaggot

    This is absolutely horrible, why would this rapper end his rap career so early????

  • To Mega Therion

    Nothing is sacred.

  • geebo

    ** “My music speaks for itself” yea it does. You fuckin’ suck.***

    absolutely! whatever about the cover… i’m not offended or pissed off about it… but the song is a big sack of shit!

  • Papa Smurf

    how can he say that his music speaks for itself, but then go and pull a stunt like this to get attention? makes no sense. if the music speaks, let it speak for itself!

  • dr.dave

    whaat ttthhheee fucckkkkkkk…….

  • DoubleClutch95

    Pusha may want to rethink this new artist to the Re-Up Gang…

  • the number 6 and 2 rappers who didnt even like the illuminati and died cause of them … very respectful, asshole

  • Screw Face

    I read the release and i think people are responding without actually comprehending what they read if they read it at all. I was more offended by Odd Future lyrics and killing god, but its artistry so i don’t complain. But if ppl had reading comprehension skills then they wouldn’t be offended, schools have failed our community and reading the responses here proves that. People learn to read, then learn how to comprehend. A+ Asaad, 1000s of artist are fucked out of their royalties, publishing…i mean the art had me scratching my head but sometimes u need shock value to get ppl’s attention.