Azad Right – Old School

blame it on Shake March 21, 2012

DOWNLOAD: Azad Right – Old School

  • k3

    yea finally some Azad on here!

  • Bishman

    Azad Right is dope. Everyone check out his mixtape.

  • K

    the future

  • Porter

    This is his best track yet and I really like some of his other stuff.

  • Hartman

    Dope concept kid

  • ImOnOne

    just found out about dude last week nd now i seen him on here..

  • professor hip hop

    get this wack nxgga outta here. this dude is a fraud my nixxa talking about “the hood don’t change” and shxt. stay in your lane homie. you have the chance to tap into a market that’s never been touched by hip hop and you trying to appeal to nxggas talkin bout bad bxtches and gettin head in backstage. stay in your lane my nxgga or your shxt ain’t gon blow

  • YungLeto86

    heard this kid’s mixtape .. shit is quality. he needs to keep rappin’ bout shit like that.. shit people can relate to. hes got a lot of potential.. hes gotta stick to what he does best and not try to be someone he’s not..

  • cirocboy

    not bad

  • Clean sound, dope lyrics. Good to see him pop up on 2dopeboyz

  • murdamuzz

    concept is DOPE. Lyrics are steezy. I fucks wit Azad. Haters gon hate but keep doin you man for real.

  • big poppa

    this dudes got substance… somethin u dont hear nowadays

  • Uknown

    Heard of himself before, never gave him a chance, this song is dope though. Looking forward for more material!

  • crooks

    another hot one. good job mang

  • L

    he did it again. dope track

  • Dr. Lowblow

    Been following this guy for a while and his music just gets better and better. Looking forward to what’s next. Big ups to azad right keep doing your thing. Let the haters make you famous and watch you blow

  • AZisDOPE

    DOPE!!!!!!! where he belongs! great man!