• sad but true.

    it makes no sense when you put wack niggas like this on 2DBZ but the artists that got the good shit that you ignore... and i doubt you nor Meka listened to this fucking garbage.

  • Bareka

    Fuck this nigga talking bout Black Rob, Meek Mill, Sha Stimuli and Young Buck are garbage? The beats alone make this a necessary download.

  • http://no.com SteveKnowsRaps

    I think this is swell.

  • http://www.getyourbuzzup.com Mr.Get Your Buzz Up

    This is one of the hottest mixtapes out PERIOD!! Funny how people talk shit when they can't do things themselves.

  • Damain

    No way that hater even had time to listen. This shit is hot!!!!!

  • okthenn

    this shit cray

  • https://twitter.com/#!/candacekthe1 CandaceK

    Get it, Pain! Crazy beats. Faves are 4,5,9,17.

  • wr

    Madison in this motherfucker, Pacal I see you.

  • Lyndsay

    Amazing music!!!

  • Con-Cept

    This mixtape is ILL #RealTalk

  • Danarchy

    Sick, great work Pain


    Yeah this dude been making CLASSIC BEATS for I-20 & RAIN so this should be AUDIO HEROIN

  • Danarchy

    One of the things that distinguishes Pain from a lot of producers is his ability to produce top notch tracks in many different styles and sub-genres of hip-hop and R&B. A lot of us producers attempt to produce instrumentals in a bunch of different styles, but few can maintain the overall quality and musicality like Pain consistently does.

  • http://jaykeyz.info JaykeyZ

    Dj pain 1 goin hard I'm the paint... I rock wit it

  • arylldynamiK

    Killer beats. #18 on repeat...yup!

  • Bareka

    I just realized pill was on that meek joint damn they should've kept him on the roster smh

  • stablehorse

    If thine asshole were glued to said lips, thou comrade might just pucker.