• GoldenLeticia

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  • james dean

    like it or love it...that was definitely some real shit

  • jojoba

    WTF is up in this world. Seems like anybody who has more the 100k twitter follwoers sudenly is given a bonafied career

  • theBroKing

    take it for what it is though.. kreayshawn has some catchy stuff, you dont have to gain any "nutritional" value from it, but some of it is still catchy. just like 2 chainz, future, gucci mane, waka flocka, i get tired of listening to songs just because they're "lyrical".

  • the rapper eater

    yea how is kreayshawn hated? v nasty is the one everyone hates shake, get your facts right. v nasty drops the n word, kreayshawn doesnt. v nasty is controversial, kreayshawn isnt.

  • MikeLopez

    Don't get why 2DBz doesn't like Kreayshawn, Kreay Very different than V nasty. "v nasty is controversial, kreayshawn isnt." Just because one White Girl says nigga, that doesn't mean all here friends say the word. Hip hop has been acting Very shallow on this V Nasty/Kreay/N Word issue.

  • coupe

    cosign @james dean, I was really expecting his statement to be like "Naw, I think people get hung up on the fact that these white girls are ballin', but they're really dope as fuck". I'm glad he came straight and basically just said he felt sorry for them and figured he'd give it a shot.

    And I realize Kreayshawn doesn't say nigga, but that doesn't help her in the skill department. I'm not even anti-ignant shit (Juicy J is the shit right now!) but aside from Gucci Gucci, she's never been able to even pull off THAT style in a way that makes me want to listen. White trash in music, like in life, is usually just annoying.

  • Pops

    So you guys will post Waka, Juicy J, and shit but you won't post these wack ass broads? This site has no one on quality control.

  • GhostRideDaWhip

    Fabbie Davis gotta chill out on those eyebrows lmao.. c'mon son.