2012 XXL Freshmen Cypher pt.2 (Video)

Kid Ink, Macklemore, Don Trip and Iggy of XXL's 2012 Freshman class join the cypher.

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  • Blex

    the white people won this won...

  • shootin in the gym

    so happy these "rappers" beat out Action Bronson and Schoolboy Q, well done XXL! Did Benzino start running shit over there?


  • toodopefortv

    I cant even understand Iggy. but overall its was decent

  • pictureofmydickontheirwall

    macklemore>everyone...iggy is really bad

  • Cam


  • JW

    Why would I watch this?

  • Justin Bieber

    Wow that was dope! I want to work with Iggy!

  • Crawdaddy

    macklemore is just as overrated as everyone else. he just has everyone in seattle hyped because i mean what else do they have to live for? that city is dreadful. and iggy is well sexy (with makeup on). As long as the mute button my remote works, I'd love to see her bouncin across my flatscreen more regularly.


    Where dafuq is French Montana? Is he that bad they had to leave him out? Hahahaha. But yea Macklemore > Kid Ink > Iggy > Don Trip.

  • HeadHoncho

    Don Trip has zero personality.

  • Riot

    Macklemore> everyone else.

  • http://N/A Xi

    Macklemore is the only artist in the entire freshmen roundup.

  • http://www.thestablog.com LEEZY

    IGGGY IS THE WORST FUCKING RAPPER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'd beat tho)

  • ParisDWilson

    Don Trip was not bad at all and his personality just so happen to be a smart hood nigga!
    My list goes Macklemore > Don Trip > Kid Ink > Iggy the Dinosaur.
    Don Trip is relatable when it comes to people being impoverished and having baby mama issues.

  • Iggy Azalea

    I had severe diarrhea in me when I did this.

  • nuffsaid

    Holy shit, what's wrong with Iggy? Pretty sure Hopsin was the best shit we could hear from these series.

  • Don Trip

    When Macklemore was rapping...I thought to myself...damn, I messed up bigtime...I didn't know white boy was the good! You can see it written all over my face..

  • Rick Ross’s Left Tittie


    Hopsin was pure garbage bruh, 100% hot garbage juice...the only MC here is Macklemore. French M and Roscoe has star quality.

  • Black London

    Iggy Azalea = Struggle Rap on a hundred thousand trillion.

    The Macamorey guy was surprisingly very good, Don Trip was surprisingly not good at all and Kid Ink needs to fuck off quick fast.

    French Montana spit the best verse. Ha!

  • Vito Corleone

    God this was horrible, they should of switched like Don Trip with Danny Brown for the second to at least make this watchable the first was great compared to this. Don Trip's first song about his son was amazing his other ones are okay at best, he's boring as fuck. Macklemore is pretty dope not gonna lie. Kid Ink sounds like Chris Brown rapping. I had no clue what Iggy was saying and she sucks ass like major ass and makes me think why in the fuck did TIP sign her and Trae (guess he's into rappers with horrible voices now)

  • kdot

    did Iggy just say "i'm the chief and you're all just indians"? didn't she learn from her slavemaster comment? lol

  • http://wheresmy40acres.com WheresMy40Acres

    The first cypher was good. Even Roscoe Dash spit. ROSCOE DASH SPIT. Was it the greatest verse ever? No! But that fact that he actually took this cypher, with that wack ass beat, seriously, I can applauded his annoying voice ass. Danny Brown Killed it. Hopsin did good (how u gone call him garbage after seeing this cypher tho..dumbasses). MGK was meh ( but he's always kinda meh in cyphers, outside of that he goes). Future and Iggy were THE WORST. French Montana knew better. Macklemore sounds like Brother Ali. Don Trip went in too. How you a grown man more worried about the personality of another grown man, than you are worried about what he's actually saying IN A RAP CYPHER! IGGy ass gotta go somewhere with that "Im a hustla pimp nigga" flow

  • who cares

    Skip to Macklemore and stop when he finishes.

  • ComSense

    i thought macklemore was spitting way off beat.

  • Busta!

    This cypher was more garbage then the last one. Future spit better than all these "rappers" combine. They should know that theyre talking shit about them, and if i was them I would actually show the world what i got. They want to keep the title as the worst freshman list..
    *Cancel life subscription

  • Shaun Boogie

    Mackelemore was way off beat- which isn't a problem but it made his flow sound much choppier that it actually his. Iggy was all over the place Kid Ink could be swapped with anyone on YMCMB, and Trip, man, I'd rather watch paint dry.

  • j

    @WheresMy40Acres MGK had the best cypher so far. Im not even a fan of his, but he killed it (check BET cypher too). Hopsin's verse was good. Just good. His bars are usually great (chorus and beats on the other hand are garb) so he disappointed cuz a cypher should be Hop's home field.


    DON TRIP ... FREESTYLE was NOT AMAZING or nothing but BY FAR ... DON TRIP makes the BEST MUSIC out of everyone in this & the other CYPHER aka the WHOLE 2012 FRESHMAN CLASSIC .... LETTER TO MY SON is his MOST KNOWN SONG but yall should check out

    all them songs are TIGHT but ... VENT ... is his BEST SONG in my opinion .. even better than LETTER TO MY SON

  • Casm

    @Crawdaddy your a fucking idiot. Oh people from Seattle are putting on a Seattle rapper? Wow that's unheard of people never support artists from their city right? Lol fuckin hating ass bitch

  • marty mcfly

    Man I just dont see it in none of these mothafuckas im sorry. If you look at some of the other XXL freshman class and compare skills its like night and day difference imo. Even if you dont compare them to other past freshman, they like meh on some simple basic rap shit.

  • NYdreams

    yea xxl just need to stop witt the freshman cypher lists... i mean it was cool for a few years but too many niggas that dont deserve it be on it nowadays..

  • pinescent

    Meh this was worst then the first one...macklemore was decent, don trip is okay i guess. Iggy and Kid ink got some struggle bars...

  • NYdreams

    its sad when roscoe dash outshines every nigga in this cypher ... i mean damn who da fuck r these niggas .. get these niggas n that white bitch tha fuck outta here..

  • Crawdaddy

    @Casm you missed the point piss face. I hope your aunt catches a uninary tract infection.

  • DonRiot

    @NYdreams Chill out we all knw your rasco dash faggot lol

  • (l,k)

    i like how they gave them a shitty as fuck beat, LMAO

  • Maga D

    the last one was better... but yo.. nah, that's all I gotta say.

  • Kool G Slap

    @j MGK was hardly the best on either this or the BET cypher (Kendrick, Tech n9ne, and Krit in the same cypher and you like MGK out of that lot?). He can spit from time to time, but he tries waaay too hard to sound tough. Like really, his only appeal is white kids who got anger/parent/struggling-to-fit-in issues.

    As for the cyphers...they were pretty much trash aside from Danny Brown, Macklemore, and Dash surprisingly. Lmao at French knowing he can't do this, have you seen him try to record? Shit's like watching retards tryin to read a dr. seuss book but just making the vowel sounds.

  • Stay Frosty

    Hot beat, hot garbage from the rappers.
    Iggy's that hot chick who you see in the rap video who says she can rap/sing/dance/etc but you refuse to her aside from her attractiveness.

  • Vic D

    I thought I seen people saying Macklemore was dope then I seen this dinosaur next to me tap dancing. close call

  • egyle

    lol @ comments

  • http://refreshpodcast.com Nate

    Mack killed it. Everyone else did not