Danny! – Silly Me (Myintrotoletuknow)

blame it on Meka March 22, 2012

Danny! is finally dropping Payback, and it’s about time too. Here is the latest offering – complete with threatening DJ Kay Slay shout out – from the upcoming project.

DOWNLOAD: Danny! – Silly Me (Myintrotoletuknow) | Alt
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  • justin herschel

    album is AMAZING!!!!!!! i was given a promo copy by Danny! on his facebook about a month ago or so and the album is CLASSIC!!!!!!! And has two radio top 10 songs at least with the Bruno Mars cut & the track with Janelle Monae. And the whole albums is great!!!! not one bad song on the album. And there is a great track with E-40. Hands down one of the best albums of the year!!!!!!! Danny! aka D. Swain continues to deliver top notch work. Hands down the most slept on MC/Producer in Hip-Hop

  • Garrett

    Dat beat though GODDDDDDDDD he make it look so easy

  • The album is incredible, and this song does a great job of showing what Payback, and Danny!, are all about. Glad to see it’s finally hitting soon.

  • jahranimo

    Yeeeeeeeeeah tell em how it is Danny! Payback is gonna be the shit.

  • :P

    i want the album NOW! :(

  • i dig ittt

  • Melo15

    Guy sounds like big sean a little bit… about to give the album a look just for the jay z cosign..

  • I’m definitely happy Danny!’s hard work is starting to truly pay off in full. Album after album after album, but I guess good things come to those who wait.

  • Maga D

    YESSS!!!! lol. It’s gonna drop, can’t believe this shit, hell has frozen over. haha. Cool track here. Have yall seen the tracklist? shit’s crazy.

  • PAYBACK! AOTY 2012

  • to melo15 “sounds like big sean” ahahah, d.swain’s been in the game almost a decade before big sean put out his first mixtape. he has plenty albums already to look at that blow away anything big sean has out.

  • BLZ

    ^ Big Sean has nothing to do with Danny!
    Why yall can’t stay on subject???
    If you forgot WHY you are posting… the entry title…..
    anywayz……said all that to say…
    VERY proud of Danny!
    Especially coming out my hometown Columbia, SC
    I remember talkin to u once or twice on the phone back in the day tryin to collab when u were blowing up
    Keep it up D Swain

    – BLZ

  • Jesus

    swag on a hunnid thousand trillion

  • Song is real dope!