Asaad – New Black ® History (Documentary)

blame it on Shake March 23, 2012

The artwork used for Boss Status sure did rile up the c-section didn’t it? Keeping things moving though, the 21-year-old Philly emcee takes us on a journey through studio sessions, label meetings, radio interviews and more in the official documentary surround his New Black ® History Month project.

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  • Lynx

    so now these internet geeks are gonna start hating on this guy for some stupid reason

  • wat

    Fuck this faggot. And Lynx, it’s not a stupid reason. He really is a faggot and really deserves to be hated. Also, you’re an internet geek for visiting this blog and posting here. You’re not better than anyone.

  • same sht

    u mad

  • Wonton Soup

    I supposed this was cool. Kinda like an extended day in the life with some cool quotables.

  • theguywholikecrazybeats

    indeed this was pretty cool … this kid gone be big … his shit got that feeling around it .. like the first drake interview i saw