Mac Miller – Macadelic (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake March 23, 2012

And just like that, Mac comes through with his latest mixtape. Features include Sir Michael Rocks, Casey Veggies, Cam’ron, Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and more. Tracklist, stream and download after the jump.

01 Love Me As I Have Loved You (prod. Ritz Reynolds)
02 Desperado (prod. ID Labs)
03 Loud (prod. ID Labs)
04 Thoughts From A Balcony (prod. Sap)
05 Aliens Fighting Robots f. Sir Michael Rocks (prod. Brandun Deshay)
06 Vitamins (prod. ID Labs)
07 Fight The Feeling f. Kendrick Lamar & Iman Omari (prod. Iman Omari)
08 Lucky Ass Bitch f. Juicy J (prod. Lex Luger)
09 The Mourning After (prod. Two Fresh)
10 1 Threw 8 (prod. Black Diamond)
11 Ignorant f. Cam’ron (prod. Cardo)
12 The Question f. Lil Wayne (prod. Wally West & ID Labs)
13 Angels (When She Shuts Her Eyes) (prod. Clams Casino)
14 Sunlight f. Iman Omari (prod. Teddy Roxpin)
15 Clarity (prod. ID Labs & Ritz Reynolds)
16 America f. Casey Veggies & Joey Bada$$ (prod. Hannibal King)
17 Fuck ‘Em All (prod. ID Labs)

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller – Macadelic (Mixtape) | Alt 1 | Alt 2

  • xastey

    yeah I’ll get it for rocks cam and kdot

  • IslandKid

    wayne and kendrick? downloaded

  • NYdreams

    im not really a big mac miller fan so idk if i should download this… ill guess wait for the reviews on this site since im sure this will get more than 100 comments…

  • Give it a preview on

  • Visual

    WHOA!!! DESHAY AND MIKEY….downloaded



  • that truth

    and 2dope is on macs dick more than ever now that hes worked with kendrick. keep up the good work

  • what?

    Hmmm, some nice features and Mac’s always got great production. Though, he’s still an average rapper *shrug*


    how is 2db on mac’s dick? he had a #1 album. they aren’t supposed to play his shit? if he was in his mid 20’s and lil kids didn’t like him everyone would thinks hes a great lyricist

  • People hate on this guy too much. I don’t understand it. He’s not bad in anyway and proves he can work with alot of people in the industry. He has a great ear for beats too. Why all the hate? Just wondering.


    Its ok not what i would expect from mac, no dwnload

  • 2dope4nope

    I guess I gotta peep thru that datpiff before I DL but I’m for damn sure I ain’t mad at the artwork

  • Master Lee

    Most Dope. Stop hating. Mac is doing his thing right now.

  • Mac Miller

    Did I really release this garbage?

  • LALowkey

    ^^^^^ LOL Damn…

  • Crash

    the son Mac doesnt get enough credit. This tape is good work. Made my day.

  • k dot

    This shit is good so far. Mac improved alot

  • trav

    by far, mac’s BEST work since K.I.D.S.

  • k dot

    People need to give dude a chance, i mean his past shit has been ass but this right here is decent. I dont get it, people aint even listen to it yet but say its garbage…. smh

  • kd

    this is pretty dope actually. No idea what yall talkin bout

  • Sir Escobar

    @NYdreams DO NOT wait on reviews from the people on this site, cause most of their comments are just filled with bias and hate. IF your gonna download it, then download it, if not then don’t. 2dopeboyz commentors are not the type of people you want to take reviews from on this site.

  • Chaser

    Macadelic> Taylor Allderdice

  • strap

    Taylor Allderdice > Macadelic

  • milly

    the features all bodied mac and so did the producers. umm brandun deshay/lex/clams? thats the only reason i like this tape but ill skip most of mac’s verses lets all tbh

  • nookz89

    Very Big Improvement. Like this better than his album.

  • goblin

    OF tape vol. 2> Macadelic, Taylor Allderdice

  • nickd


  • trav

    yo if i was ever in a car with a nigga that was playin mac miller id beat the shit outta him on site b.

  • here come Mac Miller fans trying to find ways to rationalize why people hate their hero

    yea the beats and features are the highlights of the tape..dude sounds the same on every single track til the point it gets boring..the songs have absolutely no replay value..he’s the epitome of an average rapper

  • thehungergames

    if not for the features and production i would of passed on this, this guys really attracting talent

  • thehungergames

    brandun deshay is a beast

  • Indie!

    By far the best Mac Miller mix tape! Definitely wasn’t expecting these type of deep/emotional songs.. I’m not really even a fan of his work.

  • wtf


    where the fuck is the talent he’s attracting? please show me? i figure it was nothing to get kendrick on a song being that they both were at the frshman cover shit he probably just rode his dick the entire time like he do niggas on twitter daily.Cam’ron was just in the studio with wiz im sure wiz was just like”yo please cam just do it for me i’ll even shoot you a lil extra” i know you’re not talking about lil wayne. lil wayne isnt even good anymore.anyone can get lil wayne on a song because at this point in his career he’s all about his bread.he didnt even shout him out when his finished rappin.if wayne truly fucks with a person he’ll mention them when he’s done rappin.he just sent this lil fag a verse once he got his money for the track.

  • Ihatemacmiller

    can’t wait for pitchfork to tear this to shreds

  • King_Sky

    @wtf What talent is Mac attracting? Clams Casino, Lex Luger, Kendrick Lamar, Casey Veggies, BrandUn DeShay, Sir Mickey Rocks, Cam’ron, Cardo, Teddy Roxspin. Whether you like it or not he is getting good producers and rappers on this tape. Your comment was just pure stupidness. I’m not a Mac fan but damn I felt like slapping the shit outta you when I read your comment. You’re just hating for the sake of hating.

  • Tyrann

    Co Sign @Trav.Yo A Nigga Would Get Robbed ,Bruised & Beaten If Dudes On My Block Caught Someone Riding Through Playing Any Of These Wack Rappers. A Nigga Got Stabbed Listening To Lil B Where I Stay.Im Forced To Believe Most Of You Nigga Live In The Surburbs Or Just A Bunch Of House Niggas Or Just Live In A Neighborhood Full Of Pussies Or All 3.

  • wtf

    “I’m not a Mac fan but damn I felt like slapping the shit outta you when I read your comment.”

    i wouldnt do it

  • wtf

    silly niggas

  • Indie!

    @wtf! SHUT UP! that comment was pathetic! stop hatin..

  • Jets Fool


  • 40 oz. To Freedom

    AIn’t gonna lie, not a big Mac fan he has a couple on my iPhone but this is kinda tight. Decent features, and a great ear for beats on this one. Ridin’ the beats pretty well too. Nice release Mac. Lovin’ the title and cover art too. I want a shirt with that print.

  • Indie!

    @40 oz. Definitely agree with everything you said!

  • Indie!

    @40 oz. Bring extra lube you’re getting me excited!

  • Benski

    Agree with 40 as well. Not sure why this project is garnering so much hate.

  • 40 oz. To Freedom

    @Benski @Indie! We’re gonna have so much fun in bed while playing this cd :)

  • Jerry

    if lil wayne wasnt on it more than half the niggas hating wouldnt be hating. yall are pathetic straight up. discard an entire mixtape based off one feature. typical bitch made hip hop purist hypocrisy.
    that’s why artists dont fuck with you

  • Devin

    Whoever said this is better than Taylor Allderdice PLEASE PRETTY FUCKING PLEASE kill yourself as soon as possible.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    Song wit Kendrick is the coldest.. That nigga is the cotdamm truth forreal

  • solo


    Lil Wayne is actually 1 of the few highlights on this.

  • Cam’ron

    Damn I still gunna have to collab with this nigga after hearing this garbage ass crap…guess I gotta charge him even more now and change my number.

  • spencer

    Blue Chips > Macadelic, Taylor Allderdice, OF 2

  • OPOT


  • J.T.

    Its kind of boring to me. The lazy voice just puts me to sleep and the beats arent really that nice in my opinion. Respect to Mac though for maintaining his popularity. I may not like it but others I know will.

  • A-Cup

    Cam when was the last time you had a number one album?

  • Esquire

    This is sad.

  • Underground Gorilla

    Some will take this as me hating on Mac but: isn’t it kinda strange how this guy manage’s to get all this great producer’s and some of these big name artist to appear on his projects?

    -I mean prod. from ID Labs & Cardo is guaranteed. But he’s also worked with Just Blaze, No I.D, etc.
    -And I never thought some of these rapper’s would work with him. Like Cam and Wayne and Kendrick? If he does a collab with Kanye, im gonna be lost.
    -Gotta admit though, Mac does keep it real with himself, and other’s. Wish I could say the same for some of these other cats…

  • BK

    @ Tyrann

    Stfu you Internet wangsta, you well know you ain’t doing a damn thang you pussy ass faggot.

  • Your Fasja

    It’s not half as bad as you guys say it is. It has a lazy sound but that seems themed throughout the project. Kendrick and Wayne songs are dope, Cam and Juicy are highlights. Don’t hate you fools sound like clowns trollin’ these boards. Just bump what you like and trash the rest like you do with all your downloaded FREE shit and keep it movin’

  • PRalines

    There’s a saying in hip hop… “Real recognize real.” all of you out there calling Mac a bitch need to get out off this site, because you’re not fans of hip hop.

  • who cares

    lmao this dude got sympathy “Dope’s” just cause he got Kendrick on here. Gtfo this dude is whack as fuck. Now everyone in here actin’ like Wayne is nice still. “Oh my god he got Wayne on here too! He must be good!” Wayne fell off years ago. Ya’ll some bandwagon ass hoes who can’t think for yourselves

  • Sir E

    he needs to quit trying to be Wiz, once he does that he’ll get back to “Finer Things” “K.I.D.S.” joints like that…your Mac Miller not Mac Wiz Khalifa Miller…

  • Master Lee

    This is Mac’s best project by far. He’s shown a lot of growth and improvement from his earlier work. Yet you niggas still have to hate dont you? This is why I hate the C-Section. Your all a bunch of bitter rappers mad that you never made it. Give Mac some credit. This tape is definitely Most Dope.

  • bosshawg

    That song with Juicy J is fucking crazy!

  • Pauly D

    I’m gonna be honest, at the start of 2011, I was a major Mac hater. But Blue Slide Park and this has made me a fan. He’s not a serious lyricist or something like that, but he makes very dope music overall!

  • Stop

    I already flipped that xx song on 1 threw 8 and did it much better …. The song is called fantasy by the xx

  • Oracle

    Mac Miller Fans = Justin Bieber Fans. Always trying to justify his pre school raps.

  • AR

    No matter what its still a great piece of free work, Mac is a decent lyricist but if you constantly compare him to Eminem because he’s white of course he’s gonna look like shit

  • timboslice

    clams casino makes some hypnotizing ass beats

  • mhm

    lol niggas always saying wayne fell off…in YOUR opinion he might’ve fell off lyrically, but popularity wise…dude aint going no where.

    wayne’s bigger than ever. wayne always has a song or is featured on a song thats topping the charts. so say what you want, hes still being listened to apparently.

    idk what other rapper has had this kind of reign on the rap game for as long as wayne has.

  • Swageezy

    i went straight to kendricks verse…

    i heard about this mixtape but none of these mixtapes. at least mac’s making the right moves

  • k dot

    Imma kendrick fan and of course like every other kendrick fan they went straight to the song with him on it. But i decided to listen to the other shit and mac has improved man. When you dont compare rappers to other rappers it makes it alot easier to listen to. Mac has never been a super lyricl cat. He just makes chill music, and as far as that i prefer this shit over wizs wack ass mixtape.

  • So far it’s aight. But if dude keeps talkin about sippin lean…….he is not about that life.

  • Al

    If you think Mac isnt any good lisyen to the song he just did with Raekwon and Posdnous its fiiire. Or listen to the song that 9th wonder produced for him called the scoop on heaven

  • Anyone

    Mac is shit. all the teen white kids eat up this shit though and I don’t know why. he’s fucking awful. awful. he does get good beats– that really has nothing to do with his skill level though.

  • Lil Wayne

    Who is this lil nigga?

  • anyone who says they dont fuck with at least 1 song on this tape is sorry af…what 20 something pumps out material like this on a bi-yearly basis..curren$y, TDE…not many will make that category. the guy did a song with Raekwon and Postanous! his resume speaks for itself imo..

  • dat nicca

    yall so stupid like straight up a bunch of faggots on dis site an dats why i dont come to 2dope boyz. cuz yall hatin ass niggas! r u gon tell me french montana can rap better then this white dude? nah didnt think so! how come raekwon, ski beatz, camron, Iman omari, kendrick, wayne, luger and every other mafuckin rapper think this dude ill as fuck? cuz he a 20 y.o. white suburban dude tryin to make a name for himself, yall need to eat a dick and go back 2 ur hatin ass shitty music u listen to #realtalk

  • n/a

    whoever said hes tryin to be wiz your a dickhead lyrically wiz cant fuck wit him…just cuz he dont talk about fuckin shootin n stabbin ppl hes whack? nah stop hatin for a second n listen to the word play…just cuz hes white and not eminem everybody gotta talk shit stop hatin you wouldnt know a real lyricist if they kicked you in the dick faggots

  • 40 oz. To Freedom

    I think dudes are just mad a “white boy” came from nowhere and yapped all their features and took their choice beats. Haters gonna hate, lovers wanna love I dont really give a fuck about the negative comments above……or below do ya thing Mac. Hate hate hate.

  • 40 oz. to Freedom

    @Benski @Indie! We’re gonna have so much fun in bed while playing this cd :)

    40 oz. To Freedom said this on March 23rd, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    Get a grip dude. Quit posin’ as me & being butt hurt cuz ya got ya shit fucked by WHITE KID that ain’t even the top 10 white rappers. You kids all bent outta shape. These type a C-Section comments shoulda been aborted.

  • anthony

    This is heavy. i don’t even like mac miller. nice choice of beats man.

  • YoloDolo

    Lol at somebody saying “ppl get stabbed for listening to ___” …yo music ain’t that fucking serious b. If it is to you, then you just need to evaluate your coon lifestyle.

  • mydick

    didnt read the comments but im sure there are some haters and they need to fall back. this shit is legit

  • Master Lee

    So your telling me Mac Miller is wack. But you love 2 Chainz, French Montana, Waka Flocka and Future right? You guys are a bunch of idiots. Mac Miller shits on all of them lyrically and you know it. Keep hating though. The more you hate the more Mac gets bigger and bigger.


    lmao YoloDolo, so true

  • ihatemacmiller

    honestly your all idiots, this is what is wrong with hip hop today. I hate mac miller and he represents nothing but “frat rap” bullshit.

  • wtf

    i used to hate Mac but this mixtape made me become a fan. open your fuckin mind and listen to this shit and you’ll realize that it’s good music. Thoughts From a Balcony is the best song on this.. fuckin dope

  • Joe

    is it just me or is mac starting to sell out…? mac is great dont get me wrong but i think the beats he got on just dont match his style…

  • Rick O Shea

    If mac were black I’d listen to it. he just sounds too white like all dub step sounds the same

  • crackass

    it’s better than the blue slide park.

  • Don Kennedy

    @Rick O Shea
    Ignorance. Caring about ethnicity in that sense leads to tragedies such as the Trayvon Martin case. Nonetheless, that questions beat is radioactive.

  • If this were a 5 song EP called “The Mac” with only these songs:

    The Mac
    1. Love Me As I Have Loved You
    2. Desperado
    3. Thoughts From A Balcony
    4. Fight The Feeling (featuring Kendrick Lamar & Iman Omari)
    5. The Mourning After
    6. Clarity
    7. America (featuring Casey Veggies & Joey Bada$$)

    Those songs were the best to me. (I probably would have liked it, without hearing the other songs. They just made it seem inflated) It’s too inflated i think I’ll make an album cover and make a shortened version with just those songs.

  • 7 Song EP*

  • OnlyRealNiggaHere


  • Rick O Shea

    @don kennedy
    its not that im ignant, its just his suburban white voice that throws me off.

  • datskat

    Sunlight = What Mac should stick to

  • Don Kennedy

    Can’t clown you for not liking his voice but I’ve heard black people sounding pretty damn close to how he sounds. That would throw you off.

  • Pat Paul

    Macadelic and 4evaNaDay are both in heavy rotation for me right now but Macadelic is going to take some time to get used to, Mac went in a new direction with his music

  • kd

    fat trel is trash

  • Mr.November

    Casey Veggies ruined “America”. I don’t see his hype.

  • NO

    FUCK 2DOPEBoyz