Plies – We Are Trayvon (Trayvon Martin Tribute)

blame it on JES7 March 24, 2012

In light of the recent tragic and inexcusable events that unfolded over the past couple of months, Plies pens a tribute song for the fallen 17 year old. The song will be available on iTunes next Tuesday and all proceeds will go toward the Martin family. #RIP Trayvon

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  • DK

    Decent for Plies song.

  • I wonder if this is a tribute to Trayvon Martin..

  • Your Father

    Plies actually comes through when talks about real issues.

  • prk

    Plies first album still remains a fav of mine regardless of the hate it tends to receive.

  • datruth

    people need to get over this shit! niggers get killed everyday! who gives a fuck! bunch of emotional pussies

  • Maga D

    Past couple of months? Hasn’t even been a month though. lol.

  • VItheKid

    @maga d it happened a while ago, but everyone has really heard about it recently

  • Kim

    WAIT A MINUTE!! did he just say “I never thought you could kill somebody and get out the same night” but this the same guy who rapped about hiding in someones bushes and killing them and paying his lawyer to get outta jail SMH fucking hypocrite

  • (l,k)

    ^was about to post that too, i cosign the other top comment too:

    Where is your tribute for the African American children kill every day by gang members while on the way to school or on their way back home? Are they not good enough for you? What about that white boy set on fire by 2 Black boys? Still not good enough for you? What about the lady kill when those black boys push that shopping car on her head?

  • eatshit

    shut the fuck up and make those songs yourself. Stupid fucks. suck a dick u bunch of faggots.

  • wat

    Wow Kim and (l,k), you ARE a bunch of faggots. This dude does something good and you wanna try to bring him down?

  • marty mcfly

    @(l,k), were the killers of those people allowed to walk away from the murder claiming it was self defense like a pack of skittles is a weapon? Were those people allowed to go home after they followed then chased down then killed someone? Ok then, so either write those songs yourself or write a note to Eminem or MGK or Justin Beiber cause he’s making a rap album now smh, and tell them to write a song for those victims you named.

  • Timothy

    Fuck the protesting do what LA did start rioting .

  • Ermac

    @ datruth how about I kill you nobody will give a shit…fucking idiot

  • mcrein

    this nigga is selling this song on itunes WTF- trying to capitalise off a tragedy (not a trubute)

  • dt

    @mcrein yo ignorant ass obviously didnt read the whole description. he isnt making a profit for himself, the proceeds are being donated to the Martin family

  • lebron james

    everybody would be happy if i died though :(

  • Thisis

    Plies is (who really knows) donating the proceeds to the family but yet I can help but feel this is not sincere. It seems like just another attempt to shyne light on his fading carrer. The issue was not the hoodie but race and yet people still use it as a way to implicate it as motive in the case. It was raining the night the young child was killed, so if he had an umbrella would have this been the umbrella song? Wake up …people, there are far better ways to help Trayvon’s family than a song by a fake gangster who build his career on lies.

  • Taylor3

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  • (l,k)

    im just saying none of that shit gets the publicity it deserves too, not taking away from this, so shut the fuck up and go be butthurt somewhere else

  • 2dope4nope

    Hmm “The song will be available on iTunes next Tuesday and all proceeds will go toward the Martin family.” is the family banking off his death I don’t get it what is it grief money or donating for funeral costs I mean it’s hoodies for me in a hot ass LA time but it’s to stop the race shit and at Thisis word bruh but damn the government needs to cut the bullshit and just give that hillbilly a sentence already I mean that fool followed him not a bullshit stand ur ground again #white man freebie and take a look at casino jack <<< google that.

  • LALowkey

    Everyones talkin about how if Trayvon was white….but if Zimmerman was black no one would even know about this. The first thing the media feeds you is that its a white man. Never mentioning his Hispanic roots.It could be a race thing, don’t get me wrong… Its sad that a black child died, this goes on daily in our OWN communities. What its saying to me is that we would rather hear about blacks killing blacks, not another race. Sad..

  • Realnizz

    nah man whats sad is that the kid was killed off zimmerman thinking he was bout to cause trouble just because he was young, black, and wearing a hoodie. What they need to do is lock that bitch up before someone kills him, his ass needs to rot in jail

  • Jedi_Mind

    I say respect, but it seems as though many rappers today use tragic moments like these just to get some attention from the media/listener. You really think Plies cares that much about someone he’s never met, and if he did, don’t you think he’d do something more than make a rap song to get HIMSELF & the guy attention?

  • marty mcfly

    I get why people mite think Plies is trying to profit off this but I just wanna remind you that before this situation Plies put out four albums, two of which are gold. He has four gold singles and two platinum singles. So its safe to say he doesnt need any help with money or his career. Do I think he’s a dope artist? No so much but I dont think he’s doing this for attention cause we all already know who he is.

  • Taylor

    I like the song ! People are so negative the comments above aren’t even called for ! I’m a black teen and too many of OUR KIND are dying everyday over STUPIDITY ! I will forever stand up for what I believe in and right now I’m standing up for the Trayvon movement :)

  • Nasty Nas

    The stereotyping by the killer was racist but you can’t say the ruling is racist. I am pretty sure if it had happened with hispanic and blacks, ruling would still be fhe same. Most blacks are killed during black on black crimes than racial crimes. I hate how our community blames race right away during racial crimes but when worst things happen and need to be fixed inside our own system. You can’t choose some and ignore some. Black culture in media flashes this very sterotypical lifestyle. We have to fix ourselves before pointing fingers
    R.I.P. Trayvon though.

  • marty mcfly

    The difference is when blacks kill blacks, somebody goes to jail and in alot of situations when other people kill blacks whether they be police or other citizens they do not face any charges let alone go to jail. Thats the point

  • fuck out here with that we are the world shit

    the media has gone too far with this tragedy. this was not a hate crime. do I think the kid deserve to die? no. people need to read what really happened in this situation. the picture of Trayvon is a picture of Trayvon 4 years ago. at the time of his death, he was a 17 years old kid who happened to be 6’3 at that. now people from Plies, the Miami Heat and political figures trying to create a story of their own of the situation. where are these same hypocrites when it involves a black on black crime. go watch some first 48, and march for the families who are also victims.

  • marty mcfly

    My thing is how can you justify the murder of somebody that was unarmed and running from someone who was told not to follow him in the first place? If Trayvon appeared to be a threat which I HIGHLY doubt, does that mean he should be killed? If you dont like how someone looks should you just chase them down and blow them away?

  • Jogrind

    All Trayvon wanted to do was get home before a stranger man following him caught up. Zimmerman wanted to detain Trayvon or stop him from getting to the house until the police arrived because quote… “THEY ALWAYS GET AWAY!!!!”. (Who are they? Innocent kids walking?)


    In the 911 tapes you can hear Zimmy saying “he’s checking me out” and then you hear Zimmy get out of the car and start running and out of breath as the 911 dispatcher says “are you following him? we don’t need you to do that police are on their way.”

    The kid didn’t chase him and if he told the police that Trayvon did chase him then he must know that he did something wrong!!! WHY LIE IF YOU DID NOTHING WRONG???

    Zimmy told his dad that same lie and his dad repeated it to reporters. THEY HAS TO CHANGE HIS DEFENSE AFTER THE 911 TAPES CAME OUT OF HIM ADMITTED HE WAS CHASING TRAYVON!! That is why his lawyer said “Stand Your Ground” doesn’t apply!!

  • e.c

    This is a very sad moment…Florida is a right to protect state that is there law…meaning they can defend if they feel they have to..however this is not the case…after he was told not to confront the victim he was within the law but when he decided to he was then outside the law so where is the justice…some of these comments i have read on here is just plane disrespect and this boy is not hear to defend his self…murder is murder and it was pre meditated and justice will b served…let him rip and god will handle the rest and the so called people who can go to school to sit behind a stand and judge and have the right to determine someone life. remember we all got to answer on judgement day

  • NiggaG

    Fuck Trayvon Martin, Who gives a fuck about some nigger getting gunned down while doing his “suspicious” activity. He was suspended for drugs and was most likely doing something no so legitimate.

  • Jsimmons602

    I’m so sick and tired of black people in this country crying. That kids that got shot was a typical little black punk that we we should ask all be fearful of. I don’t care how many wholesome pictures the media wants to paste all over the news about him. This kids no doubt knew that mr.zimmerman was a neighborhood watch advocate. He probably didn’t like the fact that he couldn’t do whatever the fuck he wanted in that neighborhood because of him being there! Black people have a blatent disregard for established authority, much less a concerned citizen who is watching his neighborhood to keep it safe from punks! Instead of turning this into a rally cry for black injustice, it should be a rally cry for more law abiding citizens to take up arms to eliminate this increasing floods of minority scum that are undermining the social fabric of this country.

  • jdgwj

    Niggers smell like shit to me. Take a shower. Spend less time crying about what happend to your ancestors, or rallying, or rioting, and get a fucking job. Go to school and educate yourself. Blacks breed their own racism. You loud mouth, attention grabbing knuckle draggers see color before.any one else. You make people like me, who used to be tolerant of everyone, into people who hate.

  • fuckyoupayme

    White people are retarded. Theyre brain washers and liars. They say the stupidest thing to try to cover their lies and history, hell they try to rewrite history. This one cry for attention for one black man dying will spread light for all the millions more unlawfully murdered. Black people keep fighting. These honkys hate it, we love, they losing. Rip Treyvon Martin.

  • scott

    a brown man kills a black boy and black people blame a white man for it. fuck, i HATE black people.

  • Jason

    Act like a Thug Die like one!

  • marty mcfly

    Heres some new interesting evidence for you devils that cosign the murder of Trayvon. Autopsy reports show that there where NO bruises on Trayvon’s fists on any points of impact consistent with a person knuckles and someone’s face. There was also indications of DISTANCE between the gun and the bullets entry in Trayvons chest. There is also VIDEO FOOTAGE of Zimmerman uninjured and NOT bleeding from the head or face. On top of the fact that we already know Zimmerman was told not to continue to follow Trayvon at the time he was running and unarmed. Smh at you devils

  • marty mcfly

    A Detective Sereno has said it did not appear to be a self defense altercation and that if anything it was Trayvon defending himself being that Zimmermans gun was visible according to his own side of the story. Zimmerman also had NO signs of dirt or water on his back even after it was raining and he said he on his back in the struggle.

  • shiloh

    you racists sound like ignorant fools, it’s a damn shame.

  • Billy

    I just love the way the media “Tetrisize” the whole thing. They give a sanitized version of Trayvon with a cuddly picture of when he was 12 all nice and cute. Not in his gangsta get up!! They make no mention of the grass on Zimmerman’s back and the marks in HIM!!
    That, folks, is tetrisizing!!! Twisting the story to fit a hole that scores you points!

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Thats the thing though, Zimmerman claimed to be a bloody mess, but there was no sign of blood. No evidence of any blood as been brought forward from off the ground, there was no blood on his clothes and there was no blood gathered by the people from the ambulance service. At least no evidence of blood has surfaced at this point. On top of that, from the time Trayvon hung up his cell phone to the time he was shot was only 60 seconds. This would mean Trayvon would have to leave Zimmerman in a bloody mess in one minute according to Zimmerman and the witnesses who already knew Zimmerman before hand. The eye witnesses who did not already know Zimmerman and the people who showed up on the scene afterwards with no connection to Zimmerman say that they did not see Trayvon beating him or any signs of injury.

  • Dontrelle Jawaun Jackson

    if sum white honky try ta cap me, ida capd him b4 he new wut hit em!
    black power repersant!!1!

  • Jigaboo

    Oogah boogah! Bix nood!

  • Hiz Mammy

    He beez a good keeid, he din do nuffin! He wuz turnin’ his life aroun’ in skoo an Sheeit,Dawg! Dat rayciss craKKKa honKKKy beez keepin’ us dowm! We beez keepin’ it reel an sheeit! Word.

  • ray

    We would not need a court system if it wasn’t for blacks. It’s like 90% of crime is by blacks. Maybe that’s y he is dead.

  • Try to Tell the Truth Next Time

    @marty mcfly

    Why are you just making things up? There was blood on Zimmerman when he got to the police station; as a matter of fact, in the video, you can see a knot on his head and while he’s being searched, one officer has to wipe the blood off of his hand. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Zimmerman deserves jail time, but I certainly don’t think it’s appropriate to just make up facts.


    What about that white boy set on fire by 2 Black boys? Still not good enough for you? What about the lady kill when those black boys push that shopping car on her head?



  • Ignorant

    Dontrelle Jawaun Jackson – That is a great comment you made the funny thing is if a white guy said it you would be headline news right?

  • haha

    Yeah, marty, quit lying. Youre over there talking about ambulances and shit and Zimmy didnt even go to the hospital. I know youre like the biggest know-it-all in the world, but u cant just write a new story according to what you want to be the truth.

  • P

    Ya Uh fuck this shit. Honestly? Why is this SUCH a big fucking deal? I can’t believe the president is involved. . . Shouldn’t he be fuckin worried on are Economy? Also the dude who shot him look like a Mexican. . . not White/Mexican. . . I feel those are the ignorant people trying to add white in there to consider us raciest. . . THIS IS PURE BULL SHIT. . . I feel sorry for BOTH family’s but they are making this a conspiracy by only showing the 17 year old’s pictures of when he was like 12 or 10. . . Hello. . . No one is perfect and it seems they are just hiding the truth. FUCK THIS real talk. Why you guys kissing this family’s ass. . . its not like you knew that person. . . jesus. . get a life! Tell the president stop using this little story to prevent lower gas prices!

  • Ic

    ^– lol!!! Agreed!

  • ms unpredictable30

    i think everybody need to get a life. All of this is stupid justice will be served. All of the things I have seen written about blacks is very stupid please get a life because we r not in slavery anymore this is 2012 it is what it is.

  • tyrone biggums

    This little nigger was a criminal and I hope crimestoppers sent zimmerman a check. More normal white people need to carry protection and then these animals will think twice. Take your fucking gay hoodies and memorial shirts and look dumber than you people already look. Its been like 200 years since slavery so get over it and learn the language of English, stop acting like wild animals and stealing and killing. Get a job and work for your own. No more handouts and get off of welfare. Noone feels sorry for any of you or tryvone it what ever his name was, again tribal. Point is we don’t here about he everyday cars jackings and home invasions from niggers so I can care less if one gets killed and thy wanna make a big deal. Also why the fuck are these idiots called African American, its either African or American. I’m not Italian, German, Irish American. Again tribal animals.

  • Ihatetrolls

    Most of the ignorant, racist comments on here make no sense at all, but I understand that more than likely there is some idiot at a computer keyboard typing shit that they would never say to a black man’s face… regardless, Plies song was done as a heartfelt tribute to this fucked up situation, Trayvon did nothing wrong other than live as a black man. It’s not fair for us…

  • tyrone biggums

    Lazy, dumb, and racist is what I think about almost all “colored” people. Even know black is not a fucking color, its the least amount of any color actually. Again dumb and lazy and lookin for free handouts. What about the 5 niggers who kidnapped the white wife and husband and tortured them and set them on fire. Where the fuck was that on the news my brotha?????? You want treated fair and called African pack your shit and get the fuck out of OUR country. Go to tour home land and teach them to plant a seed and get civilized.

  • Reality Perceived

    Do the world a favor and get rid of Trayvon’s “parents” too.

    #1 Who trademarks their son’s death?
    #2 Who acts like they care, after their son laid in the morgue, unidentified, for 3 days.
    #3 Who names someone “Trayvon?”

    The wretchedly ill-named and indisposed Boy never had a chance.

    I’ll repeat how I found this site, “FUCK TRAYVON!”