Rita Ora – R.I.P. (I’m Ready For Ya) (rmx) f. Tinie Tempah & Drake

blame it on JES7 March 24, 2012

Last month, Rita unveiled her Aubrey-penned R.I.P. produced by UK champions Chase & Status. Today, OVOXO liberates a remix, where Drizzy drops a few verses for the London songstress. Spotted: Soul Culture UK via OVOXO. EDIT: Being that I’ve never heard the demo, I had no previous knowledge that these are old verses. So, this is mixed with those mentioned old verses.

DOWNLOAD: Rita Ora – R.I.P. (I’m Ready For Ya) (rmx) f. Tinie Tempah & Drake

  • Ryan

    This shit was so much doper when drake was the only one singing it.

  • WasteOfTime

    Why did I listen to this whole horrible version hoping THIS “remix” would have something new by the way of Drake verses – like Justice insinuated – and all we get are the original verses he rapped on the demo?? Thanks a lot for wasting our time. Now go and update the description so people know it’s just an edit of the remix with Drake’s original verses mixed in. SMH..

  • WasteOfTime

    My comment still stands – it should say, “with Drizzy’s original verses mixed in.” Don’t try and skate the issue when it’s obviously misleading. Do you though..

    (p.s. when you’re computer literate it takes literally 40 seconds to write my original comment… a lot less time then waiting on some new verses)

  • al

    Now thats bullshit justice…..

  • vivo

    justice c’mon…whats to prevent you from posting random old songs and claiming you never said they were old…clearly the original post insinuated, like WasteOfTIme said, that there were new bars…

  • that truth

    lol this bitch and tinnie are garbage. why is drake still singin the bridge thats from a females pov? drakes solo version>>>

  • LOL @ op talking shit to the c-section instead of fixing mistakes. Success gettin to ur head over there at 2dbz?

  • kmob

    lmao but i swear i got the demo from 2dopeboyz..guess not

  • JC

    they should have just inserted his ACTUAL rap verse in the song other than everything else because everything else said besides his rap verse is from a female perspective. this remix is dumb

  • Drake had a better version no matter how pause worthy it was. Funny thing is I think I got that demo from this site too!

  • thakid

    I have listened to the demo version so many times over the past year that any other artist on it is gonna sound retarded

  • andrew

    drakes version was way better even though it was writen for a girl to sing it was stil 10x better

  • IOJI

    does this girl have like zero creativity or something. taking a 3 year old song by another artist and using it as your first single instead of making a new one tf who does that. smh some pop artists are so insultingly lazy

  • Frass

    this guy justice also on some shifty shit. the post clearly implied new material. and the fact that you corrected yourself confirms that

  • Reez

    theres nothing that stands out about her. Drakes version is way better

  • i like how dudes name was WasteOfTime and in reading his comment i felt i was wasting my time.

  • Rerre

    tired of all these light skin girls with blond hair we dont need another one. shit is played out and this girl is just bland.

  • J.T.

    This is a mistake. Drake did this shit so long ago that people dont really wanna hear a new version now. Plus her parts werent really exciting at all. They should scrap this and pick a new single.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Original version with Drake is 50 times better. The hook, verses, singing and beat was way better on the original easily! This version is trash!