• http://jbfcustoms.com Rahn Devri

    FINALLY 2DBZ stop sleepin' I see! This album was fire!!!

  • Ross

    This is pretty dope, especially the first track!

  • Damon

    Damn this nigga still rapping? Ol "I went to Southfield Lathrup" ass nigga. Dude was a lame in high school. We used to punk this guy. Ol " I look on the floor when I walk" lame.

  • Jon

    Seconds Away is getting love and Damon is a lame ass dude. This is a music blog about music not about your lame ass talking about what you use to do.

  • Britt

    Shoutouts to Scolla from continue to shine on these lames
    Don't know who Damon is but I went to Lathrup with Scolla and he was never a lame. Don't sweat these cats Fred, They say you aint winning til somebody is hating. Looks like you're on!

  • http://blog.lyriciss.com Lyriciss

    Congrats on a solid project to the homie Scolla...the progress is being made.
    LRC - Lunchroom Champions

    Peace & Hip-Hop

  • Johnny L