Scolla Meets SMKA - Seconds Away (Album)

Scolla emancipates a free project, entirely produced by ATL's SMKA production unit. The entire project was actually funded by fans who helped contribute to Scolla's Kick Starter campaign. Alternatively, you can support Scolla by copping the project on iTunes or Bandcamp. Features by Phil Ade, Skewby, Rico Law and more. This will be in rotation for awhile over this side.

DOWNLOAD: Scolla Meets SMKA - Seconds Away (Album) | Alt.
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  • FINALLY 2DBZ stop sleepin' I see! This album was fire!!!

  • Ross

    This is pretty dope, especially the first track!

  • Damon

    Damn this nigga still rapping? Ol "I went to Southfield Lathrup" ass nigga. Dude was a lame in high school. We used to punk this guy. Ol " I look on the floor when I walk" lame.

  • Jon

    Seconds Away is getting love and Damon is a lame ass dude. This is a music blog about music not about your lame ass talking about what you use to do.

  • Britt

    Shoutouts to Scolla from continue to shine on these lames
    Don't know who Damon is but I went to Lathrup with Scolla and he was never a lame. Don't sweat these cats Fred, They say you aint winning til somebody is hating. Looks like you're on!

  • Congrats on a solid project to the homie Scolla...the progress is being made.
    LRC - Lunchroom Champions

    Peace & Hip-Hop

  • Johnny L



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