AZ – My Ni**as (prod. Buckwild)

blame it on Meka March 26, 2012

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AZ and the DITC beatsmith link up for the first offering from the AZiatic One’s Doe or Die II. Dope. Ness.

  • Taylor4

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  • Walnuts

    yo this joint is pretty ill. loving him shouting out Wu and Jay and shit. I need a AZ x NaS x DJ Premier joint on Doe or Die II

  • Igotcha

    I can’t wait for this album. I was starting to wonder if he had changed his mind about it. Rza said he had like 500 beats just sitting around at the crib. AZ needs to go holla at RZA. He was talking about having something from Rza on DOD2

  • leutrim rexhaj

    i am praying for this album to live up to its potential, but this song isnt even that hot, idk why people dick ride az so hard and say he has the nicest lyrics and flow, because none of that matters if he cant make good songs

  • V

    @leutrim rexhaj Honestly do you even understand what you typed? If I understand what you’re trying to say, if he doesn’t have a club hit he sucks? If people like you surrounded AZ the album would be trash. And it’s not dick riding if dude is ill with is craft, dude can spit.

  • jibraltar

    got every album since doe or die…been a long time coming gents!

  • @ V
    I’m a big AZ fan, and I cosign Leutrim, he ain’t talking about club songs at all I don’t know how you took that out of his post. I agree this song is somewhat subpar, and if you’ve been listening to AZ as long as I have, you’d know his weakness is songwriting (not EVER, just recently, specfically after The Format album). This song is okay, but just like every AZ fan knows, he is capable of doing better than this, not that this is trash, but I don’t really see this as a street single to pump up hype for the album, defintely a decent track, but its not really hyping me up for this album more than what I had imagined his first single to sound like. Either way still looking forward to Doe or Die 2, hopefully he’s holding on to the better tracks.

  • Meh

    Big AZ AND Buckwild fan, and Im actually disappointed in the song and the beat. Definitely not weak, but not AZ or Bucks best work at all. Hoping this is the weakest song on Do Or Die 2.

  • DL link??????….

  • SOSA

    What are yall looking for from AZ? Doe or Die 15th anniversary was ill as is everything he does. If anything, he’s gotten a better grip on song writing and beat selection. No one is dick riding and this song isnt “that hot” I agree, but it aint fucking bad and is no reason to dismiss DoDII before it even drops.

  • V

    @Z Dub AZ is never going to be acknowledged how I see him so why should he go out on a limb to do something outside his bracket? I’m not understanding what you mean by “song” but what I got from kid is he needs to make a “hot” song so something to get the people jumping right. Fast beat maybe, up the tempo? Something like a club hit like I stated. This and almost every AZ joint out I can sit back to and ill. There was a few songs I felt he could have done better but over all he makes good music. Maybe you need to listen to his last two albums and see this style is nothing new, maybe weird for a single but it’s still good. Legendary and G.O.D.

  • KidRudy

    song’s dope.. but on the original single cover it says to go to DoOrDie2 . com <— and that website doesn't even exist lol

  • Gonzodagod

    AZ peace 7, its the God Gonzo aka Supreme Equality Allah, yo this joint jazzy than a [email protected] Some Superfly shit. You know Evil Genius got some heat over here for you. Front & Center Entertainment. 1 love, we droping that single w/ U & Mutt next month…

  • GrownMan Tunes….You wild boys calm down and “let the MoneyGetters chitchat”
    And 2dpbyz didn’t mention its a single..A D D Bastards.

  • Amygdala

    THE most underrated… betta recognize…

  • jay

    Man please tell me this photo was taken recently….finally. We need that in our life and Im a South nigga…nigga!

  • burr